There's no substitute for the real thing...

Live conversation with native speakers is the key to mastering a foreign language. There's no better way to build your confidence, accelerate your ability to listen and understand, and achieve superior pronunciation skills with an authentic accent.

Learning in partnership with a native speaking tutor allows you to focus on the core skills of listening and speaking and support your learning with structured lessons customized to your fluency level and long term language goals.

Tailored to your needs
Each lesson tailored to the right level and pace to suit you.
Identify and address mistakes quickly to avoid repetition.
Support with official exams and language proficiency tests.
Learning in partnership is the key to success.
Super convenient
Book online at times to suit you.
Reschedule for free if you need to.
Learn from any location.
Zero travel costs.
Live conversation. Native tutors
Live conversation builds confidence and vocabulary.
Learn about the culture as well as the language.
Share documents and study materials with your tutor.
Accelerate your ability to listen and understand.
Achieve superior pronunciation skills and an authentic accent.
Track progress. Rapid Feedback
Online analysis and feedback from your tutor.
Track your fluency level over time.
Teacher assessment aligned with recognised standards.
Rigorous quality standards
Qualified and experienced online language teachers.
24/7 monitoring of tutor performance.
Rated excellent on Trustpilot.
View tutor reviews by other users.
Cost effective and flexible pricing
No subscriptions. No minimum spend.
Loyalty discounts available with many tutors.
Shop around and find the best deal for you.
Free or discounted trial lessons available.

Track your progress in each core language skill.

Benefit from rapid feedback and evaluation of your fluency in each core language skill and continual tutor assessment in line with common European Standards.

Track your progress in each core language skill of speaking, listening, reading and writing in line with the Common European Framework of References for Languages. Learn about progress tracking...

Wow... now you're speaking like a native! Great job. See you at our next class

Speaking - C1 - Advanced
Listening - B2 - Intermediate
Reading - C1 - Advanced
Writing - B1 - Intermediate

Rated as Excellent on Trustpilot. 99% of students rate our service as a positive learning experience.

We know you'll love learning to speak a foreign language with us. Read more about how online language tuition has helped our users achieve their goals. Discover the difference live conversation practice with a native speaking teacher can make to your fluency and confidence.


My first lesson was exactly as I was hoping it would be. Intense, efficient and fun. A very enjoyable class with a very competent teacher at a very reasonable price. Worth a 1000 textbooks.

Sarah - United States

Discover a better way to learn a language online.

Regular conversation practice is the key to mastering a foreign language. There's no better way to build confidence, develop comprehension skills and an authentic accent. It's fun, effective and guaranteed to get you talking.

Start for free today. We've helped thousands of students learn a new language online and we can help you too.

A very effective E-Learning system delivering one to one tuition by putting you in direct touch with native speakers worldwide.
I needed a more intensive approach, and luckily I came across Verbalplanet. This service provided the framework and the means for an incredible educational experience.

John Reese

Award winning language training that's worth talking about. Find a language tutor anywhere in the world then arrange a mutually convenient time to have your lessons.
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