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Hello, my name is Jennifer Dale and I'm 26 years old and currently living in Thailand. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since January 2017. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a 26-year-old English teacher currently working in an International School outside of the UK, where I grew up.

For the last 6 months, I have taught full-time in a primary school in Thailand, and before that I did part-time roles teaching academic English, business English and conversational English through the academic institutions I have been a part of. As such, I have experience with students of all ages with different learning aims. I am very adaptable and can work with all levels of English speakers, whether a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced.

I started my career in journalism: I worked as a news reporter on a county newspaper and I was a presenter on a county radio station, but I also published many articles in national papers, such as the Daily Express, on a freelance basis. I had to undergo rigorous training in the English language in order to do this as your written and spoken English has to be absolutely perfect when working in the media. This experience also means I am a proficient copy editor and I would be happy to take a look at any documents you think necessary, perhaps emails, a report or a dissertation.

In short, I have always taught English and this language is my passion. I have been an Au Pair to a 5-year-old and 7-year-old in Italy, a 2-year-old and 4-year-old in Spain and a class room helper in England teaching children to read. I have given evening lessons to adults in Thailand and was paid to host conversational English classes with university students in Scotland.

Whatever your learning needs, I am sure I can tailor a course of lessons to fulfil them and it is something I will commit 100% to. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing you have helped someone to achieve their goals.

Qualifications & Experience

Relevant qualifications for teaching English:

1) Internationally certified TEFL certificate from TEFL International.

2) Masters Degree from the University of St. Andrews (Top 5 in the UK). Modern History MA Hons.

3) Diploma in English Journalism from the Press Association, London. (A top 5 media distributor in the UK).

4) A Level in English Language - A

5) GCSE in English Language - A* and English Literature - A*

Teaching English Experience:

Kajonkietsuksa School, Phang Nga, Thailand

05/09/16 - Present

I work as both a primary school and kindergarten school teacher in an international school, teaching 5 lessons per day from an American curriculum.

I also provide 1:1 lessons for any year group within the school.

TEFL Campus, Phuket, Thailand

01/08/16 - 01/09/16

I gave evening lessons to small groups of adults focusing on ESL grammar and vocabulary acquisition: "teaching grammar, without teaching grammar".

These classes sometimes focused on business English, depending on the group. Abilities ranged from beginner, intermediate, to advanced level.

University of St. Andrews English Society

01/09/11 - 25/05/12

As a founding member of the English Society, I pioneered social groups where the aim was to help people raise their conversational level in English. I would usually host these over lunch in one of the local cafes to expose club members to British culture whilst we practised speaking in English as fluently as possible. Groups sometimes exceeded 20 members.

CCHS School, Essex, England

10/09/09 - 10/07/10

I gave English tuition to five pupils who had joined the school but were not native English speakers. We focused on academic training and understanding of relevant vocabulary for secondary school exams and lessons.

Teaching Approach

I am a trained ESOL teacher, which means my lessons usually take the following format (the example given is for a 1 hour lesson, but can be extended or reduced with ease):

5 minute warm-up covering material we learned in the last class in a fun game or brain teaser format, such as 'word boggle', a word search, tic-tac-toe etc.

12 minutes of teaching the topic of this particular lesson. I will look to elicit answers from you by giving you clues and prompts so you are always involved in the learning process and thinking of what will come next. All the new information will be displayed clearly in a presentation or on a white board.

12 minutes of practising what I have just taught on a worksheet or through oral questions. We will go through this in detail, so I can answer any of your questions and clarify and grey-areas.

10 minutes of developing what we have learned. As before, I will give information visually (through a presentation) and verbally- asking you questions to lead to the new information I will deliver.

10 minutes of practising the new information and tying it in to what we learned just before. A worksheet is the best option here as it gives you a chance to write down what you have learned and to process it. We will go through this worksheet together and discuss the answers so all the new information you have learned is clear.

10 minutes of open conversational practice. The aim here is not to focus as heavily on accuracy as in the rest of the lesson, but to allow you to build confidence communicating in English. I will steer the conversation to encourage you to use material you have learned in the lesson. We can also do structured games at this point: such as picture matching, flashcards, buzzwords, charades etc. if you enjoy doing this.


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