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Hello, my name is Mark Needham and I'm 37 years old and currently living in New Zealand. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since October 2016. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Do you need to succeed in an important job interview in your life?

Do you need to be successful in your IELTS Speaking preparation?

Do you need to speak and understand better business English?

Do you need to excel in academic English?

Do you need to improve on your overall English fluency and speaking technique?

These are the areas of professional English that I specialize in.

I am a highly qualified, professional, and experienced English teacher and teaching English is both my passion and full time job. I want to see you get the best results with your English language goals.

My courses offer a professional and unique learning experience; I will guide you through each lesson building you up for success with the language that you need, and the confidence to deliver the results that you need.

Prior to a course that is even set up together with me will focus on testing your English ability in the specialization that you request and once we meet, I will also determine a plan for you that you can take away upon the completion of the first lesson.

Having taught professional English in various countries and enjoying every minute of it, I look forward to talking with you and discussing your action plan to success.

Qualifications & Experience


I have vast teaching experience in New Zealand, Japan and in Korea teaching students from all over the world. I have taught English to small groups and large groups as well as one to one. My students taught have come from many different backgrounds and of many different ages and English levels.


2013 -

Professional English Teacher

Private - Auckland, New Zealand

Online General English, English for Academic & Business Purposes, English for Job and Interview Placement/IELTS.



Berlitz Korea - Seoul, South Korea

General Everyday and Business English for Adults. Mixed class sizes and all ages taught.



Westgate Corporation - Aichi-Ken, Japan

University Level General English for Academic Purposes with up to 20 students per class.



NOVA Corporation - Aichi-Ken, Japan

General English Lessons for Adults and kids with up to 4 students per class. Guided Speaking discussion with multiple class sizes for adults also taught.



Shane English Group - Auckland, New Zealand

General English and English for Academic Purposes with various class sizes and ages.



- Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults Level 4 (CELTA)

- Bachelor of Language and Culture (ESOL Teaching/Cultural Studies)

- Graduate Diploma in Computing (Project Management)

Teaching Approach

"My Courses provide clear goals with your success in mind. Each lesson is tailored to building your confidence and English competency in relaxed learning environment."


-------------------------------------------------------------------------IELTS SPEAKING EXAMINATION PRACTICE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This professionally designed course will help you get a higher score in the IELTS: Speaking Examination.

You have one chance; do you want to succeed in this moment?

I will plan and guide you through this course and you will have the confidence to be at your best and do well with your IELTS speaking preparation goals. This course looks at the content of all the three sections of the examination and breaks down the techniques and English skills required for each section. You will build your confidence with each section with feedback and critical insight and we will practice the entire real life examination to work on your fluency and in what areas improvement is needed.

IELTS Speaking Introduction and Format.

-Understand the Speaking test-

You will talk to a certified examiner in the IELTS Speaking test. The test is interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get. A variety of accents may be used, and the test will be recorded.

- Introduce the IELTS Speaking exam.

- Discuss the format and structure.

- Question you on your previous IELTS Speaking experience.

- Light mock IELTS Speaking interview; all 3 sections.

- Feedback.

IELTS Speaking: Part One.

In part 1 of the Speaking test the examiner will introduce him or herself and ask general questions on familiar topics. The examiner will ask you to confirm your identity. He or she will then ask general questions on familiar topics such as home, family, work, studies and interests. Part 1 of the test will last 4-5 minutes.

This lesson will guide through the overall IELTS Speaking examination structure and the steps for Part One:

- Introduce Part One.

- Discuss the "Do's and Don'ts" and specific techniques for Part One.

- Practice Part One.

- Feedback and Q and A with focus on the IELTS Speaking Test Band Descriptors: fluency and coherence, lexical resource grammatical range, and accuracy pronunciation.

IELTS Speaking: Part Two.

In the IELTS speaking part 2 test you will be given a task card on a particular topic, and this will include key points that you should talk about. This section of the Speaking test gives you the opportunity to speak for longer on a topic. You will be given one minute to prepare to talk about the topic on the task card. A pencil and paper will be provided for you to make notes. You will have to talk for 1-2 minutes, and then the examiner will ask you one or two questions on the same topic. Part 2 takes 3-4 minutes in total. This lesson will guide you through the following steps:

- Part Two Introduction.

- Discussing the techniques and "Do's and Don'ts" of Part Two.

- A mock practice of Part Two.

- Feedback and Q and A with focus on the IELTS Speaking Test Band Descriptors: fluency and coherence, lexical resource grammatical range, and accuracy pronunciation.

IELTS Speaking: Part Three

In part 3 of the Speaking test the examiner will ask further questions which are connected to the topics discussed in part 2. This part of the test is designed to give you the opportunity to talk about more abstract issues and ideas. It is a two-way discussion with the examiner, and will last 4-5 minutes.

This lesson will guide you through Part Three of the IELTS examination with the necessary steps:

- Part Three Introduction.

- Discuss the techniques and "Do's and Don'ts" for Part Three.

- Practice Part Three.

- Feedback and Q and A with focus on the IELTS Speaking Test Band Descriptors: fluency and coherence, lexical resource grammatical range, and accuracy pronunciation.

IELTS Speaking Full Real-Life Practice.

This lesson will focus on you and the first part of the lesson we will do a "real life" practice of the full speaking part of the IELTS examination. The important part of this lesson will be looking at how you perform in the real test environment with all the three sections.

I will discuss your improvements for all three parts and in which areas you will need to improve in. Consideration given for the following points:

- communicate opinions and information on everyday topics and common experiences; to do this you will need to answer a range of questions.

- speak at length on a given topic using appropriate language.

- organise your ideas coherently.

- express and justify your opinions.

- analyse, discuss and speculate about issues I will give you a plan in what areas improvement is needed to boost your overall score and if further review is needed in addition to this course.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Professional Job Interview Preparation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Professionally designed course to prepare students and professionals for the challenges and success of a professional job interview.

Do you want to be able to:

- Create the ideal first impression?

- Answer the questions directly and confidently?

- Speak English professionally?

- Understand better the questions been asked and why?

- Use your English more persuasively?

- Have excellent non verbal communication?

- Know which questions to ask about the position?

- Create a lasting impression that you are the best candidate for the job?

A Job interview is a challenging experience because the interview process may be different than in your home country. This is a very important part of this course. This course is designed to give you the confidence to know the job interview environment and to do your absolute best in the job interview using your English language skills and interview techniques. We will help you become the best candidate for the job that YOU want.

There are many aspects to a job interview and this course will look into your job background, the type of job you are applying for and the improvements for your English abilities.

Course structure includes:

- Understanding your own working experience

- Understanding the target job background

- The reasons for your job application

- The job interview process

- The questions asked and how to answer them

- Improving your professional English for the job interview

- Looking at non verbal communication

- How to create a good impression

- Practice; role plays and job interview scenarios

- Feedback and review


Introduction and the differences in the job interview process

Differences in the job interview and the ideal first impression

The Job interview process

Questions and Answers Part 1

Questions and Answers Part 2

Speaking professional English

The DO and DON'Ts in a job interview

Review of course and an interview role-play

A full mock interview practice

Course review and wrap up


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