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Hello, my name is Natalia Estrella and I'm 35 years old and currently living in Russia. I am a native Russian speaker and teach English, Russian, Spanish. I have been an online Spanish teacher with since August 2011. I can speak the following languages fluently: Russian, English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello Friends,

I'm here to teach Russian, Spanish and English languages. I've been teaching languages since 2003, and I've elaborated my own program of teaching languages over Skype to get more efficiency than doing it just face-to-face offline. Why am I telling it? First, the main skills you get studying online are Grammar and Spoken skills. Taking my online lessons you are developing your main skills - correct use of a foreign language, comprehension and speech. Second, you don't waste time writing something at the lesson - we always talk. Third, you'll definitely save your time due to no need to relocate somewhere to meet your teacher.

The list of courses I'm offering online:

“Russian Grammar for foreigners”

“Colloquial Russian for foreigners”

“Business Spanish”

“Spanish for everybody”

“Journalism. Reading of Spanish Press originally”

"DELE" preparation

“Theory and Practice of translation”

Qualifications & Experience

Master degree - Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) 2006-2008

Department: International Journalism

Majors: PR, Media Management Minor: Marketing

Bachelor degree - World Languages University 2001-2005

Department: International Journalism

Primary language: Spanish; secondary language: English

1999-2001 Business School #3 Specialization: Management

Teaching Approach

As I've already told you, having taken my online lessons you’ll have developed your core skills in a foreign language - correct use of it, comprehension and speech. My aim is your fluent language. I speak fluently all the three languages and teach my students to do the same.

You will get lots of useful resources from me in order to work at home, and you will do such kinds of assignments like writing, listening and reading just at home. You also don’t waste your time for checking your written exercises – everything you need to do is download them before your lesson. I’ll check it at the expense of my own time, and we’ll just discuss the mistakes at the lesson.

Sure, you should be motivated and dynamic, if you are going to study a language online. In this case I can definitely say to you: the result will exceed all your expectations.

So, good luck in your studying, and don’t hesitate to get started your new language course!

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

!Hola Amig@s¡

Estoy aquí para enseñarle Ruso. Enseño las lenguas empezando desde el año 2003 y elaboré mi programa propia para enseñar las lenguas a traves de Skype que es muy efectivo y económico. ¿Por qué se lo digo? Lo primero que va a estudiar usando skype es Gramática y el Habla rusa o inglesa. Usted no va a gastar tiempo escribiemdo algo en la lección. Tomando mis lecciones Ud va a usar correctamente la lengua extranjera, comprenderla y hablarla. Yo hablo con soltura Español, Inglés y Ruso.

La lista de los cursos ofrecidos online:

Gramática Rusa para Extranjeros.

El Habla Rusa para Extranjeros.

Inglés General.

Inglés para Viajeros.

Inglés HoReCa.

Inglés de Negocios.

Español General.

Español de Negocios.

Preparación a DELE.

Periodismo. La prensa española.

Qualifications & Experience

Maestría – Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) 2006-2008

Departamento: Periodismo Internacional.

Especializaciones: Relaciones Públicas, Administración de Medias Masivas, Marketing

Todos los cursos han sido en inglés.

Licenciatura – Universidad Estatal de Lenguas Mundiales 2001-2005

Departmento: Periodismo internacional.

Lenguas: Inglés, Español, Ruso.


Escuela de negocios #3

Especialización: Administración

Teaching Approach

Como ya se lo he dicho, tomando mis lecciones va a desarrollar sus habilidades de hablar, comprender y usar la lengua extranjera. Mi objetivo es enseñarle hablar con soltura.

Hablo con soltura estas tres lenguas y enseño a mis estudiantes hacer lo mismo.

Recibira muchos recursos para trabajar en casa incluyendo unos ejercicios escritos, audiales y tareas de lectura para discutirlas en las clases.

Claro que Vd tiene que ser motivado y dinamico si va a estudiar online. En este caso yo puedo decirle definitivamente: la resulta superará sus expectaciones.

¡Suerte en sus estudios y no vacile en empezar su curso nuevo!

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
22 Jul 2012
By : christy49
Subject : Spanish 
Natalia was a very good teacher and the lesson was very interesting

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