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Hello, my name is Marlen Ne and I'm 44 years old and currently living in Germany. I am a native German speaker and teach German. I have been an online German teacher with since June 2008. I can speak the following languages fluently: German, English, French, Spanish. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I started teaching German many years ago when I was a postgraduate. Although I have another job, I really enjoy working together with different cultures and people from allover the world, that's why I never gave up on teaching. I teach German for quite a while now. As I speak English fluently, I will be able to explain the Grammar to you in your mother language. Also, most of my beginner's grammar materials are written bilingually.

You won't need to buy a book, as you get all the materials from me. They're included.

Due to the bad Skype quality I teach on Viber or Whatsapp only.

SPECIAL FOCUS: Pronounciation.

Qualifications & Experience

I teach German online for a long time now. I have students of all levels all over the world. Therefore I know that the mistakes they make often depend on what their mother-language is.

I teach as well preparation courses for the DaF tests /exams (levels B1, B2, C1, C2) and special focus on PRONOUNCIATION.

IMPORTANT: If you find no slots opened here,please send me an email,so that I can open one for you.

Teaching Approach

I teach all levels. Depending of the level of my student, I create lessons with a different emphasize. My focus is on grammar, written and oral expression, pronounciation (mostly neglected by most teachers) and conversation. For a grammar lesson, one hour is enough. For a proper conversation lesson, I have made the experience that it is avisable to do 1,5 hours minimum. It is that it takes a while to get "warmed up" and to be able to speak, because in your normal environment you don`t get to practise.

My special goal is the focus on PRONOUNCIATION, as it is very important to have a correct way to speak. That's especially for complicated words like "Eichhörnchen" or "Geschichte". Especially in group lessons, but also individually a lot of schools don't pay attention to this. And there's nothing more frustrating than knowing the grammar correctly and nevertheless people don't understand what you're saying. ,-)

So, if you want, just give it a go and see if you want to work with me. :-)


"false" beginners (with some prior knowledge)

-Preparation for job interviews

-Training in correct PRONOUNCIATION

-Grammar of all levels (Yes!! Grammar can and will be fun, I promise!)

Detailed Profile in German

About me

Ich unterrichte schon lange Deutsch. Schon während meines Studiums habe ich Deutsch unterrichtet. Ich spreche fliessend Englisch und Spanisch, und ein bisschen Französisch. Die Grammatik erkläre ich Dir in Deiner Muttersprache, damit ich sicher sein kann, dass Du alles verstehst. Ich unterrichte Anfänger, "falsche"-Anfänger und alle Stufen der Fortgeschrittenen. Ich mache auch Prüfungsvorbereitungen für die DaF B1, B2, C1, C2 Prüfungen. Alle Materialien bekommst Du von mir.

Mein ganz besonderer Fokus liegt auf AUSSPRACHETRAINING, da dies unglaublich wichtig ist und oft vernachlässigt wird. Nichts ist blöder, als wenn man nicht verstanden wird, obwohl man alles grammatikalisch richtig hat.

Wichtig: Ich benutze Viber oder whatsapp, da die Sprachqualität mit Skype einfach zu schlecht und instabil ist.

Bis bald und viele Grüsse!

Qualifications & Experience

Mehrere Jahre Erfahrung im Unterrichten. AUSSPRACHETRAINING, schriftlicher und mündlicher Ausdruck, Grammatik und Hörverstehen.

Alle Level - von A0 bis C2.

Vorbereitung auf Vorstellungsgespräche.

Grammatik (ja, Grammatik kann Spaß machen!!)

Teaching Approach

Ich arbeite mit verschiedensten Materialien, die Du alle von mir bekommst. Wenn Du es möchtest, gebe ich Dir eine Hausaufgabe mit, die wir dann gemeinsam in der nächsten Stunde besprechen.

***WICHTIG:*** Falls mein Work-Planner nicht ausgefüllt ist, bitte schreibe mir eine Email, damit ich einen Slot für Dich öffnen kann.


-Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen


-Grammatik alle Stufen


-Vorbereitung für Vorstellungsgespräche

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

Soy posgraduada, ahora trabajo como freelance en el campo de idiomas.

Quieres poder comunicarte con gente en alemán tanto en el entorno profesional como en el tiempo libre?

Ofrezco clases de alemán con gran variedad en métodos didácticos y un material elegido según tus necesidades.

Uso viber o whatsapp, porque Skype ya no más por la mala cualidad de audio.

ENFOCE ESPECIAL en la pronunciación.

Qualifications & Experience

Varios anios de experiencia en ensenar alemán. Gramática, vocabulario, expesión escrita y oral, pronunciación.

MUY IMPORTANTE: Si no hay tiempos acá el mi perfil, enviame un email para que te abra unos tiempos a través de este sistema.

Teaching Approach

Si eres principiante veras que rapidamente serás capaz de expresar frases sencillas en alemán.

Si eres avanzado buscaremos estos pequeños errores que siempre se repiten y les eliminaremos para siempre ,-)

Enseno a todos niveles, desde los principantes hasta los avanzados. También hago la preparacion para los examenes de DaF de los niveles B1, B2, C1, C2.

Las clases serán variadas y practicamos todas las cualidades como comprensión y expresión oral y escrito. Te voy a explicar toda la gramática en tu propio idioma, para que entiendas todo bien.

Mi meta especial es la PRONUNCIACIÓN, porque es muy importante para comunicarse y muchas escuelas no ponen demasiada atención en esto.

Especialmente en grupo es difícil aprender la pronunciación correcta.

Practicaremos mucho y te divertirás aprendiendo.


-Principiantes con conocimientos previos

-Preparación a entrevistas

-Gramática de todos niveles

-Entrenamiento de PRONUNCIACIÓN

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
20 Feb 2019
By : Sungbum
Subject : German 
I had Marlen's german lessons with interest when I was in Switzerland 4 years ago, and in 2019, starting to work in London, I decided to contact her for the lessons again. Because I remember it was quite good with her teaching(though I was not grinding myself at that time) I would suggest if you want to learn german with courageous motivation. Even with the tests for the uni admission which I am aiming for at the moment, It would great and be willing to study german with Marlen. That's why I came back to verbalplanet and marlen's thoughtful teaching.
07 Aug 2018
By : Carlos F
Subject : German 
Very good teacher, motivated, provides good feedback and has a good methodology!
14 Nov 2016
By : Kyveli
Subject : German 
Very nice course, Marlen is a good pedagogue and know how to approach beginners.
06 May 2016
By : gemamena
Subject : German 
Wie immer, super und ich habe so viel gelernt. Danke Marlen :-)

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