Guide to the Major Danish Language Proficiency Exams

In Denmark, the proficiency exams for the Danish language play a pivotal role in assessing one's ability to communicate effectively in Danish.


Language proficiency is a key factor in cultural integration, educational pursuits, and professional success. In Denmark, the proficiency exams for the Danish language play a pivotal role in assessing one's ability to communicate effectively in Danish. This post explores the major Danish language proficiency exams, shedding light on their significance, structure, and impact on individuals' lives.

Significance of Danish Language Proficiency Exams

Danish language proficiency exams hold significant importance for both native speakers and learners. For native speakers, these exams can validate their language skills, which is especially useful when applying for jobs, scholarships, or higher education institutions that require a strong command of Danish. For non-native speakers, these exams are essential for various purposes, including immigration, employment, and academic pursuits.

The Danish Language 2 Exam (Prøve i Dansk 2)

The Danish Language 2 Exam, commonly referred to as "Prøve i Dansk 2" or PD2, is one of the primary examinations for assessing Danish language proficiency. Administered by language schools approved by the Danish Ministry of Education, PD2 is designed for individuals who have completed the Danish Language 3 Exam or have equivalent proficiency. This exam evaluates candidates based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A2 to B1.

Structure of PD2

PD2 is a comprehensive exam that assesses the four fundamental language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

  • Listening Comprehension: This section evaluates the candidate's ability to understand spoken Danish in various contexts, such as conversations, lectures, and interviews.

  • Reading Comprehension: Candidates are tested on their ability to comprehend written Danish, including texts of varying complexity.

  • Writing Skills: This section assesses the candidate's proficiency in written communication. Tasks may include writing emails, letters, or short essays.

  • Oral Examination: The speaking component of PD2 involves tasks like giving a short presentation, participating in discussions, and engaging in role-play scenarios.

Successful completion of PD2 indicates a solid foundation in the Danish language and opens doors to further education, employment opportunities, and social integration in Denmark.

The Danish Language 3 Exam (Prøve i Dansk 3)

The Danish Language 3 Exam, or "Prøve i Dansk 3" (PD3), is the next level of proficiency examination, targeting candidates who have attained intermediate proficiency in Danish. PD3 is also administered by approved language schools and evaluates candidates at CEFR levels B2 to C1.

Structure of PD3

PD3 follows a similar structure to PD2, focusing on the same four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. However, the tasks and content are more advanced to challenge candidates with higher-level language proficiency.

PD3 serves as a testament to a candidate's ability to engage in complex conversations, understand advanced texts, and produce sophisticated written work in Danish. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking to pursue higher education or professional careers in Denmark.

Study Test in Danish as a Second Language (Studieprøven i dansk som andetsprog - Stx):

Stx is a more advanced Danish language exam, primarily for those planning to study at Danish universities or institutions of higher education. It evaluates advanced language skills, including the ability to engage in academic discussions, write essays, and comprehend complex texts. Achieving a satisfactory score on the Stx is often a prerequisite for university admission.

Impact and Benefits

The major Danish language proficiency exams have a profound impact on individuals and society:

  1. Educational Opportunities: For non-native speakers, passing these exams can open doors to Danish universities and higher education institutions, providing access to a wide range of academic programs.

  2. Employment Prospects: Many Danish employers require a certain level of Danish language proficiency, especially in fields where effective communication is critical. Successful completion of these exams can enhance job prospects and career advancement.

  3. Integration and Citizenship: For immigrants, these exams are often a prerequisite for obtaining Danish citizenship, contributing to successful cultural integration.

  4. Cultural Enrichment: Proficiency in Danish enables individuals to engage more deeply with Danish culture, history, and society, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and participation in the community.


Danish language proficiency exams, such as the Danish Language 2 Exam (PD2) and the Danish Language 3 Exam (PD3), play a crucial role in assessing and validating individuals' ability to communicate effectively in Danish. These exams serve as a gateway to educational, professional, and social opportunities in Denmark. Whether for immigrants seeking integration or international students pursuing higher education, mastering the Danish language through these proficiency exams is an essential step toward success in the Danish-speaking world.

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