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Hello, my name is CATERINA IMOLA and I'm 31 years old and currently living in Italy. I am a native Italian speaker and teach Italian. I have taught online with since January 2017. I can speak the following languages fluently: Italian, English, French. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Do you like Italy?


And I would like you to do the same through my stories, the sweet difficulty of italian language and the multitude of questions you will ask me about italian habits or secrets.

Are you of italian heritage?

Is your deepest desire to finally get in touch with your italian roots?

Most likely, you used to spend your holiday’s with italian grannies or your childhood was craddled by the melody of italian language or simply, you used to live here for a short/long period and you have been missing Italy like crazy.

Italian language is like poetry, in that it can bring to mind good memories, the smell of coffee, noisy crowded meals, everyday deeds fulfilled with care and joy, colorful markets and of course kind people that probably helped you in the street.

If you need a language guide and a “italianity” specialist, then i’m the person you are looking for.


- Italian teacher

- Proud to be italian

- Experienced in life

- Food and wine lover

- Feeling at ease during activities like: teaching italian, meeting new people, photographing, travelling around Europe, reading, hanging out with friend, eating pizza.

Qualifications & Experience

Secondary school focusing on Humanities and ancient languages (Greek and Latin) - Rimini

Degree in Languages and foreign literature at the University of Bologna - Bologna

Teaching italian as second language Certificate - Ca' Foscari Venezia in 2015

Experience as a tutor in high school and with adults classes since 2012

Volountary activities as a italian teacher for immigrants since 2013

Italian teacher on skype since 2015

Working in a school as current job.

Teaching Approach

I will try to awake and inspire your italian that you believe to be forgotten but is still floating in a remote corner of your brain, or just improve your spoken italian refining pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

We will choose together the topics of our lessons depending on your needs, interests and preferences.

We will work on newspaper articles, talk about a specific subject that you care about the most, analyse a song or an italian recipe, roleplay a typical everyday life situation, deepen the understanding of a grammatical rule you have struggled with or simply practise simple conversation.

The relevant material will be sent to you in advance to give you enough time to familiarise yourselfwith it.

Im an honest, easygoing and empathic person and my primary purpuse is to put you in the best condition to learn italian.

In addition to this, I am always available to answer questions that maybe giving you difficultly and make sure that you are supported during your journey into the Italian language.

I will also suggest you other resources such as websites, apps, movies, videos, books, games which can be used to help maintain what you have learned.

What I ask for in order of importance are:

- Good motivation

- Faith in me

- Ready ears

- Working brain

- Curiosity

- A notebook and a pen

If believe you posses some or all of these qualities of them, then probably you are the student I am looking for.

Ora vado a bere un caffè!!!!

My last class was :
6 days ago.
08 Feb 2018
By : Xiroibma
Subject : Italian 
Loving my Italian classes with Caterina! We have gone over greetings, verbs, Conjugations, and more. We are forming sentences now! :)
18 Jan 2018
By : Pier
Subject : Italian 
I had a great time with Caterina! She was very kind and patient with me. I recommend her to anyone. Ciao Caterina!
15 May 2017
By : italy27
Subject : Italian 
Such a great lesson with Caterina today learning about Italian verbs. Which I'm finding daunting but Caterina made me feel so comfortable sending me information before our lesson. She was super kind and helpful while having a laugh along the way.
20 Apr 2017
By : KevinMcClean
Subject : Italian 
Caterina is an excellent teacher, I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn and improve their Italian. Grazie mille Caterina!

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