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  Hello, my name is Petriel Kim and I'm 27 years old and currently living in Canada. I am a native Korean speaker and teach Korean. I have been an online Korean teacher with Verbalplanet since November 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Korean, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 90% of my normal lesson price for new students. 
My Latest Feedback
29 Jun 2020
 Petriel helped me cover the topic of describing a holiday and new grammar regarding how to describe experiences. This was a pretty tricky lesson to get to grips with especially with the new vocabulary but Petriel explained it in a clear and concise way that has helped my understanding of the subject. I'm still messing up with of the small words and my weak vocabulary knowledge but Petriel is helping me to build this up week by week. It was also really helpful to go through more speaking at the beginning of the lesson as I really do appreciate the chance to try out my speaking and gain more confidence. Thanks again for supporting my Korean learning today! 
22 Jun 2020
 Challenging and fun lesson, we covered family, formal/informal honourific terms which will be super useful and help me converse with older people and avoid sounding rude! Petriel is encouraging me to use more Korean at the beginning of the lesson which i'm slowly trying to do and gaining confidence. Thank you for the lesson and look forward to next time :) 
17 Jun 2020
 The lesson was very organized and Ms.Kim was able to adapt easily to my daughter's skill level. The hour went by very quickly because the session was interesting and had variety. 
15 Jun 2020
 We went through the mistakes I made in the last homework which Petriel explained in a concise and logical way which helped a lot! Covering the different verbs used for wearing clothes was hard but fun and I feel our lessons are definitely helping my listening to improve :) 
08 Jun 2020
 Thanks for the encouragement today, it was fun to learn to use adjectives in sentences to help describe things! I feel I am building my vocabulary more and more also. Thanks again!! 
01 Jun 2020
 Great lesson again, covering more about phone calls. Lots of practice opportunities to hear and translate phone numbers and phone conversations which is really helpful next time I call my Korean friends. Really enjoyed acing the K-pop quiz today! Thanks for a great lesson :) 
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About me - English

안녕하세요 여러분! Hello everyone!

I am Petriel, NATIVE KOREAN TEACHER, who was born and raised in Seoul. You can always call me 엘라쌤(Ella-sam). Ella is my nickname and sam is a short word meaning teacher(선생님/sunsangni:m/) in verbal Korean .

Currently, I am in Brandon, MB, Canada. I came here April 2019 for a new life. I have studied in Sweden for a master programme in sustainable energy engineering and lived for 2.5 years.

You will be able to do these with me:

Free conversation

High quality writing or just simple one-liner diary

Traveling without any translator

Watch or Listen K-pop or K-dram without subtitles

Take an examination for the proof of your Korean ability

Have one more best friend in your life - best ever!

Qualifications & Experience

Native Korean

2012-2015 Tutor for high school students - Korean/Mathematics/Counselling

2012-2015 Tutor for a cover letter - university entrance/employment

2016-2018 Korean instructor for 8-11 years old students in 한글 학교(Hangeul School), Stockholm, Sweden

In short, I have experiences with Koreans as well as foreigners. From beginners to advanced level, nothing is impossible with me.

These are just official experiences, but I have taught Korean to many people from different backgrounds. Unofficially, I have experiences with some people who love 한류(Hallyu) - K-pop, K-drama or had a plan for an exchange programme in Korea, and, yes, they always become good friends at the end!

Teaching Approach

First of all, there will be a few questions before our first class. This helps me prepare for a personalised class.

Learning methods:

Short clips from movies, animations, news, etc.

Government proved school materials, regardless of subjects - this can be a good option when you may go back to schools in Korea later.

K-pops - old/new


Previous exams - TOPIK, 수능(Korean university entrance test), etc.

It all depends on you - what you want or how you want. Because I believe a personalised class is the best point of 1:1.

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