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Hello, my name is FRANCINE IT and I'm 32 years old and currently living in Ghana. I am a native French speaker and teach Chinese Mandarin, French. I have been an online Chinese Mandarin teacher with since January 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: French, Chinese Mandarin, English, Italian, Spanish. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 80% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Francine from France, Paris and currently living in Wuhan, in China for nearly 9 years now. I'm a native French speaker also can speak English/Chinese and some basic Spanish/Italian. I've a Bachelor and a Master's Degree in Chinese. I teach French/Chinese online and offline and also work as a freelancer translator/interpreter from English/Chinese into French online/offline. I teach children from 5 years to adults. French from A0 to C2 level (7 years experiences) and Chinese from A0 to B2 level (4 years experiences). I'm patient, friendly, flexible and speak slowly. If you want to learn French/Chinese or improve your skills for any purpose don't hesitate to try my lessons and I will be happy to help you to achieve your learning goal and becoming fluent and confident speaker. I'm passionate about learning languages and I love teaching French/Chinese and seeing my students improving lesson by lesson.

For any questions please contact me by message!

Qualifications & Experience

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Chinese and a Master's Degree in English. I'm a certified TEFL holder since 2015 and Chinese New HSK since 2016.

I'm an experienced French teacher online/offline for 7 years, also a freelancer translator online/offline from English or Chinese into French with 5 years experience.

I've been teaching Chinese Mandarin online from Beginner to Intermediate for 4 years.

I've been teaching students of all levels and ages, children (5 -12), teenagers (13 -17) and adults from Beginners to Advanced levels, and my students come from different countries. It offers me a great opportunity to get to know people from different cultures and also helps me to understand the needs of different students, and offer a suitable plan to help students achieve their goals.

In addition to tutoring, I also have the valuable experience of being a recent online language student. As I've studied Spanish and Italian on my own way, I have gained first-hand knowledge of being a learner! Seeing both the teacher and student perspectives has broadened my point of view and given me an understanding I would not otherwise have. I'm very empathetic with my students because I know how difficult it can be to communicate in another language.

Teaching Approach


We will have a short test to see your level (speaking/comprehension/grammar)

then discuss about your learning objectives,

and see What you need to improve,

and How to improve your skills,

then Make a study plan that fit for your level.


1- My teaching style is versatile and designed upon the students' goals/needs/interests/level/weakess.

2- I use differents material according to the students needs/level/weakness, so for that I've created my own teaching materials/methods to motivate and help my students being more involved with the language and make it more logical and easier to understand.

3- I provide all teaching materials for any level (Textbooks, pdf, flashcards, mp3, screenshoot, share my screen)

4- I use some teaching resources online.

5- BASIC A1/A2: Focus on General Conversations with different situations using Questions and Answers.

6- INTERMEDIATE B1/B2: There are different activities such as: describing things/people, role play, discussing on different topic with different situations.

7- ADVANCED C1/C2: Focus on Communication to build confidence and fluency, Culture, Read News, TV show, Movies, Music, Debate, Expressions, Business, etc.


1- Correcting Pronunciation (by speaking or reading a word/sentence/text/dialogue)

2- Speaking Conversation (with different topic/dialogue/role play)

3- Listening/Reading Comprehension (using podcast/audio/video/dialogue/text/stories) 

4- Writing practice (dictation with some words, phrases, text)

5- Expanding Vocabulary (using flascards/excercies) 

6- Correcting Grammar errors (with excercices) 

7- Most commons Expressions/Idioms/Slang (Practice)

8- Job Interview (with Questions & Answers) 

9- Homework (after each lesson)

10- Exam Preparation for (TEF, TCF, TEFAQ, DELF, DALF)

Detailed Profile in French

About me

Bonjour à tous!

Je me nomme Francine, venant de France de Paris mais présentement, je vis en Chine à wuhan depuis bientôt 9 ans. Je parle le français, l'anglais, le chinois et un peu d'espagnol et d'italien. Je suis traductrice indépendante aussi j'enseigne le français et le chinois en ligne aux enfants à partir de 5 ans jusqu'aux adultes. J’enseigne le français de A0 à C2 (7 ans d'expériences) et le chinois de A0 à B2 (4 ans d'expériences). Mes spécialités sont: la prononciation, la conversation orale, la compréhension orale et de la lecture, l'écrit, le vocabulaire, la grammaire et les expressions. Je suis patiente et amicale. J'aime apprendre les langues et j'aime enseigner les langues et voir mes étudiants s'améliorer de leçon en leçon. Si vous voulez apprendre le français ou le chinois ou améliorer vos compétences pour n'importe quelle raison, n’hésitez pas à essayer mes cours et je serai très heureuse de vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs. Pour toutes autres informations merci de me contacter par message. Bonne journée à tous!

