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Nevena Perez
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Hello, my name is Nevena Perez and I'm 41 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native Bulgarian speaker and teach Bulgarian, English. I have taught online with since January 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: Bulgarian, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am an experienced ESL/ EFL teacher and would like to help those in need! I started teaching back in 1999 in my native country, Bulgaria. I like to use the formula “level plus one”- which means that I give just enough challenge to the students, not to overwhelm them but to give them one step up to succeed. Aside from the strategies I have learned how to utilize in teaching, I have an innate ability to understand the needs of the students. I use both my professional and innate abilities to reach the goals of the students- which is to give them the tools of knowledge to succeed!

I can tutor anyone who needs help in learning English or Bulgarian as a second language! Online is more convenient for me. I am available to do Skype conferences.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Qualifications & Experience

I was born and raised in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). My interests for teaching developed when I was in high school. However, I discovered a higher interest in this passion of learning other languages, and particularly of English when I was in college. I learned Russian and studied French when I was in middle and high school, and later I studied Spanish. As I grew up I discovered a passion for English :) and thus my journey of teaching English as a second language began by learning it and finding a new “door” towards the world! One of the reasons why students like my teaching is because I know how to connect their struggles in learning through what I went through while learning the language/s.

I have graduated with a degree in education from one of the bests schools in the United States- University of Texas at Austin. Being in a reading cohort during my student teaching, helped me to become a wonderful reading teacher, and of course more qualified. I have experience teaching in three countries in different educational settings, and with different age groups (Kinder through high school and adults).I taught English as a Foreign Language in my native Bulgaria, in Prague, the Czech Republic, and English as a second language in the United States ( public schools). Now, I am teaching English as a second language to Saudi Cadets at Lackland Air force Base, San Antonio, TX. I am always looking for more opportunities to help and expand my knowledge with others!

I am willing to meet any challenging situation in order to help those who would love to learn and have the passion to learn other languages! I cannot wait to meet and work with those of you who are ready and are on a path of success- on the path of rediscovering and learning more- not only languages but a new culture, and a new understanding about the world!

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is very simple- I follow and observe the needs of the students, and according to their needs I create the lessons in order to scaffold their improvement. At first, I would ask in which areas they would like to learn or improve the language – writing, reading (phonics included), listening, speaking, understanding, or grammar. Depending on the area of interest they would like to work on, I will proceed forward. If they would like to learn all the areas, I would combine lessons in which we will have reading, and writing, or reading and listening, or it could be a combination of all skills. I use a variety of different activities, media, online resources, books, materials, and strategies in order to meet my students’ needs! I always try to find out how my students learn better- visual memory, auditory, tactile, whether or not they are a whole language approach learners (meaning they learn taking advantage of the different methods- or memorizing). I always try to give some homework (if they have the time), and give a feedback after our lessons or homework.

For me the most important thing is that the students have fun when learning a new language or anything in that matter! I always try to help them make a connection to their prior knowledge, I relax them using humour, and connect my experience of learning languages to theirs! I think because of all this, my students enjoy learning with me! I hope that I will make a difference in your life too!

Detailed Profile in Bulgarian

About me

Здравейте! Аз съм от България :). Родена съм там, но в момента живея в САЩ. Когато бях в България, преподавах Английски език. След като се преместих в САЩ през 2001 година, започнах да уча и след това, преподавах в местните училища. Преподавала съм в България, Чешка та република и САЩ. Въпреки, че преподавам Английски език, мисля, че мога да използвам същите методики за да преподавам родния си език.

Qualifications & Experience

Като учител по Английски, аз използвам методиките за да преподавам моя роден език.Това е първият славянски език и с гордост бих учила тези, които искат да го научат. Много хора мислят, че е достатъчно само да ти е роден езика, за да може да преподаваш, но не е така. Аз имам дългогодишна практика в преподаването на език. Очаквам с нетърпение да се свържете с мен и да отворим една друга врата- врата към България, Българската култура и най-вече Българския език.

Teaching Approach

Аз използвам методиката, която казва от какво се нуждае ученика. Зависи, дали иска да научи езика писмено, да говори , да чете и така нататък. Но моето правило е да преподавам това, от което се нуждае конкретния ученик. Наблюдавам всеки индивидуално – дали запомня, това, което вижда, когато пише, дали наизустява или му трябва логическо разбиране на темата. Каквото и да е, аз имам пълната увереност, че ще говорите Българския език в най – скоро време :).


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