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Hello, my name is Stephanie Sweet and I'm 40 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since October 2018.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello! My name is Stephanie. I live in New Mexico, USA. I am a Native English speaker with a very natural accent, and I would love to meet you! I am a teacher, as well as a professional Artist, and mother. I am 39 years old, and promise that you will feel comfortable in my classroom. I am friendly, and smile often. I teach English as a Second Language, as well as Art, at a Project-Based Learning, bilingual K-8th grade local school.

I am a creative, and experienced teacher. I love camping, nature, traveling, drawing, and painting. I look forward to having interesting conversations with you, while helping you gain the confidence you need to speak English fluently.

Qualifications & Experience

I just joined Verbal Planet, but I have been teaching TESOL classes professionally for over 2 years now. I teach online (using Skype, Google Classroom, as well as other online platforms), and in-person. I have taught over 400 Chinese students, and almost 1500 classes thus far. I have a base of regular, reoccurring students that I see 2 - 3 times/week. Along with my Chinese students, I currently tutor (in-person) several Guatemalan and Honduran students.

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts, 2001. I have experience teaching both children and adults, of all levels. I have worked with students with absolutely zero English skills, as well as student with very advanced skills. I am a State - Certified teacher in New Mexico, USA.

I have a very stable internet connection. I use an ethernet cord. I also wear a headset so that the sound is as clear as possible. It is very important to me that our internet connection is excellent, so that our classes run smoothly.

Teaching Approach

I love teaching. The most important element in my classroom, is that of joy. I hope to make you smile! I strive to have fun with my students, while getting to know them personally. I will strive to learn your interests and personality, so that I can customize your lessons. I love to meet people from other countries, and would love for you to learn about me, and my way of life. We can learn from each other, while practicing English!

MY MAIN GOAL IS THAT YOU ENJOY OUR CLASSES because they are fun and interesting. Students learn best when they are enjoying themselves.

During our first lesson, we will get to know each other. I will assess your needs, and desires to learn, as well as your English writing, reading, spelling, phonetic, and oral skills, so that I can customize your future lessons. After the first lesson we will work together, in a fun, relaxing online classroom atmosphere full of conversation, visuals, and sometimes acting in order to improve your English speaking, writing, and reading skills. I will create custom lessons for you, and provide you with worksheets, videos, and study guides to help you practice in - between lessons.

I provide conversational, as well as formal English tutoring. For my beginning students I often utilize TPR techniques (Total Physical Response), which means I act the vocabulary I am teaching. I love to challenge my advanced students, and role-play with them. I will use props, flash cards, and create drawings as necessary to make sure you understand the lesson fully. I will teach you how to ask questions. It is important that you know how to ask questions, not only for your English speaking skills, but so that you can ask me questions during class. If you know how to ask me questions, then I can give you a more personalized, and meaningful classroom experience. I want to know what you are interested in learning!

I will focus on making sure you understand what the vocabulary means, and that you are not just memorizing it! Comprehension and phonetic skills are very important, and necessary when learning a new language. Our lessons will focus on your personal needs and interests. They may include topics such as Art, Music, Pop-Culture, Mathematics, Science, Business, and more.

I will provide you with verbal feedback throughout the lesson, as well as take notes throughout our lesson, so that I may provide you with detailed and thorough written feedback after each lesson. This feedback will tell you what you should focus on, and practice in-between lessons. I will pay attention to your basic conversational free-talk skills, as well as your grammar, spelling, reading, and knowledge of phonics.

Of all my students, thus far, I have not had a complaint. My students love me, and I love them. I am an excellent teacher, and I would love to help you improve your English skills. I will teach you English skills that you can take out of the classroom, and utilize in the real world. I will teach you what you would like to know. I look forward to meeting, and working with you!


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