Best TV Shows and YouTube Channels for Learning Spanish

Discover the best TV shows and YouTube channels to enhance your Spanish language skills. Explore engaging content, authentic dialogue, and practical lessons.


With the increasing popularity of streaming platforms and online content, there are abundant opportunities to learn Spanish through engaging and immersive media. Here are some of the best TV shows and YouTube channels that provide valuable resources for learning Spanish, helping language enthusiasts enhance their proficiency while enjoying captivating content.

Best TV Shows for Learning Spanish

There are several TV shows that can be highly beneficial for learning Spanish. Here are some of the best TV shows for learning Spanish:

  • "La Casa de Papel" (Money Heist): This Spanish thriller series has gained worldwide popularity. It follows a group of criminals as they execute heists, providing exposure to a wide range of vocabulary, colloquial expressions, and various Spanish accents. The show offers a captivating storyline and engaging dialogue, making it an excellent choice for language learners.

  • "Narcos": "Narcos" is a crime drama series that delves into the world of drug cartels in Colombia. It offers a mix of Spanish and English dialogue, providing learners with exposure to Colombian Spanish and a glimpse into Latin American culture. The show presents a rich vocabulary and colloquial expressions used in different regions of Latin America.

  • "Gran Hotel": Set in early 20th century Spain, "Gran Hotel" is a period drama that combines mystery, romance, and suspense. The show offers an immersive experience in Spanish language and culture, providing learners with exposure to formal Spanish, historical references, and a diverse range of characters.

  • "El Internado" (The Boarding School): "El Internado" is a Spanish mystery drama series set in a boarding school. The show follows a group of students who uncover dark secrets while dealing with personal relationships and academic challenges. It presents a mix of conversational Spanish, slang, and adolescent vocabulary, making it relatable and engaging for language learners.

  • "Velvet": "Velvet" is a romantic drama set in a prestigious fashion store in 1950s Madrid. The series offers a blend of romance, intrigue, and fashion, showcasing formal Spanish, expressions of the era, and a variety of accents. It provides learners with exposure to elegant vocabulary and dialogues.

  • "Cuentame cómo pasó" (Tell Me How It Happened): This long-running Spanish series portrays the lives of a middle-class family in Madrid from the late 1960s onwards. It offers a historical perspective on Spanish society, politics, and culture. The show presents a mix of formal and colloquial Spanish, regional accents, and expressions from different time periods.

  • "Extra en Español": "Extra en Español" is a sitcom created specifically for language learners. The show follows the lives of four characters living in Barcelona and presents language learning in a lighthearted and entertaining way. Each episode provides subtitles in both Spanish and English, along with explanations of key vocabulary and grammar points.

Learning Spanish from YouTube

When it comes to learning Spanish through YouTube, there are numerous channels that offer valuable resources and engaging content. Here are some popular YouTube channels for learning Spanish:

  • "SpanishDict": SpanishDict is a comprehensive channel that covers various aspects of learning Spanish, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural insights. Their videos range from beginner to advanced levels, making it suitable for learners at different stages of their language journey.

  • "SpanishPod101": SpanishPod101 provides a wide range of video lessons, tutorials, and vocabulary drills for Spanish learners. Their videos are well-structured and cover topics such as grammar, conversation, and cultural tips. The channel also offers downloadable lesson notes and study materials.

  • "LightSpeed Spanish": LightSpeed Spanish is run by a native Spanish-speaking couple, Gordon and Cynthia, who share their language expertise and provide engaging and informative lessons. They cover a variety of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, and colloquial expressions, and their friendly teaching style makes learning enjoyable.

  • "Butterfly Spanish": Butterfly Spanish, led by Ana, is known for its lively and interactive Spanish lessons. Ana's enthusiasm and clear explanations make complex grammar concepts more accessible. The channel offers lessons on grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and cultural insights.

  • "Spanish and Go": Spanish and Go focuses on immersive travel experiences to help learners practice Spanish in real-life situations. The channel features travel vlogs, cultural insights, and conversational Spanish lessons. The hosts, Jim and May, provide a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience.

  • "Professor Jason": Professor Jason offers clear and concise lessons on Spanish grammar and pronunciation. His videos cover various topics, such as verb conjugation, sentence structure, and common mistakes. The channel also provides practice exercises to reinforce learning.

  • "Why Not Spanish": Why Not Spanish features engaging storytelling and authentic conversations to help learners improve their listening skills and expand their vocabulary. The channel offers lessons focused on everyday Spanish, idiomatic expressions, and regional variations.

  • "Spanish with Paul": Spanish with Paul offers structured lessons for beginners and intermediate learners. Paul's step-by-step approach, visual aids, and interactive exercises make it easy to follow along and grasp the language effectively.

  • "Easy Spanish": The "Easy Spanish" YouTube channel focuses on real-life street interviews and conversations with native speakers. The channel covers various topics and provides subtitles in both Spanish and English, allowing learners to practice listening comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation in an informal setting.


Incorporating TV shows and YouTube channels into language learning can be an effective and enjoyable way to enhance Spanish skills. From captivating TV series like "La Casa de Papel" and "Narcos" to educational channels like "Easy Spanish" and "Butterfly Spanish," these resources offer immersion, cultural insights, and authentic language exposure. By leveraging these platforms, learners can make significant strides in their journey towards mastering Spanish, all while being entertained and inspired.

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