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Hello, my name is Ling (Book 12 and get 1 for free) and I'm 46 years old and currently living in China. I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker and teach Chinese Mandarin. I have been an online Chinese Mandarin teacher with since August 2008. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Mandarin, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I'm Ling,a full time online Chinese tutor from China. I love languages so I choose teaching Chinese as my job. Also I speak fluent English, so you can learn Chinese with me if only you know English, no matter where you're from. I'm a professional online teacher and my students are from all over the world. So my schedule is very flexible. Leave me a message and tell me your best time and I can fit you into my schedule.

My Skype is lingma73. If you're interested in Chinese, please feel free to Skype me.

Qualifications & Experience

In late 2005 , I graduated from Beijing Language University and Teaching Chinese is my major. Since then I began to teach Chinese to foreigners in Beijing and on Internet. Now I'm a full time online tutor and I have students from UK, US, Canada, German, Korea, India, New Zealand, Botswana . I can teach all levels of learners, from beginners to senior learners.

Teaching Approach

If you're a beginner, I will teach you pinyin and some basic oral Chinese with flash, pictures and some other co curriculum. After this stage, you will be able to communicate in Chinese. And you will be confident about speaking good Chinese in the future.

If you want to get to know more about Chinese, I will teach you how to write Chinese characters and then reading and writing.

If you're a senior learner, I will help you listen to Chinese radio , watch Chinese movie, make Chinese friends, and study the long history of China.

Detailed Profile in Chinese Mandarin

About me

我是汉语老师,今年35岁,住在北京,普通话水平良好。我很喜欢语言,所以选择教汉语作为我的职业。我还说流利的英语,只要你懂英语,无论你来自何处,都能跟我学汉语。我是一个专业在线老师,不论你何时想学,只要告诉我你的最佳上课时间,我会为你合理安排时间的。第一节课永远都是免费的。我的Skype是:lingma73. 如果你对汉语感兴趣的话,你可以随时Skype我

Qualifications & Experience


Teaching Approach

如果你是初学者,我会用flash, 图片及其它辅助教学工具帮你快速入门,在较短时间内教你拼音和日常用语,使你与中国朋友进行基本口与交流, 帮你树立你能说汉语的信心.

如果你想进一步提高, 我会教你写汉字, 和基本的语法, 逐步提高你的汉语读写水平.

在学完上述两个阶段的课程后,我将帮你听汉语广播, 看汉语电影, 交中国朋友, 了解中国的历史文化.

My last class was :
2 days ago.
20 May 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Great first lesson with Ling. With her help I am reading real Chinese already. Now I am reading San Mao, the legendary Chinese comic.
15 May 2019
By : Brokenpossum4716
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
She’s very professional and her way of teaching is very impressive! She can speak English good which is good especially to a beginner like me. Looking forward for our next lesson. 谢谢你的时间🌹
21 Apr 2019
By : Arose
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Helpful lesson.
14 Apr 2019
By : Arose
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 
Very patient and easy to understand with strong focus on conversation.

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