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Hello, my name is Barbara Bassi and I'm 29 years old and currently living in Italy. I am a native Italian speaker and teach Italian. I have been an online Italian teacher with since June 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: Italian, English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a freelance passionate Italian language tutor. After graduating, I took a specialization in teaching Italian language to foreigners and then I joined some projects to train my skills abroad. I have been working as a teacher of Italian in Spain, Poland and Croatia. Now I am back in Italy, where I am working as online Italian teacher. I love this job because It makes me travel all over the world just through my laptop and entice me to remain always up to date.

Qualifications & Experience


Period: From February 2019

Online school based in Bologna (IT), headquarters in Cornwall (EN)

Job type: Online Italian Teacher

Tasks and responsibilities: I am leading face to face Italian lessons through Skype with students from different part of the world, different age and needs.

Commitment:4 lessons of ½ hour per week/10 students per month

Period: January – March 2019

Employer’s name and address: Ocean Znanja, Croatia

Job type: Italian Teacher

Tasks and responsibilities: During the project developed by the NGO Organization Ocean Znanja, I had the opportunity to organize an intensive and unconventional Italian course in Zagreb city center, aimed at beginner students aged 15+. Each lesson fronted different topics (gestures, colours, food, clothes, culture) through non-formal education methods.

Total amount of hours:50

Period: October – December 2018

Employer’s name and address: AIESEC University Krakow, Poland

Job type: Italian Teacher

Tasks and responsibilities: I took part in the two-months project "Global Talent" of AIESEC organization in Cracow city: I led Italian classes addressed both to individuals and groups, with different level, age and background.

Total amount of hours:200


Date: 4th October (exam) – 16th November (certificate)

Institute: Università Ca’ Foscari – Venezia ITALY

Title of qualification awarded: CEDILS Certification for Teaching Italian to Foreing Students

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Teaching Methods, Italian Linguistic and Learning Psychology

Date (from – to): October 2012 – February 2015

Institute: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Milan ITALY

Title of qualification awarded: Master’s degree in Marketing & Communication

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Marketing, Communication, New Media, Psychology.

Mark: 108/110

Date (from – to): October 2009 - November 2012

Institute: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Milan ITALY

Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor’s degree in Sociology

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Sociology and Anthropology, Marketing Researches, Psychology

Mark: 110/110

Teaching Approach

My method is authentic and my approach follows situations, not handbooks. At the same time, I provide my students with a solid grammar base. At the end of every lesson I send a grammar exercise which is related to what we have just discussed. I ask my students to send me the completed exercise before our next lesson. I give feedback to my students as I think paying attention to their work is very important in keeping them motivated and to avoid them giving up. So, in the next lesson we correct homework and then we move on. I choose to talk more than the students only in the grammar explanation of a lesson. In all the other cases, I try to reduce teacher talking time because I want my lessons student-centric. They have to practise, not just to listen and got bored. Furthermore, I try to create a relationship with them: I've noticed that when I remember what they told me in the previous lesson they improve their speaking skills. In order not to forget any details, I take notes.


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