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Hello, my name is Maria Mazzaglia and I'm 42 years old and currently living in Italy. I am a native Italian speaker and teach English, Italian. I have been an online Italian teacher with since May 2008. I can speak the following languages fluently: Italian, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

My name is Maria. I was born in Catania, Italy.

I moved to the United States ten years ago. I am temporarily back in Italy.

I love languages, photography, wellness and fitness, nature and animals.

Qualifications & Experience

In Italy I studied foreign languages and literatures and I worked for five years as office, sales and customer service assistant for a company that represents and distributes foreign products in Italy. I lived for over ten years in the United States, mainly in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and California. I studied herbology and Massage Therapy. I worked in the wellness industry and then in customer service for the financial world. Always in contact with different kind of people, cultures, and personalities.

I love languages, their unique sounds and souls, and I love teaching. For this reason I have always been teaching. I am currently in Italy for a while.

Both my studies and practice of the English language in an international environment gave me skills in comprehending people that have different linguistic, personal and cultural backgrounds. I have privately taught English and Italian to kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and very wise people.

Having a conversation in actual Italian with students who could only say -or mispronounce, "pizza, amore, pasta and spaghetti" is a great satisfaction and something I am thankful for. I help my student pass a school exam, a proficiency test, I help them get ready for a job interview, I teach them how to pronounce their favorite songs and talk about their favorite Italian painter. I help them get in touch with their roots and I help them learn to speak to their Italian family members and friends. I help them feel more prepared and confident so that they can enjoy and get the best out of their special trip abroad. I love to help. :-)

I am very pleased to find here people who enjoy learning and communicating.

My teaching experience is growing everyday thanks to my wonderful students!

Teaching Approach

My approach is flexible. I like my students to have a good time while they are engaging their brains so I use a combination of methods.

A general plan includes pronunciation, reading comprehension, conversation, grammar drills. The material used also reflects the student's interest and specific needs. I like to include a variety of topics especially related with the Arts: literature, movies, dance, music, etc.

Files and internet links will be used to complement lessons.

For absolute beginners the focus is on sounds, basic vocabulary / phraseology, and basic grammar.

Paced and casual conversations will help to comprehend and identify grammar patterns.

I look forward to teach and learn from you!

Detailed Profile in Italian

About me

Mi chiamo Maria.

Sono siciliana e vivo negli Stati Uniti da 10 anni, ma in questo momento mi trovo in Italia per un po'.

Qualifications & Experience

Ho studiato lingue e letterature straniere in Italia ed ho lavorato per 5 anni come corrispondente estero in una compagnia italiana.

Ho vissuto per oltre dieci anni negli Stati Uniti: in California, nella Carolina del Sud, in Texas ed in Pennsylvania. Negli Stati Uniti ho perfezionato lo studio della lingua inglese ed ho studiato fitoterapia e massoterapia. Ho quindi lavorato nel campo del benessere e in seguito anche nel campo della finanza per alcuni anni. Amo coltivare le mie passioni tra cui le lingue straniere ed é per questo che insegno privatamente italiano e inglese da molti anni. Insegno a persone di tutte le etá. Aiuto i miei studenti a sentirsi piú sicuri nei loro viaggi all'estero, a superare esami a scuola, a prepararsi per colloqui di lavoro o ad imparare a parlare con i propri parenti o amici o fidanzati nella loro lingua.

Teaching Approach

Mi piace preparare le lezioni tenendo conto dello studente, dei suoi progressi e dei suoi interessi, per cui uso ed integro diversi metodi.

Elementi di cultura, cinema, musica e arte in generale, da analizzare e discutere, sono spesso inseriti nelle lezioni con files o internet links.

My last class was :
09 Dec 2018
By : wendy66
Subject : Italian 
Really good to be back again, Maria, and today I enjoyed learning how to use some colloquial expressions in Italian. Thank you.
09 Nov 2018
By : wendy66
Subject : Italian 
Another excellent lesson, Maria, thank you.
02 Nov 2018
By : wendy66
Subject : Italian 
Very much enjoyed the lesson, Maria, and the shift of focus onto pronunciation was helpful.. I'll look forward to more practice. Thank you!
25 Oct 2018
By : wendy66
Subject : Italian 
Useful exercises using prepositions today, Maria. Thank you for your clear instructions, your patience and for finding the relevant exercises each week.

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