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  Hello, my name is Olga Torre-Strong and I'm 47 years old and currently living in the United States. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach English, Spanish. I have been an online Spanish teacher with Verbalplanet since February 2009. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English.  
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13 Jul 2020
 Great lesson for my daughter! 
30 Jan 2019
 Great lesson as always! 
09 Jan 2019
 Thank you very much for the great class Olga and looking forward to the next! 
18 Feb 2018
Keely K
 I had a great class with Olga Torre-Strong. She is a very devoted and helpful teacher. I would highly recommend taking a class with her!  
10 Dec 2017
 I have been really enjoying our classes with Olga so far. Apart from helping me learn lots of new vocabulary and polish grammar, she really helped me feel more confident about my Spanish speaking. 
19 Feb 2017
 Thank you Olga for taking time to discover my goals and tailoring our lesson to my needs! I am looking forward to working with you in the next year as I prepare to travel in South America in 2018! 
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About me - English


I’m Olga. How’s everything?

I was raised in Argentina, a Spanish speaking country. I lived in the province of Buenos Aires for 30 years.

I started getting involved in the teaching of languages as a teenager. I volunteered as a para-educator in EFL children courses until I got my college degree as an educator.

When I was single I got to visit England, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Holland, Italy & France. I was blessed to learn a little bit about other cultures, foods, landscapes and art.

I later moved to the USA where I started a family of my own.

I love good books, baking, painting and photography.

I am flexible, a good-listener, responsible, resourceful and creative.

I always want to give my best.

I teach SPANISH a lot, all levels.

My biggest fans are kids from Elementary-Middle Schools, and adults 35 or older for the most part.

I get a lot of beginner students A 1 through B 1, those who know nothing and those who are struggling with basic verbs and tenses (present, past, future). They grow a lot with me and have fun along the way. Progress & satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

Students who want to just talk freely with someone to correct flaws or help them recycle/increase vocabulary are very pleased with my services as well.

But I only teach English to beginners A1-B1 because that is where I can help the most.

Qualifications & Experience

I did all my schooling in Spanish and English from kindergarten to college.(ages 5 to 22)

I got trained and certified as a Foreign Language Teacher in Argentina (UNLP, Professor of English Language and Literature)

I worked for about 4 years as a para-educator in Argentina.

I worked for about 9 years as a certified language teacher in private institutes,public schools and a college for Technical and Scientific Translators in Buenos Aires.

I am also certified to interpret in hospitals.

I have been subbing for over 5 years here in WA. Mostly at elementary level.

I am now teaching Conversational Spanish at the local college at night. So far we have opened 3 levels & get outstanding reviews! (usually my crowd is 40 years plus)

Recently hired to teach WORKPLACE Spanish for a local company.

Now preparing for DELE examinations.

Monthly, I present a bilingual program for kids at the local library.

I have very basic knowledge of French, Portuguese and Italian.

I can give you references if needed.

Teaching Approach


That is where I come in. LISTEN! You will have me as a native model plus I will send you links to material so you can practice further on your own at no extra cost.

LEARN! We will focus on areas of your interest and build up vocabulary and useful phrases around it. PRACTICE! many oral exercises so you get to talk and express your ideas on a regular basis...and polish your sounds as well!

Books, literature & written assignments can be used too as a basis for oral exchanges or to consolidate structures.


I can also help young students with school and tests.(starting age 7)

I prepare students for international exams on request.(we can meet several days a week if we are pressed with time)

If a trip is coming up in a few months, twice a week is a good choice.

Under normal circumstances, students opt for once or twice a week.


Nos vemos! (I am available on weekends too!!)

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About me - Spanish

Hola. Soy Olga.

¿Cómo estás?

Creci en Argentina (America del Sur) donde tome mis clases de espanol e ingles desde los 5 hasta los 22 anos.

Como adolescente me ofrecí como ayudante en los cursos de ingles para niños. Ahi es donde florecio mi vocacion como educadora.

He tenido la oportunidad de visitar diferentes paises (como ser Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil, Inglaterra, Italia, Francia, Suiza, Canada, USA, Holanda) y aprender un poco sobre sus costumbres,disfrutar del sol, sus comidas, admirar su arte y arquitectura. Finalmente me mude a los EEUU y forme mi propia familia.

Me considero una persona tenaz, creativa y responsable.

Me encanta leer novelas, cocinar y sacar fotos.

Enseno espanol a ninos, jovenes y adultos, niveles A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Los principiantes de espanol aprenden muchisimo conmigo.

Tambien los adultos que ya hablan espanol se sienten muy comodos practicando conmigo. Les corrijo lo que sea necesario y los ayudo a reciclar y aumentar su vocabulario y a incorporar algunas expresiones idiomaticas.

Enseno INGLES a ninos, jovenes y adultos nivel basico A1, A2, B1 (principiantes, los tiempos verbales, pronunciacion y conversaciones basicas) porque se que puedo ayudarlos mucho en esa area. A los alumnos mas avanzados, los puedo derivar con nativos.

Generalmente me llevo muy bien con ninos y ninas entre 7 & 16 anos, y con adultos entre 35 & 65 anos.

Puedo dar referencias.

Qualifications & Experience

Soy Profesora en Lengua y Literatura Inglesas, egresada de la UNLP (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina) , de Sudamérica.

He trabajado como titular exitosamente con alumnos de diferentes edades (3 a 50 años) por unos quince años.

Gran parte de mi experiencia se la debo al Instituto Oxford de La Plata ( a nivel para-programático) y al Instituto Superior del Traductorado (a nivel Terciario) en Argentina.

En los EEUU la mayor parte del tiempo soy ama de casa y de vez en cuando trabajo como Suplente en las escuelas con grupos de Inglés como Segunda Lengua y grupos monolingues (solo espanol o solo ingles)

También una vez al mes estoy a cargo de la “Hora de Cuentos Bilingües” en la biblioteca local.

Dos veces por semana, por la noche, enseno espanol en la universidad local. (obtengo opiniones entre el 98% y 100% de excelencia/preferencia por parte del alumnado) Enseno 3 niveles y me piden que siga abriendo mas niveles!

Tengo conocimiento muy básico de Portugués, Italiano y Francés.

Teaching Approach


Escucha! Yo puedo ser tu ejemplo y guiarte. Tambien tengo muchos enlaces con oportunidades para escuchar en casa por tu cuenta.

Aprende! Nos vamos a enfocar en temas especificos de tu interes. Y a partir de eso, vamos a elegir vocabulario y frases que nos sirvan.

Practica! Tengo muchas ideas para ayudarte a mejorar tu pronunciacion de ser necesario. Tambien vamos a practicar algunas estructuras independientemente y/ o juntos. Y lo mejor de todo es que vas a hablar hasta por los codos!


Si necesitas apoyo escolar (a partir de los 7 anos) o preparacion para examenes internacionales,tambien te puedo dar una mano.

Podemos utilizar libros especificos si deseas. Te puedo recomendar material segun tus necesidades.

Normalmente nos reunimos una o dos veces por semana.


¡TE ESPERO! (trabajo tambien los fines de semana!!)

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