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  Hello, my name is Kate Williams and I'm 63 years old and currently living in the United Kingdom. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with Verbalplanet since May 2019. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 60% of my normal lesson price for new students. 
My Latest Feedback
12 Jun 2020
 Great again! It was a pleasure to talk with you Kate and to improve my prunciation : ) no worries for the links, I can wait. See you next week. 
02 Jun 2020
 Thank you for this lesson! I had a great pleasure to talk with you again! Kate is very professionnal, curious and smart. It is easy to talk with her about all subjects and so to improve my Enlgish speaking. She corrected my when I needed, and taught me new british expressions. See you next week : )  
26 May 2020
 Kate is very friendly. It was a pleasure to talk with her. My goal is to improve my Enlgish speaking. We had a nice conversation, natural but at the same time very professional. She corrected me when I needed and suggested it some resources to me. Iam looking forward to my next lesson! Thank you Kate! 
01 May 2020
Bogomila T
 Thank you again! 
01 May 2020
 My lessons with Kate are easy, fluent and relaxed. She naturally knows how to facilitate the English study with a nice conversation. See you again! 
26 Apr 2020
 A very friendly lesson. Kate exactly knows how to lead the conversation in open and relaxed way, still attentive to correct the pronunciation and mistakes 
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About me - English

I'm English, born in London, and have a standard "received English" accent, which students tell me is clear and easy to follow. I now live in rural Wales, and love the peace and greenery of the area. I like all the arts, but the English language appeals most - its rich variety of words and expressions, its fascinating history, and the fun it offers. I have plentiful experience of working with children, as well as adults. I'm a wife and a mother of two sons - now adult.

Qualifications & Experience

Note for parents - I teach children as well as adults. No age too young! I use music (singing with ukulele, guitar, drums...), games, pictures, drama and lots of chat, weaving in grammar and vocabulary along the way. This is the most natural and engaging way for a child to learn. Writing resources: I have over 300 downloadable resources for children at low cost (suitable for both native English speakers and English learners), to develop literacy and expression, in fun, meaningful ways: .

I have an honours degree (2:1) in English, from Exeter University, UK, and a certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language, from St Giles College, London).

My love of the English language has shaped my working life, through writing and teaching. I'm a published writer of articles, mostly for teaching magazines. I'm also a published children's poet, with many poems in various anthologies. I've also been running creative writing workshops for schools for the past twenty years (website This involves helping children to speak and write expressively, fluently and with confidence in English. Through this rewarding occupation, I have developed a range of communication and teaching skills, also relevant to teaching English as a foreign language, such as bringing the language alive with the help of artefacts, pictures and drama. The experience has given me insights into the challenges English poses to learners, both native and new to the language - challenges posed by its rich and nuanced range of vocabulary, its subtly different tenses, its complex grammatical structures and its inconsistent spellings, as well as its wealth of idioms. A rich but challenging language!

Before working in schools, I taught English as a foreign language to adult learners, having gained the TEFL certificate mentioned above. I worked with people from around the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Somalia and China. My (basic) TEFL training equipped me with the essential teaching skills, but I learnt a whole lot more from the real-life experience of working with students who urgently needed to understand and be understood. Breaking down the language barriers to enable us to communicate was an exciting challenge, often carrying us way beyond the lesson plan as the possibilities for communication opened up. Their variety of needs taught me to adapt my methods accordingly, often on the spot!

Teaching Approach

I offer English conversation skills development and practice, incorporating grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation along the way. My lessons are relaxed and informal, while providing all-round support and guidance, with focused drilling where needed or requested. While nurturing all-round speaking and listening proficiency and overall fluency, I do not prepare students for exams. I start each lesson with informal chat, moving on to discussion of an agreed topic, keeping the conversation lively, stimulating and fluid, introducing common expressions and other enrichments as we go. If exercises are needed or requested, these are done in the middle, before our closing chat. I offer a discounted trial lesson (unless you've had your free trial with a different tutor). Reading and writing tuition is not included, but can be provided for an extra fee, paid separately.

Any questions, please send me a message any time. All communication must be through Verbal Planet.

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