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Daniel Moore

Location: United Kingdom
Learning: Spanish
Classes: 23

Daniel joined Verbalplanet in January 2018 learning Spanish. Daniel's needs were quite specific as he was studying for his AQA GCSE Spanish exam in the UK. Despite getting top grades for written work and reading comprehension exercies, Daniel struggled with speaking and applying what he knew in live conversation.

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Janek Bartels

Location: Japan
Learning: Japanese
Classes: 52

Janek joined Verbalplanet in learning Japanese. Learning a second language was second nature to Janek, having previously studied Spanish, French and Latin to level A1 (beginner) and English to C2 fluency, however Japanese proved uniquely challenging. As Janek did not have access to a native speaking teacher near where he lived, the internet became his main resource for authentic Japanese content and learning material.

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Sharyn Doherty

Location: Australia
Learning: French
Classes: 83

Sharyn joined Verbalplanet in learning French. Initially, Sharyn decided to take French language classes in her local area but found that as a busy mum her time was becoming increasingly taken up by her children which meant she had less free time available to study away from home.

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Mike Weber

Location: United States
Learning: Greek
Classes: 103

Mike joined Verbalplanet in learning Greek. Having studied Classical Greek at university, Mike wanted to explore Modern Greek and improve his fluency ahead of a special trip.

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Steven Hamilton

Location: United States
Learning: Hungarian
Classes: 285

Steven joined Verbalplanet in learning Hungarian. With Hungarian being a language with relatively few speakers, finding a native speaking Hungarian tutor close to home or work proved challenging. By choosing to learn a language online, Steven was able to remove distance or the absence of a local language teacher as a barrier to learning the language of his ancesters.

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Sean Holt

Location: Malta
Learning: Italian
Classes: 88

Sean joined Verbalplanet in learning Italian. Inspired by Italian music and the spectacular scenery of Sicily, Sean challenged himself to learn the language of Dante. Whilst making great progress through self study and using language resources on the web, Sean felt his studies lacked the realism of live one to one conversation with a native Italian speaker.

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