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Choosing a tutor and booking

Click on 'Find a Tutor' from the main navigation bar to visit our language tuition marketplace. In our language tuition market you can search through hundreds of tutors who can teach you the language you want to learn.

Yes - That's just one of the things that makes an exciting and different way to learn a foreign language. You can pick a language tutor from anywhere in the world so why not learn French from a tutor in Paris, Spanish from a tutor in Madrid?

Prices for language tuition through are set by the tutors themselves so prices will vary from tutor to tutor which allows you to shop around. Using the currency search feature you can see prices in either $US dollars, Sterling or Euros.

To book lessons, ask a prospective tutor questions, enquire about availability or request your free learning plan you will first need to join

Paying for your classes is easy. We accept all major cards and PayPal. All prices shown represent the total price per 45 minute class.

Yes - You'll find that many tutors offer either a free or discounted evaluation session so you can try our service. It's a great way to see what a difference it can make to your studies and the perfect way to discuss your requirements with your chosen tutor.

Each lesson is scheduled to last 45 minutes.

Yes - With you can search for a language tutor who is available to teach you at the times that fit your lifestyle. All available lesson times are displayed in your local time so you don't need to worry about time zones regardless of where your tutor is in the world.

Once you've booked lesson time

As part of your account you will be able to access your own personal analytics module which will display your tutor's assessment of your performance in line with common European Standards.

Yes - If for any reason you can't make a scheduled language lesson you can quickly and easily re arrange it to another suitable time through your Verbalplanet account.

A full refund will be made of the booking fee paid in advance for all lessons cancelled by the tutor. Should you be unable to attend a scheduled lesson you will be able to re schedule to an alternative time with your chosen tutor. Our teachers do put a lot of time into preparing for your class, so we won't be able to refund you if you cancel your lesson. Lessons which are disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances and or the absence of your tutor will be eligible for a full refund providing we receive notification within 7 working days following the date of the lesson.

The tutor rating system

All Verbalplanet tutors are judged on their performance. Following each lesson, students are asked to leave a rating score and feedback comment for their tutor. We compile the answers to these questions for every lesson a tutor has carried out and present the results as part of each tutor's profile.

The rating and feedback system is completely independent of both tutors and Verbalplanet and is therefore a reliable indicator of the quality of service provided by any individual tutor. Don't however immediately dismiss un-rated tutors. You might just find that they are the perfect person for you. Remember, even our highest rated tutors started on this way.

Why it works

There's no substitute for the real thing...

Online tuition is such an effective method because your lessons will focus on the two core skills of listening and speaking which are at the very heart of learning any language.

Hear your tutor speak the language with its unique cadence and rhythms.

Accelerate your ability to hear and understand through live conversation.

No better way to build your confidence.

Languages are easier when we learn together...

Languages are easier when we learn together...

Learning in partnership leads to success. A key part of learning any language successfully is to set realistic goals, support those goals with a structured lesson plan and stay motivated. Learning in partnership with a personal online tutor is the perfect way to do this.

Learn within a framework of realistic and achievable goals.

Individual study plans incorporating a variety of study methods.

Rapid tutor feedback and analysis of your performance.

Support, motivation and encouragement to achieve your goals.

One to one language training delivers great results...

It's all about personal attention. All of your lessons will be tailored to your exact needs and objectives and your tutor will only move onto new subjects & topics when you are ready and go at exactly the pace you need or want.

A personal solution just for you.

Quickly address and fix problems avoiding misunderstanding.

Each lesson tailored to the right level and pace to suit you.

How it works

Sign up for free then choose your language teacher...

Once registered you can pick a tutor to discuss your goals or get a free learning plan. Contact your chosen language tutor and ask any questions you have before booking lesson time. Select a teacher from anywhere in the world for all major languages and more besides.

Pick a tutor from anywhere in the world.

Search according to availability, price, discounts, profile and more...

Make an informed choice. View feedback from previous students.

Pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle...

All available class times are displayed in your local time regardless of your tutor's location. Your bookings will be displayed in your online tuition diary. You can also reschedule lessons quickly and easily should you need to.

Ultimate flexibility. Learn a language where you want and when you want.

Pay using PayPal or a major debit or credit card.

Reschedule for free if you need to.

Start learning a new language on Skype...

At the scheduled lesson time your tutor will call you on Skype and your online language lesson will begin. Thousands of people have brought learning a language to life through, and you can too.

