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Hello, my name is Coral Martin and I'm 40 years old and currently living in United Kingdom. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach Spanish. I have taught online with since September 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

My name is Coral Martín, I'm a qualified and experienced Spanish teacher, having more than 12 years' experience as a teacher at different levels. I come from the sunny Andalusia and I am falling in love with my culture, people and gastronomy.

Let me introduce you my skills and abilities.

Inspirational: I have the ability to inspire and motivate my students. Some of my students say that when I'm teaching my passion is contagious.

Communicative and expressive: As an interpreter of Sign Language for more than 14 years I perfectly know how the expressiveness and body language can contribute to the teaching of a new language. I am an excellent communicator and I know how to fully engage my students in learning.

Hard worker: I am very demanding of myself as well as with my students which I think it is the ideal formula to get the best from University students. They demand a big effort from themselves in this crucial moment in their lives and it's fair to pay this effort back providing them with quality lessons to raise their motivation.

Active and leadership: I always play an active role in my department. I like to collaborate with my colleagues and participate in the common activities of the department. I take action and lead those activities in which I think I can excel and I care about being fair in the distribution of tasks and the assessment of teamwork.

Dynamic and cheerful: At last, I consider myself a very cheerful and positive person. I like that my students enjoy learning Spanish and participating in my lessons. I think that dealing with a new language requires courage. It is therefore essential to achieve a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where they feel comfortable, where they want to stay and learn. My motto is not to ask the student to do anything I would not be willing to do.

Qualifications & Experience

I have been teaching Spanish to adults at the university as well as in a private schools during the last five years and I really enjoyed it. Currently I am working as a freelance Spanish tutor online and face to face.

I'm have a Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Art History, I have a PGCE and another postgraduate in Sign Language Interpretation. As a student at Secondary School I graduated, among other disciplines, in Spanish and English Languages and Literature. As a student of Art History at the University I am a lover of all art forms that accompany my language and culture. In my lectures I like to use examples from Spanish and Latin American history as well as activities related to Hispanic music and cinema. From my experience as a teacher of a HND in Sign Language Interpretation I have acquired a diverse range of tools and resources to teach Spanish as a foreign language. Receiving professional training in languages and interpretation has allowed me to understand the educational process and needs of students when learning a foreign language.

Teaching Experience:

I have taught heterogeneous groups in terms of age, nationality and profession, as well as highly targeted students in the area of business. Over the last five years I have specialised in teaching Spanish as a second language to adults in UK through both individual and group sessions. Nevertheless the most interesting bit of my experience according to the profile you look for is as a lecturer for MBA students at Cranfield University for 3 years. I also acted as a teacher at evening lessons at Vamos! Let's learn Spanish private school, where I developed innovative teaching tools to increase my students' attention span during late hours.

I have experience preparing exams and evaluating. I made the OCR Asset Languages at Cranfield University and I am accredited as an official examiner in DELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma) A1 and A2 levels by Instituto Cervantes of London. In my four years as a teacher at Secondary School I acted as a tutor for adults providing customised attention and constant support motivating and helping them to improve professionally and personally.

During my whole career I've put a lot of effort in creating, designing and implementing my own materials. I consider myself as a highly creative person, always working to make my sessions more attractive and interesting, with a huge capacity to adapt myself to my students and their needs. I have always developed a syllabus tailored for every course I have provided taking care about timing, contents and assessment. I have been also working as a self-employee Spanish teacher the last year. I provided private and customised lessons. I have built a web site to promote my activities, where I usually upload different sections with materials to learn Spanish.


