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Hello, my name is Jaibodh Pandey and I'm 55 years old and currently living in India. I am a native Hindi speaker and teach Hindi. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since January 2012. I can speak the following languages fluently: Hindi, English, French, German. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a vastly experienced online & real time Hindi & English teacher trainer with more than 3 decades’ teaching experience, of conducting Hindi & English classes globally.

I am a Hindi & English teacher, education consultant, author, teacher and trainer. As a teacher I have a history of achieving transformational results with students from different parts of the world.

My love and enthusiasm for teaching is source of inspiration for my students. My legacy of effective teaching practices have been evident in very high ratings and excellent feed backs, which I get from my students.

I am fluent in English. I can also speak French & German.

I am also the coordinator and administrator at ISC Language Academy , a language training school.

Being director of ISC language academy , that offers various language courses ,I have knowledge of some European languages and modern methods of teaching. I am also involved in developing new methods to improve instruction and learning .

Courses offered –

Elementary Courses ( A 1 ) - This course has been designed for the people , who want to go to India for tourism or religious purpose , to conduct business or to communicate with Indians. This course will teach them how to make simple sentences & to deal with day today conversations such as finding the way , hiring a taxi , asking & negotiating the price , booking a hotel and similar kind of dialogues. It also prepares a base for learning Hindi.

Lower Intermediate Course ( A 2 ) - The Objective of the entire course - dual aim to provide students with –1. Basic to Intermediate level Communication skills 2. intermediate level Writing & Reading skills. The students acquire ability to converse in Hindi in day today situations , to describe pictures , tell stories and talk on various topics using simple to complex structures. The course contains a number of role plays and picture reading material.

Upper Intermediate Course ( A 3 ) - The students are trained to think in Hindi and are made to practice to speak . The course has a higher degree of difficulty. This Courses gives the students confidence to speak with native speakers in real life situations. This contains a number of role-plays and picture –reading material. By the time the course is over they have learnt almost all the grammar structures , one needs for forming sentences.

Advanced Courses ( B1 , B 2 , C 1 & C 2 ) – The aim of the course to help students to master Hindi. They are trained to express themselves effectively using refined Hindi. The course contains newspaper articles , articles related with art & culture , short essays related with social issues & short stories. The students discuss various topics with the teacher.

Publications and Research –

I have written series of course modules and several books for students as well as for other Hindi & English teachers in all areas of teaching and teaching theory.

Qualifications & Experience

32 years' of teaching Hindi ,English , German & French languages for day-to-day use to all kind of learners.

Director of ISC Language Academy, Rajasthan, India, Jan 1981 - Present.

Mode of Teaching: Face to Face and Online.

Teaching Approach

innovative method of teaching

I have developed an innovative method of teaching Hindi to foreign nationals / non Hindi speakers. Through this method students make progress very fast and gradually learn how to speak , read & write . All My teaching material is self created , logical and scientific.

My courses help students to acquire basic sentence making, how to converse in Hindi & English in a variety of situations & then gradually enable them greater fluency, accuracy and confidence in the written language and improving their communication skills at the same time. These Courses give the students confidence to speak with native speakers in real life situations.

Devnagari script /Roman script: For the beginners course we offer the possibility to learn using the roman script making it easier to start talking straight away.

Devnagri script Advanced learners will make use of Devnagri script.

The courses have a dual aim to provide students with --

1. Basic to Advanced communication skills [ Practical language , with the help of which a person can communicate with other speakers thus enabling them to fulfill basic communication needs.]

2. Basic to Advanced Writing and reading Skills.

My last class was :
6 days ago.

08 Oct 2016
By : masami
Subject : Hindi 

Jaibodh Ji is very patient and more focus on speaking these days. I think I am improving little by litttle, but thinking back my level of hindi one year ago, my hindi become much better and now i try to watch Hindi movies now.

29 Sep 2016
By : GesaL
Subject : Hindi 

I really like that he is correcting every mistake I make, and we do lot of conversation now. And I feel much more comfortable .

07 Jul 2016
By : GesaL
Subject : Hindi 

I understand more and more the Language and now it' also easier for me to Talk

23 Jun 2016
By : GesaL
Subject : Hindi 

I really enjoy the lessons. jaibodh is always well prepared and in time. It' s already easier for me to speak , I feel more free.

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