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Guillermo Arnaudo
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 Ciao, mi chiamo Guillermo Arnaudo e sono un insegnante esperto di lingua Spagnolo che attualmente vive in Argentina. Insegno Spagnolo online dal ottobre 2008. Attualmente sto offrendo una lezione di prova scontata al 80% sul prezzo normale della lezione per i nuovi studenti. 
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tutor azille78
United Kingdom
 Excellent lesson 
tutor azille78
United Kingdom
 Another brilliant lesson. 
tutor azille78
United Kingdom
  A brilliant first lesson and I'm looking forward to the next session. 
tutor Jess H
Costa Rica
 Great first lesson - Guillermo was enthusiastic and supportive as a teacher.  
tutor mac5861
United States
 Always a great learning experience and fun. 
tutor Betsyhale
United States
 Working with Guillermo has been a highlight of the past months. I have learned so much, not only increasing my vocabulary but he has opened my mind to new ways of thinking. I feel lucky to have chosen him. 
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Su di me - Inglese

Active in since October 2008.


Steadily amongst the top of students' choice. I thank all of them for their great talks, a little better every week.


Able to cover various topics because of a vast professional and personal experience, including traveling to many countries and living in England and France in the past.


Involved in environmental and community activities.

Bike rider for personal transportation.

A transhumant between Patagonia's nature and Buenos Aires' intensity.

Father of three awesome young women.

Grandfather of three cuties.


Qualifiche e esperienza

Certified school teacher and organizational psychologist.


Formerly a school teacher, an entrepreneur in tourism, bank organization manager, organizational consultant, and coach.


Native Spanish speaker. Fluent in English (Certificate of Proficiency - University of Cambridge) and French.


Trilingual translator.




Metodo d'insegnamento

I think of my job as coaching a person in the process of becoming a Spanish speaker. And we become speakers as we start to speak, and we do that from the very first moment in my lessons.

We all started speaking wrong when we were toddlers--everyone's mother language, I mean. But that inaccurate speaking let us engage in conversation with others already speaking it, and so we could learn from those interactions. Now, learning a second language usually occurs in a different environment, but the basic process is the same--we need to speak. And to hear.

These days we have many resources to hear native Spanish speakers--online radios, videos, podcasts, movies, TV series, and so on. We may come across now and then--or maybe even daily--with native Spanish speakers and give it a try--starting with a simple "Buenos días" and evolving, over time, with no limit.

In class--which I nickname "the lab"-- we hold a real-life conversation about things you actually want to talk about, based on your life or interests. When necessary for your learning process, we put on hold our discussion to work on it. Then, we work on the understanding, the vocabulary, the grammar-- all the elements necessary to evolve from a "toddler" to a fluent and confident Spanish speaker.

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