Practice & learn Hindi Online... is the easy & effective way for anyone to practice speaking Hindi in partnership with an experienced, qualified online Hindi teacher on Skype.

Our Hindi tutors are hand picked and are among the best in delivering online conversational language classes that are both stimulating and rewarding...

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Flexible timetablePractive speaking Hindi where & when you want.

Real conversation. There's no better way to learn Hindi. Take Hindi classes online from anywhere at times that fit your lifestyle.

Affordable. From a complete Hindi course online to a one off oral exam practice session; you decide. Whatever your goal we've a tutor to suit you.

Chart and monitor your progressInstant analysis. Monitor and track your progress.

Chart your progression in each core language skill and get rapid feedback and analysis from your language tutor.

Online analytics make it easy for you to view your progress, identify weaknesses and review notes and feedback from your lessons.

Live native speaking language teachers.

Experienced qualified tutors.

Build oral communication skills.

Tailored to your goals and ability.

Hindi conversation lessons on Skype are flexible, effective and fun. Start speaking Hindi right from the first class. Perfect your accent and build confidence.

 Shachi Chotia 
Shachi Chotia
Teaching : Hindi
Rating : 100% Positive
 Jaibodh Pandey 
Jaibodh Pandey
Teaching : Hindi
Rating : 100% Positive
 Shraddha Pandey 
Shraddha Pandey
Teaching : Hindi
Rating : 100% Positive
Quality teachersWith one of the largest teams of online Hindi teachers on the net, we've helped thousands of people bring
learning a language to life and have been providing professional online language classes on Skype since 2006...
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Find a language tutor anywhere in the world. Choose a tutor based on their qualifications and positive feedback from students, then arrange a mutually convenient time to have your lessons.

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A very effective language learning tool delivering one to one Hindi conversation classes by putting you in direct touch with native speakers worldwide.

   Excellent - exactly what I needed - enjoyable conversation and detailed feedback at the end.
   The lesson I have always wanted, where the teacher is there to monitor how I use the language.
   Very professional and productive and tailored to address the areas where I need improvement.