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Hello, my name is Jennifer Helfand and I'm 42 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since April 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

My name is Jennifer and I've been teaching English for the past fifteen years. I started off as a volunteer teaching English to adult immigrants and refugees. I fell in love with my students and teaching ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) within the first five minutes of class and that love continues to this day.

Through teaching, I've helped other people fulfill their dreams, including moving abroad, getting accepted to universities, receiving job offers and promotions, traveling abroad with more confidence, and simply improving their overall language skills and comfort when speaking English.

Through teaching, I've also been able to fulfill many of my dreams. I've been able to live abroad. I've met incredible people from all over the world, and I've had the privilege and pleasure of learning about them, their lives, and their cultures. And I have made the most amazing friends from numerous countries and cultures.

Aside from teaching, I'm also a writer and illustrator. I've published two books so far: a children's book and a spiritual allegory for adults. I also write a language learning blog where I give explanations and tips via cartoons and stories.

Aside from teaching, writing, drawing, and traveling, I love reading, playing the piano, and being in nature...among many other things.

Qualifications & Experience


- Bachelor of Arts in History from Bryn Mawr College, U.S.A., 1999

- CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) from International House Madrid, Spain, 2005

- Master of Education in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Boston University, U.S.A., 2012

15 years total of teaching experience:

12 years in classrooms

3 years online

Countries/Cities where I've taught:

U.S.A.: Philadelphia and Boston

Spain: Madrid

Mexico: Cuernavaca

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Greece: Athens

I've taught students at the following places/for the following institutions:

Boston University and Temple University

Spanish Government: The Spanish Army and Social Security of Madrid

Businesses including Google, Accenture, ING, and WeWork

Adult Education and Immigration Centers in Boston and Philadelphia

Languages Schools including Berlitz and ICANA in Buenos Aires

I've taught all skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation and intonation.

I've also taught specialized classes at schools, including creative writing and TOEFL preparation.

And I've taught specialized classes online, including English for winemakers, chefs, and interview preparation classes.

Teaching Approach

My approach to teaching, first and foremost, is love for who and what I teach. After that, it is the understanding that students are also teachers, and teachers are also students: we all have something to share. Even before I think about the different skills in language learning and the best ways to teach them, I think about these two things.

Beyond that, I think it's essential to help students feel comfortable and confident using English and to empower them to take risks. Language learning is like life: it can never get better without taking risks. And language learning is about communication. I'd like students to know that they have something incredibly important to say, and I'd like them to take every chance they have to say it.

In terms of teaching different skills, I teach all vocabulary and grammar in context. I teach students set phrases and chunks of language so they can use new vocabulary right away and know how to appropriately use it. Motivation is extremely important in language learning, and so I look for materials that are relevant to students' interests and not just their needs. I always teach pronunciation and intonation as a part of speaking and listening classes as it helps students to both understand and be understood. I share different websites and learning tips with students to help them practice English on their own. My students and I laugh a lot in class, as feeling comfortable and happy in class makes a huge difference in language learning. While I do correct students' mistakes, I also stress that the most important thing is communication. I suggest that students keep a notebook where they write down new words they hear and questions they have so we can review them together in class. At the first class, students and I also set a learning plan to make sure I am teaching them exactly what they need to learn so they can reach their goals.

17 May 2019
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Subject : English 
She's an excellent teacher. I strongly recommend!

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