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Hello, my name is Emma Lee and I'm 44 years old and currently living in France. I am a native English speaker and teach English, French. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since March 2011. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, French.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I'm a professional teacher, writer and linguist, probably in that order! I've been teaching English to native English speakers and non-native speakers for the last 17 years and teaching is my passion. I love nothing more than seeing light bulbs switch on and people finally assimilate the knowledge they've been searching for. I write textbooks for Pearson Longman English team, and I'm a published writer, including Department for Education materials in England. Speaking, listening skills, reading and writing are my absolute passions. Language and all that it entails, words, their history, their use and capabilities are not just my chosen teaching, but part of my very existence. I'm as passionate about language acquisition and language arts as I am about teaching well.

Qualifications & Experience

I have a BA (Hons) Upper Second Class degree in English and Psychology. I also have a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and a Masters in Process Consultancy. I was Head of English in a large secondary school, and then Advisor for English, advising 28 schools and colleges on their teaching of English and English Literature. I'm also a GCSE English examiner for the national qualifications, alongside writing textbooks! Having given up full time teaching to pursue my educational writing career, I also tutor one-to-one and have done this for five years.

Teaching Approach

Learning should be fun and inspire confidence and participation. Much of the session will require oral discussion followed by a period of reflection where ideas and learning are revised and summarised.

I usually follow a model whereby we explore a given skill, looking at it in 'the real world' and then de-construct this to explore the linguistic building blocks. If we're writing or speaking, I will always give you a demonstration of good practice (not always mine!!) and then we'll work together so that by the time you come to speak or write independently, you feel comfortable.

If you're learning English as a second language, we will do lots of activities to learn vocabulary (including a range of strategies to aid 'stickiness' of words!) as well as looking at fun and interactive ways to learn grammar.

Detailed Profile in French

Teaching Approach

Je propose à vous des ateliers de pratique de la langue et des classes préparatoires au diplôme national du brevet et baccalauréat. Soutien particulier vous aide avec les techniques orales, comprendre des textes, faire la description (à l’oral et écriture), s’exprimer à l’oral, le vocabulaire et la prononciation.

Les ateliers de pratique de la langue vous donnent l’accentuation exacte, l’intonation et la confiance en soi. Avec moi, une spécialiste en langues, vous apprendrez vite. Vous pourrez traduire les textes entre français et anglais sans difficulté.

De plus, vous pourrez parler sans angoisse ou inquiétude, discuterez les mots difficiles, comprendrez sans difficulté, avec des petites activités guidées et réalisables par l'élève, les structures de la langue nécessaires pour bien communiquer.À la fin de chaque heure, vous consoliderez les acquis par une auto-évaluation.

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8+ days ago.

06 Feb 2012
By : Klehti
Subject : English 

Very nice and refreshing conversation lesson.

16 Nov 2011
By : tinakalic@hotmail.com
Subject : English 

Very content with the lesson. I will continue with the lessons.

03 Oct 2011
By : alamrimu
Subject : English 

She is very good at giving practical tip to improve your English writing.

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