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 Hello, my name is Sara B. and I'm an experienced native Italian language tutor currently living in Italy. I have been teaching Italian online since 2006. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 60% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
Latest Reviews
tutor 02 May 2022
 Un buon lezione! 
tutor 29 Apr 2022
 Thank you. 
tutor 15 Mar 2021
Marc A
 Ho adorato la lezione di oggi! Sara lo ha reso molto interessante e coinvolgente! Grazie! 
tutor 18 Feb 2021
Marc A
 Sara was great as usual and it’s exciting and rewarding to seeing good results. Grazie millie Sara! 
tutor 08 Feb 2021
Marc A
 Sara is great. She tries to make the lesson applicable to you and what your interests are. She makes sure you are following along and everything is clear. She challenges and encourages you along the way. Bravo! 
tutor 25 Jan 2021
Marc A
 Great lesson today. As Sara always does she worked to make the content interesting and related to me. Grazie Sara. 
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About me - English

Ciao! I'm Sara and I have been one of the first online tutors of Italian. I started teaching online (and offline) in 2005 when I was a very young University student. After 13 years, I still have the same passion and enthusiasm for my language, teaching and talking with my wonderful students. I have met many of them in Italy and abroad. What I love the most is when after few weeks also a once complete beginner can discuss stuff in Italian.

I have too many interests to mention... languages, books, other cultures, Asia, travelling, cooking, contemporary art, photography, movies...

Qualifications & Experience

- Bachelor Degree in Languages and Literature, University of Bologna

- Master Degree in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, University of Bologna

- Teacher of Italian as a Second Language at "Center of Italian Studies" of Nanjing (China)

- Teacher of Italian as a Second Language at SIM in Bologna

- Teacher of Italian as a Second Language in videoconference

- Teacher of English, private lessons

Teaching Approach

I absolutely love Verbal Planet because through Skype classes we can combine the effectiveness of having a one-to-one session (perfectly tailored on your needs and interests) with a professional teacher with being at home in a totally informal and cozy environment... I believe there is nothing better than having your coffee or a cup of wine with your tutor while discussing things in Italian!

My teaching approach: there is not just ONE method to learn a language... we have to find the right approach for YOU. My aim is getting you interested in the Italian language and culture... we will read and comment newspaper articles, listen to Italian songs... and we will do a LOT, a LOT of conversation!!!!

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About me - Italian

Ciao! Sono Sara e sono un'insegnante di Italiano! Ho 36 anni e tanti interessi.... le lingue, le culture straniere, viaggiare, sperimentare in cucina, l'arte contemporanea, la fotografia, il cinema...

Qualifications & Experience

- Laurea in LIngue e Letterature Straniere presso l'Universita' degli Studi di Bologna

- Laurea Specialistica in Lingue e Culture dell'Asia e dell'Africa presso l'Universita' degli Studi di Bolgna

- Insegnamento dell'Italiano come L2 presso il Centro Studi Italiani di Nanchino (Cina)

- Insegnamento dell'Italiano come L2 presso la SIM di Bologna

- Insegnamento dell'Italiano come L2 usando la videoconferenza

- Insegnamento dell'Inglese, lezioni private

Teaching Approach

Non esiste un metodo unico per imparare l'Italiano... bisogna individuare l'approccio più giusto per ciascuno. Il mio scopo è interessare alla lingua e cultura Italiana lo studente anche con la lettura di articoli di giornale, comprenderli e commentarli, ascolto canzoni... e tanta, tanta conversazione.

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About me - Chinese Mandarin

我叫 Sara (沙拉), 我的中国名字是白露。 我教外国人意大利语。 今年我 34 岁。 我的兴趣爱好很多啊……有外国语、艺术、摄影术、烹饪、亚洲、旅游、电影……

Qualifications & Experience

- 从Bologna (波罗尼亚) 大学外国语言文学系毕业了 (本科)

- 从 Bologna 大学亚洲非洲语言文化系毕业了 (硕士)

- 意大利语老师在 "意大利语中心" (南京)

- 意大利语老师在SIM (Bologna)

- 意大利语老师用视频会议 (videoconference)

- 英语老师

Teaching Approach

Not complete

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