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 Ciao, mi chiamo Helen Koolschijn e sono un insegnante esperto di lingua Olandese che attualmente vive in Spagna. Insegno Olandese online dal febbraio 2024. Attualmente sto offrendo una lezione di prova scontata al 90% sul prezzo normale della lezione per i nuovi studenti. 
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tutor 13 mag 2024
Mariana G
 Today we practiced the imperfectum and discussed when to use it and when to use the perfectum. To do so, Helen asked me several questions about my weekend and my previous travels to help me understand when to use each of these past forms, it was great practice. 
tutor 08 mag 2024
Debbie D
 Thank you Helen for your patience, especially after I had logistical issues, and thank you for your patience as I grapple with the fundamentals of learning a new language!  
tutor 30 apr 2024
Debbie D
 Thank you for your patience with me! I feel that pronunciation is the hardest part for me, but hopefully once I can construct a sentence with more ease, the pronunciation should be easier! I liked having the text and audio before the lesson so I could practice and have something to work with. Thank you and I’m looking forward to the next lesson!  
tutor 26 apr 2024
Debbie D
 Helen was friendly and I felt at ease as a person that has never spoken Dutch before, only read and listened. The lesson was professional and organised and I felt assured that Helen had a plan and was certain about the direction. Helen was encouraging and patient. I am excited about the progress I will make toward learning a new language!  
tutor 19 apr 2024
 Helen has loads of patience and is very pragmatic when encountering IT issues. Every lesson I feel I make progress. Always a step in the right direction. 
tutor 05 apr 2024
 I am enjoying my classes with Helen. I am learning a lot and most importantly am speaking and practicing Dutch.. am very happy.  
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Su di me - Inglese

Hello, My name is Helen Koolschijn and I'm an experienced native Dutch language tutor currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I have been teaching Dutch since 2006 as a second language through Skype and ZOOM. I also speak fluent English and Spanish.

I love teaching, traveling, learning about other cultures.

Qualifiche e esperienza

Since 2006 I have lived abroad and from that moment on I started to teach English as a second language at a language school in La Paz, Bolivia and Dutch as a second language online.

I have a certification in TEFL, TESOL, TEYL and I speak fluent English and Spanish, I also understand a bit of German and French.

Metodo d'insegnamento

My lessons are based on speaking the language but we will have a look at grammar, reading, listening and writing as well. I will make you feel comfortable to speak Dutch and we will have a lot of fun.

I can help you with your grammar, reading, speaking, listening and writing and also prepare you for the Dutch Integration Exam A1, A2 and B1, NT2 Program I and II, CNAVT exam or help you with an interview. I usually work with books but I have a lot of other material as well.

I always consider the individual needs of my students and adapt my lessons to their level and needs. Teaching for me is not just a job it is something that I really enjoy doing.

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