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Hello, my name is Lorena Castro and I'm 35 years old and currently living in Japan. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach Spanish. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since October 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Japanese. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me


My name is Lorena. I am from Barcelona but I live in Okinawa, Japan. I have devoted all my life to teaching and I have been teaching languages for more than 10 years. I love languages and I think every time we learn a language we open a window to the world. I also study languages, at the moment I am studying Japanese. I know that learning languages can be sometimes frustrating but sometimes it can be so beautiful... I think it is very important to find someone who would do this journey with you and who would adapt to your needs. I will be happy to be that person for you.

As you can see, I love travelling as well. I have lived in England for 3 years and now I am living in Japan. I love meeting people from all around the world. I hope we will meet soon.

¡Hasta pronto!

Qualifications & Experience

I have a Degree in English by the University of Barcelona (2005). At that time, I was already very interested in Spanish so I did many different Spanish subjects:

• Introduction to Hispanic American Literature

• Medieval Spanish Literature

• Spanish Lexicology

• Spanish I, II and III

• Spanish in America

• Introduction to Spanish Literature

• Analysis of Spanish as a Second Language

From 2004 to 2008, I taught English to children in after school clubs in Barcelona. In 2008 I started to work for a company which provided training for adults. I devoted 4 years to teaching different subjects to adults: Health & Safety, Employment Law, Equality & Diversity... I taught groups of around 20 students. Different groups with different background and I used to teach 20 hours per week. It was a great experience which helped me specialise in adult teaching and getting to know more about group dynamics.

In 2012 I left that company and I did a course with International House: Teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. We had the opportunity to do some practise with students of International House. That same year I did two different courses in Universidad Menendez Pelayo, Santander and Instituto Cervantes:

- Information and Communication Technologies in Spanish as a Foreign Language classes.

- Workshops to bring social media into Spanish as a foreign language class

I also collaborate with two different NGO in Barcelona (AMICS & USOC) teaching Spanish to immigrants. It was an amazing experience. I had students from all around the world (Pakistan, Morocco, India, China...) I used to deliver 3 classes per week to different groups with different levels. I was responsible for delivering the classes but also elaborating the materials for the class.

In 2013, I moved to London where I did a course with City & Islington College: PTTL (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector). This course was specialised in teaching to adults.

During the time I lived in London I worked for different language schools and colleges:

- College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London: I delivered different courses of ESOL. Entry Level 1 and 2 (2013-2014)

- Lingo Live: I delivered online Spanish classes to students in Canada, Brasil, USA... I was responsible of creating the materials for the classes and delivering the classes via Skype (May 2013-August 2014).

- Spanish House London: In this Language school I delivered Spanish classes for adults. I had different groups with different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2) (August 2013- August 2014)

- YMCA: I delivered Spanish classes for adults once a week. Level: A1. I was responsible for creating the materials and delivering the classes. (May - November 2014)

I also delivered Spanish, English and Catalan classes as self-employed. I had students with different levels and backgrounds and I delivered in house training but also online classes.

From October 2014 to August 2016 I worked for an NGO in London where I recruited volunteers and delivered training to them. I delivered training on different topics: Personal Safety, Presentation Skills and Spanish among other topics.

In August 2016 I left UK and now I am living in Okinawa where I work as language teacher. I delivered Spanish classes in the evening in OIST University as 1-2-1 classes of English and Spanish.

Teaching Approach

I use a communicative approach in my classes. That means learning a language in a communicative context, with a purpose: learning Spanish to travel, to go shopping, to go to the doctor...

In my classes I use Spanish 98% of the time as I want my students to be exposed to Spanish as much as possible. I also like using real materials in my classes: media, videos, music.... As we usually want to learn the culture as well a part from the language.

Of course, the atmosphere of my classes is relaxed. I want my students to have a good time and enjoy while they are learning Spanish.

If you want to know more, here you have some testimonials of my students:

"Lorena is a very effective and hard working teacher. I really enjoy learning Spanish with her. She prepares each lesson carefully, with interesting and creative tasks (e.g. making online surveys?!) which are really fun. I am an experienced secondary school teacher, and I have been impressed by Lorena because she uses many of the teaching strategies that we learn about and use at work. She is quick to decipher which level to pitch the lessons at and I feel that I am steadily making progress. Using Skype for lessons has also worked out much better than I thought it would!" - Louise

"Learning languages has always been difficult for me but Lorena is a fantastic teacher. The most impressive and useful aspect is the variety of techniques that Lorena uses to not only help me learn but also to make it fun. Embracing technology as part of her courses is another aspect that I find extremely effective - this way I find that I can

learn at my own pace wherever I happen to be. I would highly recommend Lorena to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. I had no previous knowledge of the Spanish language at all and within a few lessons I feel like I have learned so much. I find Lorena to be very patient, professional and engaging in the way she teaches." - Rob

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me


Me llamo Lorena. Soy de Barcelona pero vivo en Okinawa, Japón. He dedicado toda mi vida a la enseñanza y tengo más de 10 años de experiencia en enseñanza de idiomas. Me encantan las lenguas. Creo que aprender lenguas es abrir ventanas al mundo. Yo también estudio lenguas, ahora estoy estudiando japonés. Sé que aprender lenguas puede ser algo frustrante a veces pero también que es algo muy bonito. Creo que lo importante es encontrar un buen compañero de viaje que te ayude y se adapte a tus necesidades y yo puedo ser tu compañera de viaje.

