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Nora 古月
Subject : Chinese Mandarin
Native : Chinese Mandarin
United States
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Hello, my name is Nora 古月 and I'm 37 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker and teach Chinese Mandarin, English. I have taught online with since January 2010. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Mandarin, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a well trained English language teacher.

Majored in English language at Teacher's Normal University Received BA.

William Paterson University USA for world language. Received teacher's Certificate.

Washington University University USA. received Master degree

ATAFL State certificate for World language OPI & world language teacher certificate.

29th and 30th ESL Teacher's conference at William Paterson University. Presenter and conducted a teacher's work shop. ..

Taught & trained language teachers at University in PR China。

Now teaching Chinese language as an Adjunct Faculty in William Paterson University.

Qualifications & Experience

BA in Teacher's Normal University PR China

World language Teacher certificate from WPU, USA

Washington University, MSW, USA.

NJ world language CE.

Taught & trained language teachers at University PR China

Taught medical doctors for special training programs.

More than 15 years of teaching and counseling experience.

In depth of understanding in linguistical & Chinese/American culture.

Teaching Approach

My teaching method are:

Student centered,

Comparative teaching methdology and principles

The Lexical approach

Multiple Intelligence

Total Physical Response

Competency-based language teaching

Neuro Linguistic program

Communicative Language teaching

Task-based language teaching

Cooperative Language learning

Content-based Instruction


Detailed Profile in Chinese Mandarin

About me




不是每一个会讲语言的人就能教语言,教语言需要素质,技巧,和艺术 更重要的是有教学法,和教学经验

我是您理想,胜任和有资格的最佳中英文双语教师, 因为我具备了以上条件.

我是职业中英文双语教师, 受过优秀职业训练,有良好的中英文双语教师素质,有文学素养,酷爱古典诗歌文学作品,善长辫博答理。熟知中美传统文化习俗,精通善用美国最新的教学法。教学新颖有趣,学生受惠。能配合学者的心理,智商,制能,因材施教,制作教材, 并能满足学生对语言的兴趣,灵活快速掌握运用语言的本领和技巧。

Qualifications & Experience

我教过大学, 各种年级, 各种程度, 培训过语言教师, 医务专业人士, 数次出席在威廉派特生大学对新泽西州双语教师会议上进行讲座, 专题谈讨 “双语教学中学生面临的问题” “中文语言教学的要点” 从语言学和文化背景的角度分析学生的语言和心理障碍, 并提供有效措施和教学建议。

Teaching Approach

我把传统的教学法和美国最新的教学法接合起来,开发学生的学习智力,语言情感,以学生为中心, 运用配合学生的心理人工智能,通过"启蒙","五动" ",比较"和模式识比别,"与 多项教学法和交际法为标准,使学生能在最短的时间里达到最佳的语言运用效果,""听,说,读,写,用"


My last class was :
8+ days ago.

02 Nov 2015
By : 红,山,
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 

I produced something yesterday that, right up to the time I did it, I thought was impossible for me. I sang a Chinese folk song, a capella, and recorded it for Youtube. Nora gives me the credit, but it's really hers. An amazing teacher.

23 Oct 2015
By : margauxlequellec
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 

I really enjoy lessons with Nora, She is very kind and clear in her explanations!

23 Oct 2015
By : 红,山,
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 

Nora has been working with me on my pronunciation. I just did 3 videos over 5 days to track my progress and and I can see an amazing improvement in less than a week. And I enjoyed it too. This is all Nora's doing....

21 Oct 2015
By : 红,山,
Subject : Chinese Mandarin 

I am improving fast and am now better at spotting quickly where the Chinese and I differ about how Chinese is spoken. I may possibly have to change. Thank you, Nora, for making learning such a pleasure.

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