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Hello, my name is Kahori JEWELL and I'm 41 years old and currently living in United Kingdom. I am a native Japanese speaker and teach English, Japanese. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since January 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: Japanese, English.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello, my name is Kahori.

I am from Japan and have been living in the UK for 5 years.

I am a freelance English/Japanese tutor. I also teach Japanese to 5-15 year olds at a Japanese school.

Japanese students

I would prefer to teach Japanese to native English speakers or those with a good command of the English language.

English students

I am only looking to teach English to Japanese students.

If you are interested to learn Japanese but not confident to start it alone, want to improve your Japanese or if you are looking to learn real Japanese expressions. Let me help you!

Living in the UK, it surprised me that the English I have learnt in Japan, which I believed to be perfectly correct, was not all that correct at times. Armed with this knowledge I hope to teach some new phrases and expressions to Japanese people looking to improve their English skills.

Also, it amuses me when meeting new English people I encounter new unique phrases each time.

I love learning the most appropriate and polite English expressions (so that I can teach my children) as well as learning fun casual expressions.

These experiences make me think, how I can translate this in Japanese so you can have a better understanding of Japanese and it is fun to brush up on my own Japanese in this way.

You never stop learning.

So, let's have fun talking and learning together!


Qualifications & Experience

- Private freelance tutor (Japanese and English) since 2008.

- Certified pool teacher at Yorkshire Humberside Japanese School since 2011.

- CRB checked (Criminal Records Bureau approved - for when working with children)

- Mother of 2 bi-lingual children.

- A Degree in Public Health Nursing from Wakayama Prefecture Nursing Institute, Japan (I have always been in Medical industry while in Japan, but have not retrained since moving to the UK)

Teaching Approach

I prefer a more relaxed, informal approach to learning.

Using tools and resources I have acquired from teaching different ages of children I will apply them to lessons for beginners:

- Basic communication.

- Common phrases and situations

- Simple reading and writing in Hiragana and Katakana

- Language etiquette (to avoid common mistakes)

These tools include - flash cards, story books, practice writing sheets (as PDFs), phrase cards, role play.

I want learning Japanese to be a fun experience not a stressful one. So we will learn at your pace and only increase the level as you become more confident.

For the more advanced students a more comprehensive range of learning materials are provided including homework and exercises which can be done in the students spare time.

If the student wants a more specific topic on which to study, this can easily be incorporated.

Detailed Profile in Japanese

About me






英語を学びたいけれど、一人では不安だ という方、私で良ければどうぞお手伝いをさせて下さい。




Qualifications & Experience




Teaching Approach





My last class was :
8+ days ago.

31 Jul 2016
By : Niko_Niko
Subject : Japanese 

Kahori focused on the topics I would like to discuss and I received good feedback.

02 Apr 2014
By : Yoruichi
Subject : Japanese 

I had a very good time with Kahori-sensei^^

11 Mar 2014
By : Yoruichi
Subject : Japanese 

It's always a pleasure to talk with Kahori-sensei.

04 Mar 2014
By : Yoruichi
Subject : Japanese 

That was my first lesson with her (trial). Kahori-san is very friendly and it was very nice to speak with her. I am sure she can help me improve my japanese.

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