Useful Swedish Phrases for Travellers and Tourists

Essential Swedish phrases that every traveler should know.


Traveling to Sweden offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore its picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage. From the cosmopolitan allure of Stockholm to the serene beauty of the Swedish countryside, there is something for everyone in this Scandinavian gem. However, like any travel destination, the experience can be greatly enhanced by having some knowledge of the local language. Understanding and speaking basic Swedish phrases can bridge the gap between tourists and locals, fostering a more immersive and enjoyable travel experience.

The Swedish language, or "Svenska," is not only the official language of Sweden but also an integral part of the country's identity and daily life. While many Swedes are proficient in English, making an effort to speak their native language can significantly improve interactions and make a positive impression. It shows respect for the local culture and often leads to more meaningful conversations, deeper connections, and even better service.

In this article, we will cover essential Swedish phrases that every traveler should know. These phrases will assist you in various situations, from greeting locals and asking for directions to dining out and handling emergencies. By learning and using these phrases, you will navigate through Sweden with greater ease, confidence, and appreciation for the local culture. Whether you are planning a short visit or an extended stay, these handy phrases will be your gateway to a richer and more fulfilling Swedish adventure.

Importance of Learning Basic Swedish Phrases

Learning basic Swedish phrases is not only a sign of respect towards the local culture but also enhances your travel experience. It helps in navigating through everyday situations, making interactions smoother and more enjoyable. Moreover, locals often appreciate the effort made by tourists to speak their language, which can lead to more meaningful and memorable exchanges.

Greeting and Polite Expressions

Basic Greetings

When traveling in Sweden, mastering some basic greetings is essential for making a good impression. These phrases are the cornerstone of polite interaction and will help you start conversations on the right foot.

  • Hej! (Hello!) - The most common greeting in Swedish, suitable for any time of day.
  • God morgon! (Good morning!) - Used in the morning to greet someone.
  • God kväll! (Good evening!) - Used in the evening, typically after 6 PM.
  • Hejdå! (Goodbye!) - A simple way to say farewell when leaving.

Polite Phrases

Politeness goes a long way in any culture, and Sweden is no exception. Here are some phrases that show respect and courtesy in various situations:

  • Tack! (Thank you!) - A versatile phrase used to express gratitude in any context.
  • Varsågod! (You're welcome!) - Used in response to someone thanking you.
  • Ursäkta mig. (Excuse me.) - Useful for getting someone's attention or politely passing by someone.
  • Förlåt. (Sorry.) - Used to apologize for minor inconveniences or mistakes.

Asking for Directions

Navigating an unfamiliar place can be challenging, but knowing how to ask for directions in Swedish can make it easier. Here are some key phrases to help you find your way:

  • Var är…? (Where is…?) - This phrase is used to inquire about the location of something or someone.
    • Example: Var är närmaste tunnelbanestation? (Where is the nearest subway station?)
  • Hur kommer jag till…? (How do I get to…?) - Use this phrase to ask for directions to a specific place.
    • Example: Hur kommer jag till stadens centrum? (How do I get to the city center?)
  • Är det långt härifrån? (Is it far from here?) - To check if your destination is within walking distance.
  • Kan du visa mig på kartan? (Can you show me on the map?) - Handy when you have a map and need precise directions.

Dining Out

Swedish cuisine offers a delightful culinary experience, and dining out is a significant part of it. Here are some phrases to help you navigate restaurants and cafes:

  • Kan jag få menyn, tack? (Can I have the menu, please?) - Use this to request the menu upon arrival.
  • Vad rekommenderar du? (What do you recommend?) - Ask the server for their suggestions.
  • Kan jag få notan, tack? (Can I have the bill, please?) - When you are ready to pay, use this phrase to request the bill.
  • Jag är vegetarian. (I am a vegetarian.) - Useful for letting the staff know about your dietary preferences.
  • Är denna rätt glutenfri? (Is this dish gluten-free?) - Important for those with gluten intolerance.


Whether you are buying souvenirs, clothes, or daily necessities, these phrases will make your shopping experience smoother:

  • Hur mycket kostar det? (How much does it cost?) - Essential for inquiring about the price of an item.
  • Kan jag prova denna? (Can I try this on?) - Use this when you want to try on clothes.
  • Har ni en större/mindre storlek? (Do you have a bigger/smaller size?) - Useful for finding the right fit.
  • Kan jag betala med kort? (Can I pay by card?) - To check if the store accepts credit or debit cards.
  • Finns det rea på denna? (Is this on sale?) - Handy for bargain hunters looking for discounts.

Emergency Situations

In case of emergencies, knowing how to ask for help in Swedish can be crucial. Here are some phrases to use in urgent situations:

  • Hjälp! (Help!) - A straightforward call for assistance in any emergency.
  • Ring polisen! (Call the police!) - Use this phrase if you need police assistance.
  • Jag behöver en läkare. (I need a doctor.) - Essential for medical emergencies.
  • Var är närmaste sjukhus? (Where is the nearest hospital?) - To find the closest medical facility.
  • Jag har blivit bestulen. (I have been robbed.) - Important for reporting a theft.

