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Hello, my name is Pernille Busborg and I'm 49 years old and currently living in Greece. I am a native Danish speaker and teach Danish. I have been an online Danish teacher with since January 2015. I can speak the following languages fluently: Danish, English, Greek.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

In general I’m a very happy and positive person with an optimistic outlook on life. I really like travelling so after high school I went to Greece for a year as an exchange student during which I met my future husband, so I have stayed in Greece ever since. I really like the way the cultural differences have enriched my life because they have given me a chance to choose the best parts of both worlds.

I am fluent in Danish, English and Greek (and I know some German as well), so I can use either of these languages when I teach if necessary.

As I like meeting people from different parts of the world, I am also hosting travellers who come my way (on a voluntary basis via - just because I enjoy hearing all about their travels, experiences and way of life in their own country.

One of my favourite lines from a book is by the amazing Elisabeth Kübler-Ross who said: “The purpose of life is growth.” I love this quote as I truly believe that life-long learning is vital for our minds and souls.

Qualifications & Experience

I have been teaching and tutoring since 1997.

I have taught at many different schools and levels as well as at a private university. I also have an extensive experience in tutoring private lessons to students of all ages (from very young children to elderly professionals) in their homes.

Finally, I have been tutoring online since 2006 when the opportunity to do so presented itself. This is something I have greatly enjoyed so far as it has given me the opportunity to "meet" students from all over the world. It's a unique chance to get to know different cultures and ways of thinking, which is something I truly like as I'm what one might call a "people's person".

Teaching Approach

My main objective is always to have my students learn while enjoying themselves. I truly believe that good communication and a sense of humour is the key to all success. Therefore I like co-operating with them to make sure I also respect their specific learning pace and wishes.

No student is the same, so lessons and approaches have to be personalized and adapted to each student's own needs to make sure they are happy with their learning process. This will in turn enable them to progress as they should.

First I like having an introductory chat with you so we get to know each other a bit. This is for free and it helps me make an assessment of your level and goals which then helps me determine the material we need, so I can make an individual lesson plan that will suit you best.

During the lessons we also work with an interactive white board (optional), which makes it even easier for my students to understand what I am explaining and it’s a good way to do exercises together. The board is very easy to use and it doesn't require any download, but if you prefer not to use it that’s fine because then I just send the material via email or our Skype chat.

I like following lessons up with some extra help for my students. Therefore I often send a PDF file that contains a description and explanation of the items that were taught and corrected, so they are properly illustrated. This way my students can always go back to revise previously taught subjects whenever they want. Finally, I also provide homework if the student would like it.

I provide all the material and books needed, so don’t worry about it.

My last class was :
7 days ago.
13 Mar 2019
By : Carolyn M
Subject : Danish 
I am extremely happy to have found Pernille. The lesson was interesting, informative, provided just the sort of information and learning that I have been searching for, as well as being fun learning with a delightful person.
23 Jan 2017
By : ohl
Subject : Danish 
Pernille is fun to work with, and has a structured and efficient approach to teaching. She is an exceptional tutor.
27 Jan 2016
By : Tom W
Subject : Danish 
Fun, interactive and engaging first lesson with Pernille. Feeling comfortable right away, looking forward to many many many more lessons!
22 Jan 2016
By : verobluguer
Subject : Danish 
Great tutor! Well structured lesson and feedback.

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