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Hello, my name is christian bischoff and I'm 45 years old and currently living in South Africa. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since October 2016. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I have been teaching English for the past 22 years. First, I taught in high schools, but in 2000, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach English in Taiwan. I taught at Pulitzer Language School in Kaohsiung for almost 4 years before returning to South Africa. Many classes of high school students graduated with me and we had managed to attain a 100% pass rate for each group.

I teach anything relating to the English language, which includes conversation, grammar, reading, writing and literature. As I have taught many different groups throughout my life, I am extremely comfortable with anyone or group from any age or cultural group. I enjoy interacting with people from all over the world, for this enables me again to learn and expand my understanding and appreciation of life as a whole.

I'm a very friendly and supportive teacher who is very real and not fake. I am more than willing to try and help ANYONE to become fluent in English.It is an absolute joy to see how a student makes progress and improves his/her language skills. I, finally, believe that it is very important that a student can identify with his/her teacher and it is very important that a student is comfortable and feels completely accepted in order to achieve the best possible results. I am more than willing to offer a free trial lesson in order to see if both parties will be comfortable during lessons.

Qualifications & Experience

BA degree with English and Psychology as major subjects.

I have taught all age groups in the 22 years of teaching English. In Taiwan, it is expected to teach preschool in the mornings and primary school students in the afternoons. While being in Taiwan, I also taught adults and the reading for the I.E.L.T.S test. During all my years of teaching, I have acquired the best methods and practices for the teaching of all aspects of the English language, which include conversation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and literature.

I enjoyed every group that I have ever taught and each group brings their unique set of challenges. Preschoolers and primary school students are very active and want to play games and have fun, whereas high school students who want to achieve, expect not only to be taught well, but also expect the best information and methods.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is student-centered, and takes into account the actual needs of the student in his or her situation. I mainly use the communicative approach in order to give the student the maximum opportunity to speak English and become fluent. It is important for me that the student speaks as much English as possible without being interrupted unnecessarily. In this kind of teaching, developing a comfortable relationship, is incredibly important, so that the student can learn fast and grow in confidence in his/her ability to become fluent in English.

I can always adapt my teaching approach in order to provide more structure when a student wants more structured lessons with the emphasis more on acquiring new knowledge, like for instance grammar. But in the end, any language is a skill and as such should be practiced as much as possible.

I feel that it is very important that a teacher needs to be patient and incredibly supportive of his students. It is important to understand that we all have feelings and that we all learn fast when the teaching environment is relaxed and comfortable for the student. The student also needs to feel comfortable to express concerns about his/her progress during the process. I always like it when my students feel that they can ask me any question and when they feel comfortable to tell me honestly what they like or do not like, or whether something is helpful or not during our lessons. As much as students learn from their teachers, as much teachers learn from their students.


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