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Added : 23 Mar 2017
Subject : Serbian
Topic : Alphabet and Numbers
Title: Serbian Language - beginners level, introduction to the alphabet and sounds
Author : Nada Nikolić,
A brief overview of Serbian alphabet and sound system. Pictures accompany sounds for a better understanding. The file is written in both Serbian and English language. I hope it will prove helpful.
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Added : 23 Mar 2017
Subject : English
Topic : Music
Title: Types of music
Author : Penelope Giannioti
A1 level exercises for different types of music.
Public resource
Added : 03 Mar 2017
Subject : Greek
Topic : Vocabulary
Title: Γενική πτώση
Author : Tatiana Simpoul
Γενική πτώση
Public resource
Added : 20 Feb 2017
Subject : Spanish
Topic : Vocabulary
Title: El Preterito Imperfecto
Author : Laura Campos
El objetivo de este recurso es ayudar a los estudiantes a estudiar, entender y utilizar correctamente el Pretérito Imperfecto. The aim of this resource is to help students to study, understand and use Pretérito Imperfecto properly.
Public resource
Added : 17 Jan 2017
Subject : Catalan
Topic : Shopping
Title: Catalan shopping
Author : Carles Rosés
Pdf interessant on trobar tota mena de vocabulari emmarcat en els supermercat.
Public resource
Added : 28 Dec 2016
Subject : Greek
Topic : House and Home
Title: Vocabulary lesson 3 EE
Author : Tatiana Simpoul
Vocabulary lesson 3 EE
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