Carola Dinçer : Olandese
Carola Dinçer
Olandese Nativo
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 Ciao, mi chiamo Carola Dinçer e sono un insegnante esperto di lingua Olandese che attualmente vive in Turchia. Insegno Olandese online dal agosto 2022. Attualmente sto offrendo una lezione di prova gratuita per i nuovi studenti. 
Su di me - Inglese

Hello my name is Carola and I come from the Netherlands and I studied retail in Tilburg were I grown up. For a while I've been living abroad with my family. I've been working for a long time in the tourism and I give Dutch lessons face to face. I’m a good listener, I’m patient and I like to help you with the Dutch language. I like to see how the students get better and better during every lesson. That makes me happy!

Qualifiche e esperienza

I work in the tourism in Turkey and I give face to face conversation lessons to Turkish people. And since a while I give Dutch lessons online to kids and adults. I like to teach and it is nice to see that they enjoy the class.

Metodo d'insegnamento

In our class we will be relaxed, I will help you with the Dutch conversation, pronunciation, the grammar, reading (like an article or a topic what I will give you). I will help students for beginners-lower-intermediate level and children. After every lesson I will give you homework for the next lesson. Between the two lessons you can always ask me a question about the subject what we’ve discussed. If you have a subject what you’d like to learn about the Dutch language, let me know. I’m looking forward to see you in my class.

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