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 Ciao, mi chiamo Chito K e sono un insegnante esperto di lingua Giapponese che attualmente vive in Giappone. Insegno Giapponese online dal marzo 2022. Attualmente sto offrendo una lezione di prova scontata al 50% sul prezzo normale della lezione per i nuovi studenti. 
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tutor 15 mag 2024
Todd P
 Chito continues to help increase my confidence in my reading skills little by little. 
tutor 15 mag 2024
Todd P
 Chito helped explain the text's use of Morau and used different context examples to make it very easy to understand.  
tutor 06 mag 2024
Todd P
 Chito is patient while I practice reading new Kanji. I am slowly starting to build confidence with my reading skills. 
tutor 06 mag 2024
Todd P
 Chito continues to bring up interesting topics to keep speaking practice fun. 
tutor 26 apr 2024
Todd P
 Chito answered many questions I had regarding japanese products. Her willingness to discuss different topics keeps our japanese conversations interesting. 
tutor 26 apr 2024
Todd P
 Chito consistently finds new ways to teach me vocabulary that makes learning new words much easier.  
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Su di me - Inglese

Hi there!

I’m Chito. I’m a Japanese living in Tokyo. I’ve been working as a licensing specialist and English teacher for a Japanese media group. I have lived in Canada and the U.S. for 10 years. I earned my degrees (BA and MA) in my second language so I can relate to your experience in learning new languages. Let me know what you want to do with Japanese. I offer lessons tailored to your needs, level and interests. Not only advanced students, beginners are also welcome since I can teach in English, if it is helpful.

I am a very open-minded and committed teacher. I believe diversity is important as it can enrich every aspect of our life. I’m willing to learn new things. So tell me about your culture in Japanese when you are ready.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Qualifiche e esperienza

Qualifications & Experience

Master of Arts in Linguistics at California State University, Fullerton, California, USA

Bachelor of Art in Psychology at McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Bachelor of Art in English Literature (with Teaching License for High School English at Tsuru University, Yamanashi, Japan

In Japan

Taught English in Corporate classes such as Yomiuri Computer Company

Taught English at cram schools, JUKU

Some private lessons

In the US

Taught Japanese to high school students to adults in a private language school

Taught Japanese to undergraduate and graduate students

Taught English to Community Schools

Some private lessons

Metodo d'insegnamento

In the first lesson, I listen to students’ goals, interests, and the reasons they want to learn Japanese. Based on them, I will provide a custom-fitted lessons.

From my own experience of learning foreign languages, I believe that the learning should be fun and enjoyable to obtain better outcomes. Secure and relaxed lesson environment is also critical for students to acquire the language effectively.

I also like to share culture, customs and traditions with students. I do my best to provide my students with effective and enjoyable lessons.

See you soon!

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