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Hello, my name is Maria Galantomou and I'm 31 years old and currently living in Greece. I am a native Greek speaker and teach Greek. I have taught online with since January 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Greek, English, German, Turkish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me


My name is Maria and I currently live in Greece. I am a native Greek speaker with university qualifications, strong academic background,training in teaching Greek as a foreign/second language and in intercultural education and extended teaching experience not only in Greece but abroad as well (USA and UK) to children and adults. I am totally committed in teaching and my students love me.

I just decided to join Verbalplanet but i have been teaching Modern Greek,Ancient Greek,Latin and English grammar to foreigners of all ages as a volunteer or as paid staff online, live in person, in private educational institutions, in public schools and in European programs since 2007. I have gained extensive work experience living and working with groups of people from different countries / backgrounds .

Thus,this allowed me to adapt quickly:

- to multicultural settings in different contexts and have a good awareness on intercultural relations

- to develop my skills in leading/ managing diverse groups

I adore traveling and getting in touch with other cultures,therefore i have friends and students almost from every country.

All you need to know about me is that:1) Love is my foundation 2) Innovation is my spirit 3) Excellence is my habit 4) Positivism is my culture and finally 5) Happiness is my attitude!!!

Looking forward to meeting you and teaching you Greek language and Greek culture since those two cannot be separated.

Qualifications & Experience

My qualifications are the following:

- Bachelor of Arts in Classics (Ancient Greek,Latin,Modern Greek, Medieval and Modern Greek Literature and Linguistics)

- Master of Arts in Education and Human Rights and Social Discriminations - Institute of Education, UCL

- Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) under the EC Directive which certifies that I meet the requirements for employment in maintained schools and non-maintained special schools in England

- Awarded with SYLFF scholarship (Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund), a collaborative initiative of The Nippon Foundation, the endowment donor, and the Tokyo Foundation, the program administrator that supports graduate students with leadership initiatives and high grades in humanities and social sciences disciplines.

- Certificate in English Language for Academic Purposes, Institute of Education, University of London

- European Computer Proficiency - Certificate for Teaching Young Learners K-12

- Training Seminar in Online Teaching using the communication web tools Skype, Prezi, Edmodo, Hot Potatoes, Triptico and Screencast O’ Matic

- Routes in Teaching Modern Greek to foreign language speakers in Greece, co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) as well as by national funds under the Act 54 and implemented by the Centre for the Greek Language in Thessaloniki. The Courses taught intensively for 6 months were: Teaching skills in learning modern Greek as a foreign language, Teaching Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, Computer Assisted Language Learning, Bilingualism, Intercultural Education, Evaluation

- Annual Specialization in Didactics/Teaching of Greek as a Second or Foreign Language

- Annual Specialization in Bilingualism and Special Education

- Annual Specialization in Intercultural Education and Research, with an emphasis on Bilingualism and Didactics/Teaching of Greek as a Second or Foreign Language

- Education Workshop as to the compilation of a dictionary of Modern Greek

- Training Seminar “Teaching in a multilingual classroom: practical applications”

- Training Seminar “Communication and Negotiating Techniques”

- Training Seminar “Multicultural Education: objectives and teaching applications”

- Training Seminar ‘Refugees into Teaching’, Refugee Council, London-UK

- Training Seminar 'Teaching Methodology: Planning, Application & Assessment of Teaching'

-Training Seminar 'Adult Education'

- International Conference on Greek language in Black sea countries and Balkans

- International Conference on teaching and evaluating Greek language as a second/foreign language

- Conference on “Teaching the Greek Language as a first/mother tongue, second/foreign tongue”

My teaching and working experience since 2007 is the following:

-Teacher of Modern Greek as a foreign language and of English Grammar to English speaking students in USA. At the same time I was member of the Greek language committee which developed curriculum, instructional and assessment material for Greek language aligned to the US National Standards. I was also teaching students to take ‘Ellinomathia’ exam-Greek language proficiency test for elementary and intermediate levels and I was proctor for Ellinomathia exam in USA

- Teacher of Modern Greek as a foreign/second language at Intercultural Elementary and Middle School of Athens , within the frame of the National Strategic Reference Frame-work entitled “Education of alien and returning emigrant students”

- Teacher of Modern Greek as a foreign/second language to foreign mothers in Athens in terms of the european programme entitled “Mum learns Greek”

- Private tutoring: Live lessons and online. Modern Greek teacher to aliens, foreign speakers who move to Greece providing courses tailored to their specific needs and to the difficulties they may encounter during their daily contact with the Greek society.

