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Hello, my name is Aileen Barron and I'm 33 years old and currently living in Ireland. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since March 2015. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am from Ireland, where our native mother tongue is English. I am interested in sports and I play many sports such as football, volleyball, soccer and I go to the gym regularly.

I enjoy learning about other cultures and being able to compare and contrast their style of living with us here in Ireland. I also love travelling during the summertime. I have visited Egypt, Thailand, Tanzania, and many more.

Qualifications & Experience

I attained a B.Ed Primary Education in University of Wales, Trinity College, Carmarthen, United Kingdom. I am currently working as a Primary School teacher for the past 10 years, to students, some who are non-nationals. My work with them focuses on language building, grammar and conversational English.

I have experience with infants up to year 8. I have also taught English to French students/young adults during the summer time. I focused on grammar, conversational English, reading,

spelling and writing. When volunteering in Tanzania in 2013, I taught local children English and I undertook teaching local adults in the evenings. I utilised my diploma in TEFL to support me, as well as the above experiences when doing this. I also utilised the skills learnt in my final year of my teaching degree as I studied about the strategies used when teaching a second language. I currently teach English to Turkish teenagers, a 6 year old from Moscow, and I also teach IELTS to Russian and Bulgarian students.

I attained a first class honours Masters in Education last year and so I have current and up-to-date teaching methodologies. I also completed a module in I.T. which comprised of utilising I.T. as a learning tool.

Teaching Approach

Reading, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation development would be my main approach for teaching English as a foreign language.

I will have lessons prepared for the tutoring session, and if there is any particular area that the student would like to focus on, they can inform me before the lesson and we will focus on that during the following session. We would grasp pronunciation of vocabulary to be learnt, by breaking words up into sounds. This would be followed by explaining the vocabulary/grammar points and then using them in sentences. I would then ask a series of open ended questions whereby the student would be allowed enough time to discuss it, while I would take notes of any mistakes or error made, and also of good grammar/vocabulary usage.

I would assign homework (if required). If it was a reading lesson, I would have forward on the reading passage, and develop comprehension skills, questions for after reading, and identifying vocabulary development for the student.

For IELTS preparation, I would focus on the 4 key areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening. I would integrate grammar, pronunciation, phrases and idioms into my teaching. I would always use authentic materials in my teaching as this is the focus for the IELTS exam.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
28 Jun 2016
By : Albert R
Subject : English 
Thanks. She was very passionate about teaching English to me. She had a stunning approach which was extremely rewarding and easy-going.
14 Nov 2015
By : njaved79
Subject : English 
Great person, smiling and very helpful. Unfortunately we weren't able to have many lessons together (due to my tight schedule) however she will always be my first choice whenever i will start again to have lessons. with my very best regards, njaved79

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