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Lotus Kim
Subject : Korean
Native : Korean
Korea, South
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Hello, my name is Lotus Kim and I'm 42 years old and currently living in Korea, South. I am a native Korean speaker and teach Korean. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since January 2015. I can speak the following languages fluently: Korean, English.

Detailed Profile in English

About me


Nice to meet you ^^

Would you like to learn Korean? Do you want to speak the Korean language better? Do you need a partner to speak Korean? If you are interested in Korea and Korean, I can be of help to you.

I'm a native Korean speaker. I was born in Seoul which is the capital city of south Korea so I speak standard Korean.

I graduated from school in Korea and in addition I have completed the Korean language training course for foreigners at Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education. I look forward to helping you improve your Korean!

Qualifications & Experience

I have experience teaching Korean to my foreign friends and foreign workers in the centre for foreigners.

I have taught Korean from beginners to advanced people who are from various countries. Some have goals such as taking exams, living, studying or working in Korea. Normally I try to focus on speaking in classes but for unprepared students, we study grammar, listening and writing as well.

Teaching Approach

< From Beginner to Intermediate level>

- Learn vowels and consonants only for beginner with proper texts.

- Learn how to read and write hanglul (한글) and make sentence structures.

- Learn Grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation and useful expressions

for everyday life.

- Discussion with news article, interesting magazines etc...

- Extending vocabulary and intensifying speaking and listening.g

- Writing correction and make your sentences better.

I use text books, news articles, magazines, pictures whatever a student needs, also I make informative texts if necessary.

I am going to give you a small amount of home work for self study. We can talk about Korean culture, history and Korean life but it depends on a student's interests or needs.

** In my class, you will be able to almost hear my Korean, if you are contact me.

However, you don't have to worry because I will make you easily understand Korean.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.

13 Aug 2016
By : OK
Subject : Korean 

Tutor didn't turn up for lesson and has not responded to my future lesson schedule.

18 Jul 2015
By : raaly123
Subject : Korean 

지난 수업은 정말 신나고 재미있었어요. 나는 "인사하기"고 "개그콘서트" 에피서드를 봤어요!

09 Jul 2015
By : raaly123
Subject : Korean 

지난 수업은 신기했어요! 나는 많이 큰소리로 연습했어요.

02 Jul 2015
By : raaly123
Subject : Korean 

지난 시간의 수업을 정말 좋아했어요. 지금 우리는 이스라엘의 있어요!

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