- Greek civilization courses which address cultural and social issues of Modern Greek society and also preparation courses for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek/Ellinomathia for all levels for k-12 students, adolescents and adults.

- Private courses to elementary school – junior high school – high school students (Latin, Ancient - Greek - Study of untaught ancient Greek texts – Composition, Greek Language vocabulary, grammar and syntax)

- Volunteer in Special Olympics as presentation assistant in sport tennis, in English and Greek language and in welcoming the athletes with disabilities

- Group leader at the children’s camps of the Municipality of Athens

I have also done several oral presentations at different linguistic conferences such as:

- Teachers’ views on the education policy as to the management of the multicultural factor in the frame of the programme “School Integration for children of returning emigrants and aliens – secondary education (junior high school)” at the 2nd International Conference entitled “The Teaching of Modern Greek as first/mother tongue, second/foreign tongue”

- Multiculturalism, integration or assimilation? Policy strategies in Greece and the UK with regard to cultural diversity in education at the International Conference, Intercultural Education: Paideia, Polity, Demoi organised by the International Association for Intercultural Education & the Immigration Policy Institute

- Human Rights in Intercultural Learning: Education for All by Unesco at the 1st Pan-Hellenic Conference for Education Sciences

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is basically the communicative and is based on the real life language use in combination with a traditional way of teaching. I totally believe that learning language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. When learners are involved in real communication, then their natural strategies for language acquisition will be used and this will allow them to learn to use the language and produce meaningful and real communication.

My lessons are student-centered,so my students' needs,interests,desires,learning style and pace are always my priority!Therefore, my students are the fundamental criterion to choose my teaching material which comes from various books and personal notes and simultaneously adjust my syllabus to their needs and level. Understanding occurs through active student-teacher interaction in the Greek language and teaching occurs by using authentic material.

I give high importance to learners’ knowledge and experience in their mother tongue which are considered as an invaluable contribution to the content of my lessons.

For example, when i teach a grammar phenomenon such as the tenses i try to recall my student's knowledge in his/her mother tongue and use this comparison for a more effective teaching. I always try to make my lessons fun, enjoyable but effective and productive at the same time.

My lessons are a systematic combination of phonology/speaking/production of oral language and grammar/syntax/vocabulary.They are carefully prepared and well organized to meet my student's needs. Especially the vocabulary is very important because without vocabulary you have no words to form or to syntax, no words to pronounce and thus no word to create correct sentences and produce oral language.

During our lessons all four linguistic competences are developed:understanding and production of oral language and understanding and production of written language and none of them is neglected.

At the end of each lesson i always assign homework to evaluate and assess your knowledge and also to keep you motivated but this can be negotiable.I always give feedback on my student's performance or tips for further progress. All books and exercises given by me are structured in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages.

The online teaching is very intriguing and offers us lots of potentials such as:handling and uploading word documents/video and audio files etc.The intersection of technology, pedagogy, and content can provide meaningful learning experiences for all learners.

According to my students i am a patient,consistent, punctual, encouraging, well-organized, well-prepared and systematic teacher and i provide high quality lessons, based on concepts of active learning and connected to real world applications.

So, if you are interested in learning correct Greek with correct structure and getting in touch with Greek culture or taking the Greek exam Ellinomathia/ Certificate of Attainment in Greek which is held once a year in mid-May, regardless of your age,your target and your level please feel free to contact me and together we can work to achieve your goals.

If you prefer Greek Conversational courses again i am here to help and support you until you become a more confident speaker and you are able to communicate in all every day situations fluently.

Our lessons and the accompanying resources will be tailored to meet your individual learning needs and i will suggest extra resources accordingly. Together we will work to develop your pronounciation, speaking,reading,writing and grammar skills and also expand your vocabulary so that you are able to create complex sentences when writing or speaking.

Don't hesitate to contact me!

I am looking forward to hearing from you and arranging a free trial lesson to determine your motivation,your level, your needs and your goals.


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