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Added : 31 Dec 2018
Subject : English
Topic : Work and Employment
Title: How to prepare for a job interview (part 2)
Author : pary weinberg
job interview part 2
Public resource
Added : 31 Dec 2018
Subject : English
Topic : Work and Employment
Title: Preparing for an interview
Author : pary weinberg
How to prepare for a job interview in a fun and effective way.
Public resource
Added : 05 Dec 2018
Subject : German
Topic : Vocabulary
Title: Christmas Word Search
Author : Tatjana Sacherer
Coffee break exercise
Public resource
Added : 04 Dec 2018
Subject : Spanish
Topic : Natural World
Title: para practicar el subjuntivo
Author : Claudia Elena Hernández Cruz
Here there are 10 fun facts to make conversation and practice subjuntivo. Some of them are true and some of them are false. Students can practice the construction "no creo que" + subjuntivo with this material. The last slides classify the facts on true and false.
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Added : 01 Dec 2018
Subject : Greek
Topic : Food and Drink
Title: Shopping
Author : Stela Malandri
This is to help students when dealing with the topic "Shopping", mainly when they prepare role plays. More specifically, a student as a sale's assistant can use them as they are or as a customer has to prepare the answers.
Public resource
Added : 21 Nov 2018
Subject : English
Topic : About Yourself
Title: "Have you ever" present perfect questions
Author : Caterina Mastroianni
"Have you ever...?" questions on the topic of food, holidays and various situations. Cut up and divide questions amongst students allocating the questions according to the size of your group. Students ask each other questions and report answers afterwards. They can take notes in the report form provided. Students can also make up their own questions. The last activity asks students to write about what they found out about their partner. Suits a beginner ESL/EFL class or it can be a fun warm-up activity.
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