Qualifications & Experience

Not complete

Teaching Approach


pour voir votre niveau général, nous aurons un petit test (de comprehension orale ou de texte/ de grammaire avec excercices)

puis discuter de vos objectifs d'apprentissage,

et voir Ce que vous devez améliorer,

et Comment améliorer vos compétences,

puis Faire un plan d'étude selon votre niveau.


1- Mon style d'enseignement est polyvalent et conçu sur les objectifs, besoins, intérêts, niveau et faiblesse des étudiants.

2- J'utilise différents matériels en fonction des besoins / niveau / faiblesse des élèves et donc pour cela j'ai créé mes propres matériels et méthodes pour motiver et aider mes étudiants à être plus impliqués dans la langue et rendre plus logique et plus facile à comprendre .

3- Je fournis tous les matériels pour les cours pour tous les niveaux (manuels, pdf, flashcards, mp3, screenshoot, partager mon écran)

4- aussi, J'utilise certaines ressources en ligne.

5- BASIC A1 / A2: Focalise sur les conversations générales avec différentes situations à l'aide de questions et réponses.

6- INTERMÉDIAIRE B1 / B2: Il ya différentes activités telles que: décrire les choses / les gens, le jeu de rôles, discuter sur différents sujets avec différentes situations.

7- ADVANCED C1 / C2: Focalise sur la communication pour renforcer la confiance et la fluidité a l'orale, la Culture, Lire les actualites, émission de télévision, film, Musique, Débat, Expressions, le monde des Affaires, etc.


1- Correction de la prononciation (en parlant ou en lisant les mots / phrases / texte / dialogue)

2- Conversation orale (avec différents sujets / dialogues / jeux de rôles)

3- Compréhension écrite / de la lecture (en utilisant le podcast / audio / vidéo / dialogue / texte / les histoires)

4- Pratiquer l'écriture (dictée avec les mots, phrases, texte)

5- Améliorer le vocabulaire (à l'aide des flascards / excercies)

6- Correction des erreurs grammaticales (avec excercices)

7- Pratiquer les Expressions idiomatiques / l'argot.

8- Entrétient d'embauche pour le travail (avec Questions & Réponses)

9- Devoir de maison (après chaque leçon)

10- Préparation aux examens pour le (TEF, TCF, TEFAQ, DELF, DALF)

Detailed Profile in Chinese Mandarin

About me

大家好! 我叫丽丽,法语名叫Francine,来自法国, 巴黎,但目前住在武汉。来中国已经快九年多了。法语是我的母语,而且也会说英语,汉语,西班牙语和意大利语。我是一个自由翻译英文/中文/法语在线和离线而也是一名专业法语和汉语老师在线和离线。我的学生都是从五岁的小孩子到成年人。我教过法语已经七年多了从初级到高级A0 - C2,也教过汉语已经四年多了从初级到中级A0 - B2。我的专门是口语对话,发音,听力和阅读理解,写作,语法和日常成语。如果你想学法语或汉语为任何目的,欢迎来试试我的课程,我很乐意帮助你达到你的学习目标。如果您有什么疑问请随时发短信联系我。


Qualifications & Experience

Not complete

Teaching Approach


My last class was :
28 Sep 2018
By : dorico1012
Subject : French 
Generally satisfied! Francine was kind and patient, made me talk a lot and chose the right moment to correct me. She made it easy for me to understand her and was willing to repeat when I didn't.
15 Aug 2018
By : tomdean
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Great lesson, very patient and the Bei Jing accent is a bonus.
07 May 2018
By : Gaury
Subject : French 
Francine made me speak in the very first lesson! Such fun! Really enjoyed it. À la prochaine!
19 Feb 2018
By : christinehayes
Subject : French 
There didn't seem to be any structure to the lesson and the connection was bad so I chose not to finish the class.

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