- BA Hons History of Art Degree. Universidad de Sevilla, 01/09/01

- Sign Language Interpreter: English-Sign Language-Spanish Masters Degree (760 hour-course). Universidad de Granada, 01/07/02

- PGCE Masters Degree. Universidad de Sevilla, 01/03/03

- Trainer of trainers course (380 hour-course). UGT - Andalusian Goverment, 04/2004

- Spanish Sign Language Interpreter Diploma. IES Poligono Sur. Sevilla, 01/09/08

- Official examiner DELE (Official Spanish Diploma) A1 and A2 Level. Instituto Cervantes, 12/2012

- QTS Qualification Teacher Status. Teaching Agency - Department of Education, 12/2012


- Spanish teacher. Vamos let's learn Spanish (10/10/13 - 10/10/14)

- Spanish tutor. Rainbow, Languages in business (14/01/13 - 10/10/14)

- Lecturer in Spanish. Cranfield University. School of Management (01/10/11 - 31/07/14)

- Spanish teacher. Katherine and King's College of London (03/09/12 - 14/12/12)

- Teacher in Further Education (Sign Language interpretation). Secondary Education School Complutense (01/10/07 - 15/09/11)

- Lecturer in postgraduate course: "teaching in Sign Language". University of Seville (16/09/05 - 30/06/06)

- Professor of Sign Languages courses A1 and A2 levels. University of Seville (01/04/05 - 14/04/06)

- Teacher in Occupational Training course. EducaDoss (09/02/04 - 15/07/05)

Experience as a Sign Language Interpreter.

- Sign Language interpreter and guide interpreter of deaf-blind people. Andalusian Federation of Associations of Deaf People (17/09/01 - 09/06/06)

Teaching Approach

I have experience creating my own materials. I am familiarised with plenty of books and different resources and I always dedicate time to create the best approach to every student according with his characteristics, level and ways of learning.

I always prepare a document with the lesson plan what I provide to the student before the lesson. I like to organise my lessons in Power Point presentations what makes easy to share slides, picture and the whole presentation if it's necessary with students at the same time we are speaking and listening.

Every lesson start with a revision of contents from the previous lesson and if it's necessary we correct or talk about those key exercises the students have completed from the previous lesson. After that I introduce new contents through different exercises which could be an audio, reading or speaking activity, after a few exercises I always make a grammar reflection and ask for questions and doubts. The lesson always finish with a final task and corrections.

After every lesson I like to make a summary with the contents of the lesson highlighting new vocabulary, new expressions and most significant mistakes and I send this document to my students what gives them the opportunity of keeping updated their learning process and improve.

After a few lessons I like to organise a conversation lesson where we can practise everything we learnt. This activities should be organised and prepared and the objective should be always motivate the student and encourage to continue learning and improving.

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

Mi nombre es Coral Martín, soy española, procedente de la soleada región de Andalucía y amante de la cultura y la gastronomía de mi país.

Soy profesora de español cualificada y cuento con más de 12 años de experiencia docente, los últimos cinco años enseñando español como lengua extranjera en Reino Unido.

Al mismo tiempo soy, desde el año 1999, intérprete profesional de lengua de signos española lo que me ha dotado de una gran capacidad para trabajar con diferentes lenguas, tanto a nivel comunicativo como a nivel formativo.

Me defino como una persona trabajadora y perfeccionista con habilidad para inspirar y motivar a los estudiantes. Soy creativa e innovadora con los materiales y actividades que utilizo en el aula y siempre trato de usar una metodología dinámica y divertida. Tengo la capacidad de amoldarme a las necesidades y aptitudes de cada estudiante y siempre encuentro la forma de que éste aprenda de una forma eficaz y divertida. Considero que ser profesor implica no dejar nunca de reciclarse y para ello realizo todos los cursos que puedo, participo en foros y cursos interactivos y estoy adscrita a diferentes editoriales y centros de recursos gracias a los cuales trato de estar al día en cuanto a las novedades en la metodología de la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera.

Qualifications & Experience


- Licenciada en Historia del Arte (1995 - 2000)

- Experto Universitario (760 horas) en Interpretación de la lengua de signos (inglés - español - lengua de signos española). Universidad de Granada (2001 - 2002)

- Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica (CAP) (equivalente al Master de formación del profesorado). Universidad de Sevilla (2002 - 2003)

- Cuso de formador de formadores (380 horas). UGT - Junta de Andalucía 2004

- Certificado en la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera a adultos (CLTA Spanish). International House 2011

- Certificado de examinador oficial del DELE (Diplomas de español como lengua extranjera) Niveles A1 y A2. Instituto Cervantes de Londres 2012

- QTS (Qualification Teacher Status). Teaching Agency - Department of Education. 2012


- Profesora de español freelance. Londres, octubre 2015 - actualidad

- Profesora de español para alumnado MBA y MSc. Universidad de Cranfield. Reino Unido, octubre 2011 - julio 2014.

