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 Ciao, mi chiamo Danielle Pretorius e sono un insegnante esperto di lingua Inglese che attualmente vive in Sud Africa. Insegno Inglese online dal gennaio 2020. Attualmente sto offrendo una lezione di prova scontata al 50% sul prezzo normale della lezione per i nuovi studenti. 
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tutor 17 apr 2024
 My daughter seems to really enjoy talking with Danielle! She has made a very good progress since she started the lessons. Danielle has helped a lot in building my daughter’s confidence!  
tutor 16 apr 2024
 Danielle prepared a very nice lesson, full of various reading, speaking activities and games. 
tutor 10 apr 2024
Caterina V
 I really appreciate Danielle method and I think it is helping me to improve. see you next time!!! 
tutor 04 apr 2024
Caterina V
 thanks for the hour of conversation, it had been a couple of weeks since the last time, I was a little bit more in trouble than the previous times when I felt more confident, as I had done also 2 lessons a week, but I think it's going very well! 
tutor 02 apr 2024
 Thank you for a nice lesson. My son liked it. Danielle has got very positive and smiling attitude to the lesson :-) 
tutor 01 apr 2024
 My daughter, Danae, really enjoys discussing with Danielle! I think she constantly improves her skills in speaking and expands her vocabulary. Danielle really makes her feeling comfortable!  
  (408) Recensioni
Su di me - Inglese

I believe learning another language, like English, can be fun and exciting. Learning to communicate with others is essential in our modern world, but it does not have to be daunting or scary. It might be easier to learn in a fun and casual environment.

I myself am bilingual and thus I know the trials that come with learning a new language. That means I also know how to overcome them and I want to share the good feeling that comes with learning a new language bit-by-bit with others.

I have experience in dealing with students from the ages of six all the way to eighteen. This means that I have experience in teaching students on both ends of the language-level spectrum.

My office is home-based and thus I have flexible working hours. I also have a steady and fast internet connection that has been proven to be quite reliable.

Qualifiche e esperienza

I have a TESL Certificate

I have two years tutoring experience in both English and Afrikaans.

These tutoring experiences ranges from teaching complete beginners to those who just want to focus on certain grammar areas. I can even offer assistance if all you want is to approve your conversational English.

I have tutored Early Childhood and young students as well as students in high school/secondary school.

I tutor biology as well, meaning I can give a hand in both cultural and scientific topics

Metodo d'insegnamento

My teaching approach is very orderly with the focus being on the student's requirements. I like to ensure my method is adaptable to the student's needs and level, after all each student is different and unique.

That said I enjoy keeping a fun and casual air so students to not feel put off. I know first-hand how intimidating learning a new language may seem and especially when that requires you to branch out and interact with new people.

There's been so many times that I've heard people dropping out of learning new things because they felt that starting or asking for help seemed terrifying. Some have dropped out because they feel like too much pressure has been put on them. That is what I want to avoid by offering a more casual teaching environment. Learning a whole new language is amazing and opens so many doors- everyone should be able to experience that.

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