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Hello, my name is Brenda Carmen Naylor and I'm 61 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since October 2011. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Filipino, Italian. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I have had the opportunity to live in different countries for extended periods of time, learned the languages of these places and got immersed in their culture. I presently maintain residency both in the United States and in Italy.

Qualifications & Experience

I have a degree in Development Communication and major in Broadcasting. In Italy I trained as a language- cultural mediator and co-founded a nonprofit organization that offers intercultural services and fosters understanding of different cultures.

We work with schools and other groups in promoting cultural diversity and facilitating the integration of immigrant children and their families through mediation, language courses, workshops and seminars.

I have a TESOL certificate from the American TESOL Institute in Tampa, FL. I taught English for a couple of years in Nepal and have done private ESL tutoring and small conversation groups in Italy for the past 15 years.

I am also an herbalist and holistic health practitioner.

Teaching Approach

Lessons are highly personalized based on individual needs and interests, with emphasis on communication and language skills applied in real life situations and experiences. I aim to make each lesson instructional, practical and enjoyable, making the learning process a meaningful and fun experience for both teacher and student.

Detailed Profile in Italian

About me

Ho avuto l’opportunità di vivere in diversi paesi per lunghi periodi, imparando le lingue e immergendomi nelle culture di quei luoghi. Attualmente vivo tra l'Italia e la Florida -USA.

Qualifications & Experience

Sono laureata in Comunicazione dello Sviluppo, con specializzazione in broadcasting.

In Italia mi sono formata come mediatrice linguistico culturale e ho co-fondato un’organizzazione no profit che offre servizi interculturali e favorisce l’incontro tra diverse culture.

Lavoriamo con le scuole e altri gruppi promuovendo la diversità culturale e facilitando l’integrazione di bambini stranieri e delle loro famiglie attraverso attività di mediazione, corsi di lingua, laboratori e seminari.

Sono insegnante di inglese certificata TESOL, American Tesol Institute di Tampa, Florida.

Ho insegnato inglese per 2 anni in una scuola in Nepal e per 15 anni in Italia come tutor privato in ESL, facendo lezione individuale e di conversazione a piccoli gruppi.

Teaching Approach

Le mie lezioni sono altamente personalizzate e si basano sugli interessi e i bisogni delle persone. Viene data primaria importanza alla capacità di comunicare e le abilità linguistiche che vengono sviluppate sono riferite a situazioni ed esperienze di vita reale. Cerco di rendere ogni lezione istruttiva, pratica e piacevole, cercando di trasformare il processo di apprendimento in un’esperienza divertente ed interessante, sia per lo studente che per l’insegnante.

My last class was :
15 Feb 2019
By : Chipka
Subject : English 
I realy enjoyed the American English lesson. It was great! Brenda is a terrific teacher and an interesting person.
27 Nov 2018
By : Karla F
Subject : English 
In the first conversation I felt Brenda was just the right one!
21 Nov 2018
By : PriscilaTF
Subject : English 
I just had an excellent first lesson with Brenda, she's so nice and kind! I highly recommend her! She made me feel so comfortable and I'm really looking forward to booking new lessons with her really soon! :)
07 Nov 2018
By : taniagrik1
Subject : English 
I loved my first lesson with Brenda, she is very kind and patient, and she makes me feel comfortable. Thank you!

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