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 Ciao, mi chiamo Panagiota Papadimitriou e sono un insegnante esperto di lingua Greco che attualmente vive in Grecia. Insegno Greco online dal gennaio 2015. Attualmente sto offrendo una lezione di prova gratuita per i nuovi studenti. 
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tutor Eleni2020
United Kingdom
 I highly recommend Panagiota She tailored the class to what I wanted, mostly oral speaking but with structure using a textbook. At the end we look at a song /video, which varies the learning. Great, friendly teacher!  
tutor Eleni-Wo
 Very nice tutor. Patient and well organized! Thanks :) 
tutor paulpe
 Great lesson, i feel more confident speaking each time, thanks Panagiota 
tutor paulpe
 Panagiota had created flashcards for me to learn the vocabulary and was friendly and cheerful which helps me with speaking. 
tutor paulpe
 Panagiota was very patient with me, explained me the grammar and was typing all the words i didn't know in the conversation so i was able to "speak" as a beginner which was amazing! Amazing tutor, thanks Panagiota! 
tutor paulpe
 Great first lesson, Panagiota checked my level and was really encouraging with me when i tried to speak the basic greek i know, i ordered the books she recommended and in general she had a a friendly and relaxing vibe , thanks Panagiota :) 
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Su di me - Inglese

Γεια σας! Καλωσορίσατε στο προφίλ μου! Hello to everyone! Μy name is Panagiota Papadimitriou. I was born in Greece and Greek is my native language. I started learning English at the age of 7 so in same way i feel English like it's my native language! I love children and from a young age i wanted to become a teacher and i followed my dream and i finished pedagogical university of Athens. Personally i am an outgoing person, i like meeting people from other civilizations ( i personally have good friends from other countries). My passion is to play traditional songs with my violin! Also i like to dance a lot like all Greek people(yeah i am a typical Greek woman!) for this i learn traditional and Latin dances!

Qualifiche e esperienza

I graduated from the Pedagogical University of Athens. So i am a professional teacher for the Greek Language and i can work in Greek schools as a teacher. I also have the Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Michigan. I speak fluently both of English and Greek.

The past two years i am working in teaching Greek to foreigners who know English here in Greece. So far i have taught successfully 18 people. I have taught 4 girls and 2 boys from Portugal, 4 from Spain,2 from Italy, 2 from Germany, 2 from Poland, 1 from Denmark, 1 from Armenia(i am so proud of you guys!).

In my university i had many lessons on how to maximize your student’s potentials and make the lesson interesting and efficient. I also had seminars on Psychology and on new teaching models.


Metodo d'insegnamento

The teaching approach depends on what you need something that we will discuss in the first lesson. I will provide you with notes and exercises I like to individualize the lesson to you and for that i write exercises and notes only for you according to your needs.

For the people who want to learn Greek on a deep level i like to focus firstly on Grammar and then to Vocabulary. I am doing this because Greek as a language has a very strict structure. Greek is not like English where almost everything stays the same. In Greek the verbs, the nouns, the adjectives change all the time depending on what you want to say. For that reason on first level i focus on grammar because grammar is like the foundation of a building and vocabulary is the main building. If you learn how to change the verbs and nouns to make correct sentences then you will know how to use the vocabulary correctly.

For the people that want to learn Greek fast and be able to communicate with Greek people and they don't want to focus that much to the correctness of their sentences i focus on Vocabulary.(great option for tourists).

All in all it is up to you and what you want and i will individualize the lesson for you! Thanks for your time!

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