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Hello, my name is Priscila Costa and I'm 32 years old and currently living in Argentina. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach English, Spanish. I have been an online Spanish teacher with since April 2009. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Sorry to all those that have been trying to contact me all this time! Now I'm back and very willing to start working hard!!!

My name is Priscila, I’m from Argentina, the land of the Tango, football ( soccer), breathtaking sceneries and ideal weather, delicious typical food, and friendly and warm people.

I live in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires (country's capital city).

I’m very interested in foreign languages and cultures.

I started teaching when I was in high school.

I consider that teaching a foreign language is an art and that is why I love doing it.

Qualifications & Experience

I studied in the School of Languages, University of Córdoba (the oldest and most prestigious in the country) and now I'm studying to be a Conference Interpreter at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’m launching into the world of online teaching with and I’ll do my best to meet your expectations.

I have a lot of experience in teaching one-to-one lessons to students of all ages and levels of language knowledge.

I have experience in teaching students at school, I have worked at a private institute of languages during 2006 in the city of Córdoba.

Teaching Approach

My classes are tailored to the needs and preferences of the students as regards language. My study plans are based on the approach of learning Spanish not as an isolated subject, but as a language which is part of a system of culture; that is, while students learn the language, they acquire general notions of the cultural aspects of Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries.

You may choose to:

* Learn vocabulary and develop basic or advanced conversation skills

* Improve your pronunciation and listening comprehension

* Read Spanish

* Write Spanish and learn grammar

No matter whether you don’t speak a word of Spanish, or you have a good command of it: I will be always willing to help you, with responsibility, dedication and a lot of fun!

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

¡¡Hola!! Soy Priscila de Argentina y vivo en la maravillosa ciudad de Buenos Aires, la capital del país. Mi pasión son los idiomas y las culturas de todo el mundo.

Comencé a enseñar Inglés cuando estaba en el colegio secundario.Enseñar, para mí es una pasión y un arte, por eso dejo todo de mí cuando lo hago.

Qualifications & Experience

Estudié Traductorado Público de Inglés en la Universidad de Córdoba, la Universidad más antigua y prestigiosa del país; y ahora estoy estudiando Interpretación de Conferencias en la Universidad del Salvador, en la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Puedo enseñarte Inglés y Español. En cuanto a Español, si es tu lengua materna, puedo ayudarte con tu gramática u ortografía, o cualquier tema que necesites, en cualquier nivel de aprendizaje.

Tengo muchos años de experiencia dando clases particulares de Inglés, y preparando alumnos para exámenes.

En 2006, di clases de Inglés en un Instituto privado de la ciudad de Córdoba.

Teaching Approach

Preparo los planes de estudio de acuerdo con las necesidades del alumno, ya sea si necesita aprender algun tema específico para el colegio o para la universidad, o si necesita ayuda con un exámen; o si está interesado en tomar un curso para aprender el idioma, cualquiera sea su nivel. (En Inglés o Español).

¡No dudes en consultarme lo que quieras, responderé de inmediato!

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
06 Oct 2011
By : johnnymac221
Subject : Spanish 
The thoroughness of Priscila's review on simple present was amazing. I was actually surprised at how much I needed the review. I learned more this time than the first time I was taught simple present! I am more impressed with each lesson I take..
04 Oct 2011
By : johnnymac221
Subject : Spanish 
Our first real lesson was great! Priscila had a well planned lesson that she executed well. Unfortunately we ran out of time without finishing all of it, so I won't have homework until the next lesson, which I am looking forward to.
01 Oct 2011
By : johnnymac221
Subject : Spanish 
My initial conversation with Priscilla was very good. She is extremely nice and easily understood. I am looking forward to what her lessons will be like.
27 Aug 2011
By : ELT84
Subject : Spanish 

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