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Hello, my name is Nicholas Rowe and I'm 54 years old and currently living in Spain. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since September 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a Londoner with 20 years EFL experience who really enjoys online tutoring and has taught English language students at every level from the complete beginner (CEF level - A1) who needs to focus on learning basic grammatical structures in a more communicative way to the proficient user CEF level - C2) who wants to develop & practise a specific language skill to meet a particular learning need or develop overall their competency level.

With my background teaching ESP and EAP in the Middle East, Far East and Europe I have developed the specialist skills to offer the intensive training programmes - focused on skills' development and exam preparation - which online English learners are looking for.

My teaching approach is based on developing the learner's communicative competencies and language skills development based on the learner's specific requirements; these will be ascertained by putting together individualised training programmes based on information obtained from needs analysis assessment combined with test results showing linguistic level.

My classes will consist on providing the learner with lexically-focused input materials prior to each learning session. These materials will form the basis of each lesson during which learners will be expected to develop their English skill range by practising and contextualising the target language during the class.

My role as a teacher will consist of: engaging in error correction, advising the learner on appropriate supplementary resources to meet their learning needs, develop a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to provide a database of easily-accessible resources, and regularly preparing and adjusting individual learning programmes to fast track linguistic competency.

To help develop fluency and accuracy I like my classes with more advanced learners to engage in contemporary discussions covering a wide range of topic areas: cultural comparisons, political issues, technological developments, philosophical discussions, employment/career prospects, etc.. I am sure you will agree that language acquisition is best achieved when classes are relevant, informative and, most importantly, fun.

Please get in touch with me to find out more about how I can improve your English level and maximise your communicative potential in 2017. I look forward to hearing from you.

Qualifications & Experience

Over the last years I have acquired a range of language teaching skills, experience & qualifications to meet the needs of every English learners - whether you need an intensive programme to improve your overall level or specific classes to focus on develop a particular skills.

My qualifications include:

M.Ed. in Teaching English as a second language

RSA Diploma in TEFL

RSA Certificate in TEFL

International House YL teaching certificate

Trinity certificate YL teaching extension

B.Sc. in Business Management


1. Translation skills

I have 2 years experience translating a range of business & academic documents into English for corporate clients in Italy and Spain.

My clients have included corporations in the following sectors:

Food & Beverage; Heavy Engineering; Financial Services; Marketing & Advertising

Documents I have translated include:

Corporate websites; Contracts; Advertising & Promotional materials; Technical documents; Instruction manuals

2. English for Specific Purposes

Business English:

Business Fluency SIG Course Designer, Teacher Trainer, and Teacher

General Business English Courses Teacher (Elementary to Adv. levels)

Business skills courses' teacher: English for Presentations; English for Meetings; Effective Written Communication; Effective Negotiations

Prepare Students for BULATS Exam.

Corporate Business Skills Courses:

English pronunciation skills for broadcasters

English pronunciation skills for call centre operatives

English for Bank Teller staff

BULATS examiner - Speaking

Military English:

Teaching Intermediate communicative English skills to military personnel

Teaching Pre-Intermediate General English to Saudi Military Cadets

3. English for Academic Purposes

IGCSE (Teacher, course designer, examiner)

Designed the syllabus and taught the IGCSE English as a second language course at Kings, Oxford.

IELTS Preparation Courses:

Teaching + preparing materials for Academic and GT module IELTS course at Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

IELTS examiner 2003-2012

IELTS preparation course leader:

Online and CALL materials preparation for a monolingual Arabic speaking course of 190 students preparing for the IELTS Academic Module.

Academic Skills Courses:

Teaching Academic Reading + Writing Skills; Study Skills; Note-taking and Presentation skills on University Foundation Programmes.

Exam Preparation:

Preparing students for the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) and Advanced English (CAE) exams in Bournemouth and for the Proficiency exam (CPE).

4. IT & Multimedia skills

Classroom Technology:

Use/INSET session provider - Promethean Whiteboards; Smartboards;

Interactive learning software - Audacity sound recording; Time Recording sound recording; Snag it image capture.

Blended Learning:

Course Management System (CMS) Software: Blackboard Vista; WebCT campus edition; Moodle;

(Involved in: Online assessment, course delivery, and communication + testing using CMS systems.)

IT Teacher Training Session:

Microsoft Office Applications;

Web Design - Macromedia Dreamweaver + Fireworks;

Use of IT in Business Course teaching;

Promethean Whiteboards - Induction and Skills Development courses.

Computing, Research Skills + Practise:

Teacher and Materials designer on the above year long course for Higher Diploma Foundations level students. The course included:

Web design;

Project Research Skills;

Academic Honesty and Integrity Skills;

Typing Speed Development;

Planning + Time Management using IT tools

Additional Educational IT skills:

Working knowledge of Open Source Operating Systems (Linux) and CALL software (Moodle).

Web Design Skills - Using Macromedia Dreamweaver to design web pages using HTML and CSS.

Use of Blogs ( to set up CALL-based community forums.

ICDL teacher/course designer:

Designed and taught the ICDL course in computer software skills. The course was an IT component of the University Foundation Programme and an INSET session to develop staff IT literacy and competence.

Teaching Approach

My teaching methodology is based on the communicative approach and encouraging learning through expanding vocabulary range and improving productive (speaking & writing) skills.

My classes are based on the PPP (Present - Practise - Produce) model. Learning is based on communication. Success comes from being introduced to new vocabulary and functional grammar and using it effectively in context.

With my experience as a Cambridge Suite examiner I believe that online language learning is particularly helpful for learners preparing for EFL exams like TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS - practising the techniques, skills, functional language and pronunciation needed to show your linguistic ability.

My training method is based on your learning needs. The lessons will target the language you need to fast track your linguistic and develop your English language confidence.

23 Jul 2016
By : Jenii F
Subject : English 

Thank you. It was a pleasurable lesson today. His professionalism when he was teaching me was impeccable, which could enhance my internal motivation to learn more about English. Thanks

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