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Kanokporn C. (learnthaiwithkc)
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  Hello, my name is Kanokporn C. (learnthaiwithkc) and I'm 48 years old and currently living in the United States. I am a native Thai speaker and teach Thai. I have been an online Thai teacher with Verbalplanet since May 2014. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
My Latest Feedback
06 Oct 2014
 Kanokporn's method is very effective. It is precise and thorough. Memorization of the different characters is coming along easier than anticipated, and she is cute as well! 
29 Sep 2014
 KC is a wonderful instructor! She explained everything very well and was able to accomplish more than what I had hoped for in our introductory lesson. I highly recommend this tutor 
31 Jul 2014
 I have had many lessons with her- she is very sweet, smart, and a very experienced teacher. She makes learning to read and speak Thai easy and is willing to work with you outside of class time. I definitely recommend her over the other teachers! 
02 Jul 2014
 Great instructor! Very flexible with time and lesson preferences, supportive, and kind. She also teaches Thai reading and writing too! 
About me - English

Sawaddee kha!!

Hello, Welcome, and Thank you!!

My name is Kanokporn C. and I am a native of Thailand. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Management and have experience working for a state enterprise for over ten years in Bangkok, Thailand.

I speak very clear standard Bangkok Thai. I have experience as a Thai language teacher since I was in Washington, DC in 2009.

My Thai lessons focus on "standard Thai." You will learn to speak to any Thai person from a child to a professor. My teaching includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and also culture.

Although the Thai language has five tones and thirty two vowels it is not a difficult language to learn. In my experience, teaching one on one is the best way to gain fluency. I offer classes vie Skype, Face Time, one-on-one, and in person. The best way to learn a language is by speaking with a native speaker.

I use my materials that will help you learn from being a beginner to advanced level. If you have your own materials or text books, we can use those as well.

My interests include cooking, crafts, nature photography, American Sign Language, and Whiteboard e-learning.

Please contact me for more information

Thank you

Qualifications & Experience

Language Instructor

Private classes and online 2012 – present

• Currently teach American and international students Thai online and in person.

• Created and prepared course material in video form, power point, audio files and Microsoft word and

Excel in addition to authentic instructional material.

• Delivered and developed material for refresher through advance learners.

• Incorporate listening and speaking exercises as well as conversational practice using real-world


The Washington Language Center, Arlington, VA in 2009

• Received language instructor training in order to teach Thai language class.

• Conducted classes in Thai for U.S. government personnel.

• Scheduled reviews of lesson material to determine students’ fluency.

• Advised supervisors on students’ progress.

• Identified activities that incorporated Thai culture and current language usage. that enabled students

to hear different pronunciations used in various situations

Experienced with various teaching methods.

Teaching Approach

I use Skype video call for live one to one class. Documents of lessons will be sent to students email before the class begins.

During the class, the computer screen will be shared so students can see documents to lessons, video, audio, and pictures. Every lesson will contain listening, reading, and speaking, also writing in need. The focus will be on speaking and pronunciation. Most my students are relax and enjo

Most my students are relax and enjoy the classes and they are free to contact me any time by text, or email.

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