Agata Beszczyńska : Norvégien
Agata Beszczyńska
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Remise de fidélité
 Bonjour, je m'appelle Agata Beszczyńska et je suis un professeur Norvégien expérimenté vivant actuellement en Pologne. J'enseigne Norvégien en ligne depuis octobre 2023. J'offre actuellement une leçon d'essai gratuit pour les nouveaux étudiants. 
Dernières critiques
tutor rphobson
United Kingdom
 Very enjoyable lesson. It was daunting to start with because I have almost no experience of trying to say the few Norwegian words I know, but Agata was supportive and helpful. We started to use a shared Google doc, which I think will be a great way both to keep a record of what we cover in our lessons and to post online resources and homework (oh dear... homework!).  
Tout sur moi - Anglais

Outgoing Norwegian philologist with passion for culture and arts as well as the great outdoors. My life philosophy is to constantly learn, meet new people, try new things and discover new places. I believe language is a powerful tool to help us on the way and even improve the way we think.

Having started teaching in 2005, I have gathered experience in the following fields: everyday language, work&life, culture, literature, medical Norwegian.

Qualifications et expérience


2021-2023 SWPS University, Warsaw

University Teacher in the followong fields of Norwegian language and culture: conversation, literature, history of literature and literary translation

2018-2023 Paragona, Warsaw

Teacher in Norwegian language and culture for medical doctors relocated to Norway

2007- Independent Contractor

B2B Norwegian Language specialist: translator, interpreter, editor and teacher


2002-2007 University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Scandinavian Studies

Master’s Degree in Norwegian language and culture


2023 - Conference for Norwegian Teachers at the University of Agder

2022, 2012 - Translators’ Meeting at the Literature Festival in Lillehammer

2009 - Publishers’ Meeting at the Literature Festival in Lillehammer

2007 - Master’s thesis supervision at the University of Tromso

2005 - Erasmus student at the University of Oslo

2005 - Summer course in Norwegian language and culture at the University of Bergen

2004 - Translators’ Seminar at Nansen School at Lillehammer

Méthode d'enseignement

I love using and teaching Norwegian, a beautiful and user friendly language anyone can enjoy. Passionate about all forms of communication: speaking, writing, creating visual content, I promise to make the classes really fun. With almost 20 years of experience in teaching, yet open to new ways and trends, I can offer a tailor made language training to help you reach your personal goals! You decide whether we use a textbook or no book at all and how many tests or homework you would like to have.

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