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  Ciao, mi chiamo Daniel Brooks, ho 45 anni e sono un insegnante professionista di lingua Inglese online. Insegno lingue online con Verbalplanet dal maggio 2014. Parlo fluentemente le seguenti lingue: Inglese, Francese, Giapponese.  
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14 lug 2020
 May these lines make you smile, Daniel. Very many thanks for your time and the most enjoyable lessons today. Please be assured that your efforts are always highly appreciated on this side. I count myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to ask you any question regarding the English language - and to receive a competent answer. 
07 lug 2020
 Daniel, you are simply second to none when it comes to ingenuity and creativity. I thoroughly enjoy the lesson material and exercises you meticulously choose. Not once since August 2018, since our very first lesson, have you given me lesson material that has displeased. Every single text has been a great pleasure. 
07 lug 2020
 Even after almost two years of mentorship, you are still able to surprise and intrigue me with intricate thoughtful tasks, every single one of which has been rewarding and highly beneficial to my English. Thank you so much, Daniel. 
03 mar 2020
 Daniel, thank you very much for supporting your students through thick and thin, no matter how adverse the circumstances might be. It is very reassuring to know that you are always there for me. Very many thanks for today's insightful lesson and the tasks you sent me yesterday. 
16 gen 2020
 Another excellent lesson which let me develop my vocabulary and improve my knowledge of the English language!Thanks! 
03 gen 2020
 Daniel, thank you very much for this marvellous start into the English year. Our first sessions of 2020 presage a fine year, rich in linguistic ornament and intellectual nourishment. I very much look forward to your continuing nonpareil mentoring. 
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Su di me - Inglese

I am an experienced English Language tutor with a Master Diploma (TESOL certified), able to teach and mentor (one-to-one) in all aspects to all age groups and levels. Before that I taught at various schools in several countries (France, Ukraine, Poland), so you can feel totally assured that I'm a tutor who knows how to plan and progress suitable lessons with care and professionalism and never let people down!

My tutoring is professional, considerate and very competitively priced.

Through my teaching, tutoring and mentoring, we will soon develop your confidence and learning in English, which is thus the foundation of what I offer.

I have a very large family and studied initially in Norwich, then Canterbury and Cambridge University, attaining a degree in Japanese, and I'm fully qualified as a teacher of English to foreign students enabling me to work in Education in various countries across Europe and the far-east, (Philippines and Japan).

Over two decades I have written and published several books of poetry (and also my own artwork), in addition to being a sports writer, covering many events and publishing the reports in both the press and online. I've also written and published articles on history, military history, meteorology, well-being, nature, travel, tourism, culture and the social sciences. Music is especially important to me. (So there are plenty of topics I would enjoy using for lessons!)

The peoples of the world and their cultures are of equal interest and I extend a warm welcome to all.

Qualifiche e esperienza

MA TESOL, plus BA in Japanese from University of Cambridge, UK, and BA in English Literature.

Also qualifications in International Business, (BBA), Tourism and Law (European Human Rights Law) attained in France, and a diploma in Psychology. (Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology (BSc))

I started English tutoring in 2000 and have vast experience of one-to-one teaching to foreign students of all nationalities. Furthermore, I have gained many years of teaching styles and techniques in schools in France, Japan, and Philippines, (five times), and have also taught students in South Korea, Poland and Ukraine, greatly enjoying these different locations and cultures. My teaching has also encompassed Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), task-based language learning (TBLL) approach to CLT, Dogme Language Teaching, and Blended Teaching: virtual learning environment (VLE).

I have tutored and mentored people from all corners of the world, and have experience of all nationalities originating from each of the world's beautiful continents.

Metodo d'insegnamento

I give a gentle approach with a strong will to succeed for the student, and I like to offer both serious lesson plans and fun-learning depending on the age and wishes of the English learner. I have great patience, and also a great interest/understanding in other cultures, so all students feel at ease.


For lessons, I can and certainly will help enhance your spoken English and English presentation; this will improve your confidence and help with interviews, exams, work, leisure and life (in English). I am fully qualified and well-able to teach English from the very highest levels down to the basics, all of which I enjoy immensely.

[Students may request areas in which they require most help, and I am happy to structure lessons to accord with this.]

I offer all levels of English tutoring: (TEFL etc), covering the broad spectrum of grammar, vocabulary, English speaking, linguistics, phonetics, creative writing, etc, as well as basic conversation skills, business English, whilst taking into account the needs of the most important person - the student!

Article analysis, help with understanding the nuances and intricacies of all levels of English can be covered, with expert pronunciation guidance, mentoring progress and nurturing confidence in the English learner. (It is important for any student to feel a level of confidence and this is something I wish to prioritize for my pupils, giving them as much belief, incentive, and input regarding lessons as they need.)

Regarding my character, I'm naturally outgoing, sincere with a genuine desire for all effort to be rewarded in life.

**[I should add, when I was at university studying foreign languages, I took additional online classes with a tutor, so I fully appreciate what it feels like as a student learning online, as well as being a tutor, so this should put you at ease!!]**

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