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Magdalena Trawińska-Krawiec
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Hello, my name is Magdalena Trawińska-Krawiec and I'm 31 years old and currently living in Poland. I am a native Polish speaker and teach English, Polish. I have taught online with since April 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: Polish, English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello Everyone, I am a very nice and smiling girl who loves teaching.

I am a native Polish speaker. I also speak English fluently and Spanish (I am still learning, but I can understand a lot). I really like learning new languages so I will eagerly learn a little bit from you :)

I am a teacher with three-year experience in teaching English to groups of kids, teenagers and adults in a professional language school in Poland.

I have bachelor's degree in English Philology. During my studies I did voluntary work as a teacher of Polish for a group of students from India and Sri Lanka.

Qualifications & Experience


*BA - English Philology


*teacher of Polish on Verbal Planet (2 years)

* teacher of English in a language school (3 years)

* teacher of Polish for a group of foreign students (4 months)

* private lessons

Teaching Approach

I really believe that everyone can learn a language if the lesson is engrossing and interesting for him/her.

For this reason I try to make every lesson a good balance between learning and fun (I use games quite often), I like people and I try to make every student feel comfortable and accepted. We will both establish how you want your lessons to work (if you prefer more dialogues or more conversation games etc.).

You can try my lesson for free and I hope you will soon join the group of my students :).

My last class was :
3 days ago.

05 Apr 2017
By : AnnieT
Subject : Polish 

Magda has been able to select specific areas for me during the lessons that need the most practice. We are not just ploughing through a book irrespective of problem areas that may take longer to absorb. I appreciate that. Good job Magda.

29 Mar 2017
By : biancavz
Subject : Polish 

Dziękuję Magda! I have very much enjoyed my lessons with Magda. She asks to make that we are covering the material I would like to study. And is patient and helpful to make sure I fully understand all new words. I highly recommend Magda.

08 Mar 2017
By : AnnieT
Subject : Polish 

A good lesson with speaking and understanding. Also some clearing up of details I was unsure about. Maybe we should go back over the beginning chapters to consolidate the information?

22 Feb 2017
By : AnnieT
Subject : Polish 

It feels as if I have reached a certain level and cannot progress any further. I'm sorry but I will keep trying and get over this. I enjoy my lessons and want to do well for my teacher.

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