Traveling and Transportation

Getting around Sweden efficiently is key to a successful trip. These phrases will help you navigate public transport and other travel-related situations:

  • När går nästa buss/tåg? (When is the next bus/train?) - Useful for planning your travel schedule.
  • En biljett till Stockholm, tack. (One ticket to Stockholm, please.) - For purchasing tickets.
  • Hur lång tid tar det att komma dit? (How long does it take to get there?) - To estimate travel time.
  • Finns det Wi-Fi här? (Is there Wi-Fi here?) - To inquire about internet access in public places.
  • Var är busshållplatsen? (Where is the bus stop?) - To locate public transport stops.

Cultural Insights

Understanding cultural nuances can further enrich your travel experience. Here are some phrases to help you connect with the local culture:

  • Kan jag ta en bild? (Can I take a picture?) - Use this to ask for permission before taking photos.
  • Får jag lov att…? (May I…?) - A polite way to ask for permission to do something.
  • Vad heter det på svenska? (What is it called in Swedish?) - Useful for learning new words and phrases.
  • Jag lär mig svenska. (I am learning Swedish.) - To let locals know about your efforts to learn their language.
  • Berätta mer om… (Tell me more about…) - To show interest in learning about local customs and traditions.

By familiarizing yourself with these phrases, you will be well-prepared to handle a variety of situations during your travels in Sweden. This knowledge will not only make your trip more enjoyable but also help you build meaningful connections with the people you meet.


Learning and using these Swedish phrases can greatly enhance your travel experience in Sweden. It not only aids in smoother communication but also demonstrates respect for the local culture, often resulting in more positive interactions with the locals. By incorporating these phrases into your vocabulary, you will find your journey through Sweden more enjoyable and rewarding.

Additional Resources

Learning a new language, especially when preparing for travel, can seem daunting at first. However, there are numerous resources available that make learning Swedish both accessible and enjoyable. Here are some highly recommended resources to help you master basic Swedish phrases and enhance your overall language skills:

Language Learning Apps

  • Duolingo: Duolingo offers a comprehensive and interactive way to learn Swedish. Its gamified approach makes learning fun and engaging, perfect for beginners who want to practice daily.
  • Babbel: Babbel focuses on practical conversation skills and offers lessons tailored to various levels of proficiency. Its structured courses help users quickly gain confidence in speaking Swedish.
  • Memrise: Memrise uses spaced repetition and mnemonic techniques to help learners remember vocabulary and phrases. The app includes audio clips from native speakers to improve pronunciation and listening skills.

Online Courses and Websites

  • SwedishPod101: This website offers a vast array of audio and video lessons, from beginner to advanced levels. It also provides cultural insights and useful tips for travelers.
  • BBC Languages – Swedish: Although not updated frequently, BBC Languages offers a solid foundation in Swedish with essential phrases, vocabulary, and grammar explanations.
  • This free resource, provided by the Swedish Institute, offers a comprehensive beginner’s course with interactive exercises and cultural notes.

YouTube Channels

  • Learn Swedish with Their YouTube channel is filled with free lessons, vocabulary lists, and cultural insights. It’s a great way to supplement your learning with visual and auditory content.
  • Say It In Swedish: This channel provides lessons on Swedish grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, often with practical examples and everyday scenarios.

Books and Phrasebooks

  • “Complete Swedish: Beginner to Intermediate Course” by Anneli Haake: This book is ideal for those who prefer a structured learning approach. It includes dialogues, grammar explanations, and exercises.
  • “Rick Steves Scandinavian Phrase Book & Dictionary”: A handy travel companion, this phrasebook includes essential Swedish phrases along with useful tips for travelers.

Community and Immersion

  • Meetup Groups: Look for Swedish language meetup groups in your area. These groups provide an opportunity to practice speaking with others and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Local Swedish Cultural Centers: Many cities have cultural centers or societies dedicated to Swedish heritage. These centers often offer language classes, cultural events, and resources for learning Swedish.

Podcasts and Audio Resources

  • Svenska Dagbladet: Listening to Swedish news podcasts can help improve your listening skills and familiarize you with the pace and pronunciation of the language.
  • Radio Sweden: This English-language podcast covers Swedish current affairs and can serve as a bridge to understanding more complex Swedish audio content.

By leveraging these diverse resources, you can tailor your learning experience to fit your preferences and schedule. Whether you prefer interactive apps, structured courses, or conversational practice, there is a resource that can help you on your journey to learning Swedish. With consistent practice and exposure, you will be well-prepared to navigate Sweden with confidence and enjoy a deeper connection to its culture and people.

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