- Profesora de español para trabajadores del banco Santander. Rainbow, languages in business. Reino Unido, enero 2013 - octubre 2014.

- Profesora de español para adultos. Vamos! Let's learn Spanish. Reino Unido, octubre 2013 - octubre 2014

- Profesora de español como lengua extranjera. Katherine and King's College. Londres, septiembre 2012 - diciembre 2012.

- Profesora en Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior (Interpretación de la lengua de signos). IES Instituto de Educación Secundaria Complutense. Madrid 2007 - 2011.

- Profesora de lengua de signos (niveles A1 y A2). Universidad de Sevilla, 2005 - 2006

- Profesora titular de la asignatura de Historia de la educación de las personas sordas en el Máster de Enseñanaza de la lengua de signos española. Universidad de Sevilla, 2005 - 2006

- Profesora en cursos de FPO Formación Profesional Ocupacional: Intérprete de lengua de signos. Educa- Doss. Sevilla, 2004 - 2005


- Intérprete de lengua de signos en la Universidad de Sevilla y en la Universidad de Granada. Federación Andaluza de Asociaciones de Sordos. Granada (2001 - 2006).

Teaching Approach

A la hora de enseñar español me gusta usar diferentes materiales, de los cuáles voy escogiendo las actividades que considero más oportunas para cada estudiante dependiendo de su nivel y de su forma de aprender.

Al mismo tiempo he desarrollado un temario para diferentes niveles que supone un compendio entre los materiales que he sacado de los libros y los materiales que he ido creando yo a lo largo de los años.

Considero que cada estudiante es diferente y tiene una forma diferente de afrontar la enseñanza de una lengua nueva.

Estoy continuamente desarrollando nuevos materiales y creando actividades que pueden facilitar al alumno su aprendizaje.

Llevo cinco años dando clases por Skype y puedo decir que he perfeccionado bastante las clases desde que empecé. Normalmente desarrollo un plan previo antes de cada clase lo que me permite compartir con mis alumnos antes de cada clase los documentos con los materiales que vamos a usar. Siempre trabajo con Power Point lo que hace más visuales mis clases y mucho más intuitivas. Normalmente envío las slides que me interesa trabajar o comparto pantalla con el alumno para que los dos tengamos acceso al Power Point. Durante la clase también suelo compartir imágenes, audios y todo tipo de actividades que en ese momento pueda considerar necesarias para el buen desarrollo de la lección.

Generalmente siempre comienzo con una revisión de lo que aprendimos en la clase anterior y corrigiendo los ejercicios que considero oportuno revisar con el alumno. Acto seguido hacemos una actividad introductoria de los nuevos contenidos. Trato siempre de meter actividades que permitan practicar la lectura, la escucha y el habla y siempre, antes de la actividad final hacemos una reflexión gramatical sobre los nuevos contenidos que se han tratado durante la clase.

Siempre al final de cada clase elaboro un documento resumen de la lección con el vocabulario nuevo, las expresiones, las correcciones más significativas y los ejercicios que quiero que el alumno practique para la siguiente lección. Este documento se lo envío al alumno para que pueda llevar registro de lo que se ha trabajado en cada clase.

Cada cierto tiempo me gusta hacer clases de conversación que cuidadosamente diseño acorde al nivel y contenidos que el alumno ha adquirido, aunque siempre metiendo algo que suponga un nuevo reto para el alumno y lo motive en su aprendizaje.

Cuando vivimos en la misma ciudad y si es posible, suelo proponer estas clases de conversación en persona, lo que introduce una variante bastante interesante en la dinámica de los cursos por Skype.


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