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Hello, my name is Sunny Dang(Kids lesson offered) and I'm 45 years old and currently living in China. I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker and teach Chinese Mandarin. I have taught online with since February 2008. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Mandarin, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I'm a professional teacher with 9 years online experience, 5 years experience with kids. I can teach kids ages 4 to 16. I'm flexible, easy-going, patient and friendly. I can give you/your kid fun, enjoyable and engaging lessons. I like gardening, cooking, history, economics and philosophy. I'm passionate about teaching. I always adapt myself and my lessons to my students. I have my own online classroom. All your lesson can recorded ,high quality video and audio.

Qualifications & Experience

* bachelor's degree, Beijing Language and Cultural University.

* professional TCSL teacher, 2007-now,over 9000 lessons online.

* online Chinese teacher of Aberdour Primary School, UK , 2013--now

* online Mandarin coach for kids, Vivaling Language School, Singapore, 2014--now

* online Chinese teacher of K1-K12, US public schools, 2011--2014

Teaching Approach

* Customized and Interactive lesson

My lessons can be tailor-made for each student. I can design individualized curriculum catering to each student's specific needs and learning styles. Whether you want to do business in China, travel to China, prepare for an exam, or have a special need, my customized lessons can help you!

* Effective and Communicative

I can give you flash cards, audios/videos or homework before lessons. So that we can have more time to have enjoyable conversations or focus on grammars ,your questions or your goals.

* Professional Teacher for Kids. EASY and FUN!

I have 5 years experience teaching schools in the USA, UK and Singapore. We learn through their favorite songs, nursery rhymes ,stories and cartoons. 90% kids can learn cheerfully with me ,including very young kids. Most of them can talk naturally and some of them are even very creative. They can create their own songs, stories, plays. I have a private page with videos for each kid to record their progress. I can also teach them Chinese characters/reading/writing in a natural and fun way and help them explore this amazing language.

* Integrated course for conversation and reading

I have my own course for conversation and reading. With this course, you can talk about every day life while you study Chinese character. This way you can really learn my language and culture.

* Exams

I can help students who are taking Chinese exams, such as SAT/AP, YCT, GCSE/IGCSE/AS and HSK, A levels.


* If you want me to teach your kid(s), Please kindly tell me your kid(s) name(s), age, and hobbies.

* If you're a new student, it would be great if you can tell me a little about your objectives, background and your favorite learning approach.

* Please kindly test your Internet connection and Skype audio before you book a lesson. Make sure everything works well.

Detailed Profile in Chinese Mandarin

About me

我是一名专职网上汉语老师。 为欧美大中小学学生进行在线授授课,并给全球各大公司培训员工。我的课程不仅通俗易懂,而且实用有趣。从时间上灵活方便,并可根据学生需求和水平来上课。跟我一起学汉语吧,你会觉得学汉语不仅成为可能,还可以轻松愉快地学习。你不仅能学到汉语,还能学到中国的风土人情和悠久灿烂的文化。 我的Skype是:sunnydang72.

Qualifications & Experience


Teaching Approach

我的教学特点是根据学生情况的特点,因材施教。以积极的态度,鼓励并帮助学生讲汉语。通过聊学生们喜欢的话题,让他们在轻松愉快的环境中学习。 我特别喜欢孩子,会尽量让每节课都生动有趣,以培养他们的学习兴趣,并让他们在玩中学。如果你想参加汉语考试,比说SAT/AP, YCT, GCSE/IGCSE/AS 和HSK等,我也可以帮你,争取让你轻松过关。

My last class was :
16 Jan 2018
By : wshang
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Was great with teaching kids.
23 Jul 2017
By : HoskingsOnline
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Great lesson, thanks.
16 Jul 2017
By : benkess
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Excellent lesson. Thank you.
27 Jun 2017
By : benkess
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Great lesson - thank you.

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