Como ves, me gusta viajar también. He vivido 3 años en Inglaterra y ahora vivo en Japón. Me encanta conocer gente de diferentes países y culturas. Espero que nos podamos conocer pronto.

¡Hasta pronto!

Qualifications & Experience

Me gradué en 2005 en Filología Inglesa por la Universidad de Barcelona. Ya en la universidad estaba muy interesada en el español y realicé muchas asignaturas sobre el español:

- Introducción a la Literatura Hispanoamericana

- Literatura Española Medieval

- Lexicología Española

- El Español en América

- Introducción a la Literatura Española

- Español como Lengua Extranjera

De 2004 a 2008 di clases extraescolares de inglés a niños. En 2008 empecé a trabajar para una escuela de adultos. Durante 4 años me dediqué a dar formación a adultos de diversas materias: Salud laboral, Derecho laboral, Gestión de la Diversidad... Eran clases a grupos de unos 20 alumnos aproximadamente y impartía unas 20 horas de clase a la semana. Fue una experiencia magnífica para especializarme en la enseñanza de adultos y aprender más sobre dinámicas de grupo.

En 2012 abandoné esta escuela y realicé un curso para profesores de español en International House. Tuvimos la oportunidad de hacer prácticas con alumnos de International House y fue una experiencia muy gratificante. Ese mismo año realicé varios cursos en la Universidad Menéndez Pelayo, Santander:

- TIC en el Aula de ELE

- Taller para incluir prensa en las clases de ELE

Realicé varios meses de prácticas en varias ONG en Barcelona dando clases a inmigrantes: AMICS y USOC. Fue una experiencia maravillosa. Realizaba clases 3 veces por semana a diversos grupos con niveles diferentes y era responsable de impartir clases y de los materiales.

En 2013 me mudé a Londres donde realicé un curso con City & Islington College: PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in the LifeLong Learning Sector). El curso era una especialización sobre como impartir clases a adultos. Incluía prácticas donde podíamos llevar a cabo algunas dinámicas.

Durante mi estancia en Londres trabajé para diversas escuelas de Idiomas:

College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London: Colaboré impartiendo diferentes cursos de Ingles como lengua extranjera para adultos. Nivel A1. (2013 -2014)

Lingo Live: Impartía clases online a alumnos de Canadá, Brasil, EE.UU... Era responsable de crear los materiales e impartir las clases vía Skype. (Mayo 2013 - Agosto 2014)

Spanish House London: En esta escuela de español impartía clases a varios grupos de adultos. Planificaba las clases y las impartía. Niveles A1, A2, B1, B2 ( Agosto 2013 - Agosto 2014)

YMCA: Impartía clases de español para adultos una vez por semana. Nivel A1. Era responsable de los materiales así como de impartir las clases. (Mayo -Noviembre 2014)

Del mismo modo también daba clases particulares de español, catalán e inglés como autónoma. Tenía alumnos de diferentes niveles y realizaba tanto clases presenciales como online.

De octubre de 2014 a agosto de 2016 trabajé para una ONG en Inglaterra donde reclutaba a voluntarios y también les impartía formación. La formación que les impartía trataba sobre Prevención de Riesgos, Presentation Skills así como también clases de español.

En agosto de 2016 abandoné Inglaterra y ahora me encuentro en Okinawa donde trabajo como profesora de lenguas. Imparto clases de español en la universidad OIST así como clases particulares de inglés y español tanto de manera presencial como online.

Teaching Approach

Utilizo un enfoque comunicativo para mis clases. Se trata de aprender la lengua en contextos comunicativos con un objetivo: aprender español para viajar, para ir de compras, para ir al médico.

En mis clases utilizo el español el 98% del tiempo pues pretendo que mis alumnos estén expuestos al español todo el tiempo posible. También me gusta utilizar materiales reales como puede ser prensa, vídeos, música... Normalmente cuando queremos aprender una lengua es porque también nos interesa la cultura y queremos saber más sobre el país o países donde esa lengua se habla.

Y por supuesto el ambiente en mis clases es relajado y distendido. Quiero que sobre todo mis alumnos disfruten y lo pasen bien.


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