Learn a new language online in a fun and effective way.

Keep in touch with your progress through online feedback and analytics.

Personal tuition with some of the best language teachers in the world.

What it costs

Flexibility, choice and great value for money...

There's no need to commit to an expensive language school program or software. From just one online lesson to catch up on existing skills, to a whole course of lessons, Verbalplanet is as flexible as you want it to be.

Pay using PayPal or a major debit or credit card.

Our average rate per lesson is just $22.00 before discounts.

All prices represent the total cost of a 45 minute lesson.

Free or discounted trial lessons available...

We understand that learning a foreign language online is new to a lot of people and that you want to be comfortable with how it works before you commit yourself. You'll find that many Verbalplanet tutors offer either a free or discounted lesson which will allow you to trial our service and get an evaluation of your language skills and abilities.

Free or discounted trial lessons available with many tutors.

Try before you buy

Loyalty discounts designed to reward you as you learn...

Learning a language is a long term project and many of our tutors reward your loyalty as you learn. Our loyalty discount scheme is based on your cumulative bookings which means that you'll be eligible for a discount whether you're buying one lesson or twenty.

What you need

Skype setup on your PC...

Skype is a small piece of free software that lets you use your computer like a phone so you can talk online with a language tutor anywhere in the world. It's free to download, free to use and part of what makes a great and exciting way to learn a foreign language online.

Free to download.

Free to use.

An internet connection...

It's not essential to have a broadband connection but having a fast internet connection will mean that you receive the best call quality using Skype and ensure that you get the most out of your language lessons.

Online progress tracking and analytics

Rapid tutor feedback and support... gives you great online tools to monitor your progress as you learn. Following each lesson your tutor will assess your performance in line with common European Standards and provide valuable feedback to assist you in preparation for your next lesson. Continual assessment in each core language skill helps you to stay in touch, stay motivated and monitor your progress over time.

Wow... now you're speaking like a native! Great job.


Get continual feedback and tutor analysis of each core language skill in line with the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

About Skype

Free to download. Free to use...

Skype is a small piece of free software that lets you use your computer like a phone. With over 150 million users, Skype is the most popular internet telephony software in the world and part of what makes a great and exciting way to learn a foreign language online.

All tutors have Skype and all Skype to Skype calls are 100% free so you only pay for your tuition and nothing else. Regardless of where your tutor is in the world, you'll only need to pay the lesson fee as displayed on the Verbalplanet site with no other hidden call charges.

Free to download.

Free to use.

Quality assurance

Award winning language training that's worth talking about...

We've been leading the online language tuition market since it's inception and have picked up a few awards along the way. We are consistently ranked as a top online language learning provider by, and have been featured in the WebUser Language Awards, Skype Extras and the Times Online.

Less than one in 20 teachers who apply are successful....

Teaching on is by application only and our standards are high so we only admit the very best language tutors from around the world.

Maintaining high standards is everything which is why we monitor tutor performance 24/7. All our tutors are rated on their performance by fellow students so you can make an informed choice.

99% of students on rating our service as a positive learning experience.

New opportunities. Access students around the world.... helps language teachers just like you to connect with a whole new world of opportunities teaching foreign languages online. Sell your skills and time online to language students all around the globe.

Free to use. Set your own hours and lesson rates...

Ultimate flexibility. Take control with complete freedom to set your own hours and lesson rates. It's completely free to use. There's no membership fee and you keep 100% of what you earn with nothing to pay back to us.

Get paid teaching people to speak your language...

Free online tools to manage your clients. Teach your students online with Skype and help them to bring learning a foreign language to life. Get paid teaching people to speak your language.

About us

Our mission and values...

Founded in 2006, is an award winning language training and tuition service which facilitates online language classes between language learners and native speaking language tutors around the globe using the Skype internet telephony service.

New technologies continue to make enormous changes to the way people learn modern languages. Whilst we are a 'high tech' service, we are proud to be championing an innovative approach to learning a foreign language with a very 'human' side, and one which focuses on what we believe learning a foreign language is all about:

Real people engaging in real conversation.

Registered office....

Verbal Planet Ltd, Old Beams, Northwood Lane, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom, WA16 0QX, Tel 00 44 20 328 72632 is owned and operated by Verbalplanet Ltd; a private company registered in the United Kingdom; Company No.05601791. Due to the international nature of and time zone differences we strongly recommend that all enquiries are made via the contact page.

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